Saturday, December 5, 2009

Havoc in Hampden

SpotCrime reports a man shot in the head in the 3600 block of Elm Avenue... right by the Wine Source. Looks like the guy was fleeing the scene after being shot by an off-duty officer at the Hampden Discount Liquors on Falls Road, one of a pair of suspects who'd already robbed two other places in the past hour!


Anonymous said...

Any follow up to the Saturday shooting? Haven't seen this anywhere else.

Anonymous said...


The link redirects to a map. The map redirects to which has nothing about it.

Haven't heard anything about it from any other source.

Is there potential confusion with the story about the off-duty officer shooting?

Anonymous said...

I talked to the liquor store owner on the corner of 36th and Elm and was told, that is where the second shooting suspect was caught from the Falls Rd. incident.