Thursday, December 3, 2009

Some nerve!

dixon statement
She'll also be lighting the Washington Monument tonight and riding in the Christmas Parade on Sunday.
If you're going to dig in, might as well go balls-out!


Anonymous said...

I would suggest that a great many citizens are outraged that the mayor has been found guilty of stealing from the poor, and are appalled that she has not resigned.

One should not question why “ordinary” members of the public seem to care so little about law and order in this city, when our elected officials who have been convicted by a jury, refuse to accept it.

The apathy and lack of outrage from other Baltimore politicians, goes to show why this city is in the state it is.

History Punk said...

"The verdict doesn't legally amount to a conviction."

Somebody in the media really needs to question the city solicitor to explain that doozey. I'd be entertained to see the explanation, as will many others. After all, this dictionary says

"The outcome of a criminal prosecution which concludes in a judgment that the defendant is huilty of the crime charged."

Cham said...

When I think of this mess with Sheila Dixon I don't think of Baltimore I think of Detroit.

Detroit has already been through this with former mayor Kwame Kilpatrick who had some confusion between what money was his money and what money belonged to Detroit. Kwame dug in his heels and refused to step down. It took years to get him to move on with his life, in the interim Detroit got way off track losing thousands of jobs in the flailing auto industry, losing population and having a housing crisis of monumental proportions. I would say that they had a bit of a homicide challenge too but that would be the pot calling the kettle black.

Is this what we want? Because what is good for Sheila Dixon the private person is going to be way different for what is good for our fair city.

Let's not be Detroit.

Anonymous said...

haters!!! all of you!

its not enough that she was found guilty for "stealing" $500.

she'll be out fast enough....get over your mean selves!!!

lets see what you folks complain about then. You will undoubtedly find something to take issue with and some person who you all think is to blame for Baltimore's issues.

Anonymous said...

If she's replaced with a non African-American will this mean a riot? And is this the 800lb. Gorilla?

Anonymous said...

"haters!!! all of you!

its not enough that she was found guilty for "stealing" $500.

she'll be out fast enough....get over your mean selves!!!"

Classic. You "anonymous" and people like you are why rotten, shitty animals like Dixon come to power.

Is Dixon staying in power to preserve the Democratic, Liberal death grip on Baltimore? No. The head of the City Council will take up that role if Dixon abdicated.

Dixon is staying mayor for pure malicious self interest. And ANYONE that defends her is a fucking idiot.