Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The city's Inspector General joins investigation into the sex offender who stayed on city payroll while serving time for sexually abusing a minor


Cham said...

Pretty soon the Rat Rub-Out program and the Parking Fines Department will be launching an investigation as to how Mr. McCreepster got paid while in the pokey. Who hasn't gotten in on this action?

Cham said...

Interesting CP Article about Wrong Place Wrong Time author John Rich. I agree with him, perhaps whitey should do a bit more research in finding the root cause of urban violence before deciding on a solution.

I'm on the team the says longer and harsher prison sentences don't seem to be working.

John Galt said...

Uh, does he really identify the 'root cause'?

I don't think he knows it.

In any event, by the time these young urban males are about 14, they are pretty much set in their ways, relative to the larger society.

He says:

They are going to be our worst nightmare: an army of sociopaths who are a threat to themselves, to those closest to them and, inevitably, to the richer, white world beyond the borders of their miserable existence.

No mention of root cause; just a statement of their impact on everyone else.

I agree. They're a disaster and need to be incapacitated.

Why do they behave this way?

Great academic question.

Do I really care why? No.

I just want them kept away. They're hazardous.

If you want them all in close proximity to you, perhaps for their benefit, let's see if we can arrange it, but don't volunteer my safety to that end.

Cham said...



You are quoting a quote from the article. That quote is attributed to Mike Barnacle from the Boston Globe NOT John Rich.

Cham said...

The Boston Globe quote is there to exemplify how whitey views the challenge or urban violence, and John Galt is only too happy to agree.

The CP writer, Michael Corbin, writes in summary:

"Wrong place, wrong time" was the phrase many young men offered to Rich as an explanation of how they encountered violence. It captures their sense of both the fatalism and arbitrariness of urban violence; a fatalism and arbitrariness that we on the outside of such experience often feel when pursuing solutions. Wrong Place, Wrong Time calls us back to the table to see our safety as intimately connected to the safety of the young men we dismiss with clich? even as they become the prime bogeyman of our conscience in urban America.

You can turn these kids into your own personal bogeyman, Galt, but that doesn't do anything but make you feel good. Problem not solved.

John Galt said...

Problem not solveable.

I don't want to fix them. They mostly don't fix.

They are a threat, like a pitbull.

Why is a pitbull vicious? Don't care. If it's one of the vicious ones (some are raised well), then put the fu@#er down so the rest of us can be safe.

Do I care about the welfare of a hoodlum, once trained to be hazardous? No, I don't give a rat's ass about criminals' welfare.

As for the fatalism & arbitrariness, actually they are a hallmark of a certain lifestyle, not a melanin count.

Just say no.

Oh, and they're also a convenient excuse for those who have chosen, or otherwise been raised on, that lifestyle.

I have no sympathy for those who claim that being/seeking to be a hoodlum is something that 'happened to' them . Society didn't 'do' criminality to anyone on the outside (although it can happen in Paris).

Go to school, go to college, fatalism & arbitrariness will be replaced by self-determination.

Or, be gunned down like a rabid dog, if you are one. I don't care.

Anonymous said...

Quit providing the culture with food and shelter free of charge and the problem goes away.

The TAKER hates the GIVER. Always.

Unknown said...

We have the same issues in the UK...the criminals, paedophiles and rapists are protected, fed, clothed, and housed, whilst the rest of us work our assess off trying to be good people earning an honest living.

Our government needs to get its priorities straight!

If you have a moment, please visit and show your support in the forums for our cause...we want the sex offenders register to be open to the public in the UK the same way it is over there!

ppatin said...


Sex offender registries are a joke. What we need to do is to keep real sex offenders in prison for a long time, while not permanently ruining the lives of guys who got busted for doinking a 15-year old when they were 17.

Cham said...

Sex offender registries can be a double-edge sword. Children can imagine things and sometimes tell lies. I have seen good law-abiding lives ruined, not just with crazy sentences based on the imagination of a goaded child, but permanently through the registry. The minute one ends up on the registry it becomes very difficult to find employment, housing and just go about regular day to day business that we all take for granted. I see the advantage of the registry for child rapists and murderers, but the judicial system is wily and good people can get thrown under the bus.

ppatin said...

"I see the advantage of the registry for child rapists and murderers, but the judicial system is wily and good people can get thrown under the bus."

Most of the people who should be on a sex offender registry are also the sorts of people who should simply never be let out of prison.

Cham said...

That's true, ppatin. But what do you do with people who have children and know their new boyfriend is a child rapist from the list, willingly invite a child rapist into their trailers, then show the child rapist where they keep the spare key?

Frankly, I think those people belong on some sort of list as well, and in a cell with the rapist/murderer.