Monday, February 1, 2010

Police Need Help

ID'ing a decomposed body found in White Marsh

New trial for Tyrone Jones, convicted in a 1998 murder

The Sun's eds say MD's Rx pot policy should be clearer (love the Google ads)

Anybody go see Dr. John Rich at the Walters yesterday? Thoughts? Here's a review of the book


ppatin said...

The US Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit has ruled that Delaware can start carrying out executions again. Maybe Martin O'Malley will finally do his job and allow Maryland to do the same thing. It's time for Vermin Evans to take his trip to hell.

John Galt said...

Don't bet on it. Baltimore is all about criminals; don't ever forget it.

ppatin said...

In this case the problem is in Annapolis, and the people causing it are in the legislature, in the governor's mansion and sitting on the Court of Appeals. The day that Chief Judge Robert Bell finally leaves the bench will be a great day for every law-abiding citizen of this state. He is one of the most criminal-friendly jurists in this country.