Thursday, April 1, 2010

With the stabbing and the shooting and the testifying

Jury seated and trial underway in the Lamont Davis case

Skinny Suge's cohort and Tree Top Piru Antwoine Gross, 23, gets 12 years for racketeering conspiracy. Or in other words "Defendant Stabbed and Shot a Man Who was Later Murdered by other TTP Members for Testifying About the Stabbing and Shooting"

One block, two murder-victim vigils

A man shot in the torso on S Hanover St

QTD: "Conaway apologized to each and every resident of Baltimore who has ever been called for jury duty."

"A former Baltimore public works employee [Maurice Boone] has pleaded guilty to stealing more than 100,000 gallons of diesel fuel from the city and re-selling it" and "a former Maryland Transit Administration worker [David Pattwi] was sentenced to two years in prison for stealing $400,000 from bus fare boxes."

Council president Jack Young, under fire for using no water at the house he calls home, shows reporters his "damn underwear"

Attempt to impeach Gansler fails

SpotCrime expanding to television


John Galt said...

Did someone shoot Richard Irwin?

John Galt said...

An interesting dialogue in the Messenger about the admissibility of latent fingerprint evidence.

Cham said...

If you don't spend any time in Baltimore City and spend all of your time in Harford County and use no city water then there should be no reason to have to pay a water bill. Fair is fair.

Anonymous said...

Don't you want your City Council President to live in your city? Just asking.......

Anonymous said...

I never thought I'd defend Jack Young, but my wife and I routinely get charged the minimum for water usage. I don't even think that we try that hard to conserve water!

So the fact that he has minimum water bills isn't much evidence that he doesn't live in the city. The more concerning thing should be his need to vigorously defend himself.

Would it be difficult to stake out his two houses for a few days to see if he actually shows up at either of them?

Cham said...

Those that live on the East Side are stoop sitters, and quite good at it. You don't need to stake out the houses, just ask the people hanging around outside if they have seen Mr. Young lately.

mitzi said...

Anon, my experience is the same as yours. I have lived in a city rowhouse for almost 4 years. Except for last quarter, when we got an estimated bill due to the weather, we have always been billed the minimum. That's with two adults and a baby, so I would imagine we use a fair amount of water.

It does seem self serving that Mr Young would be trying to eliminate the minimum charge if he is indeed living out of the city. I don't agree that there should be no minimum, though. If your home has water and sewer service the city still needs to maintain the lines, even if you aren't using it. I suppose an option would be to itemize bills to have a service charge, delivery charge, water charge, much the way BGE does the gas bill. I have a feeling we'd be paying the same either way.