Friday, March 4, 2011


The Judiciary Committee has passed the same-sex marriage bill, with the help of Jill Carter but without the help of Tiffany Alston (and with a crude sideshow from Neil Parrott). Then Samir Arora, who was elected with lots of gay old dollars and a promise to support equality, backtracked before coming around.
... But you know what, no matter what happens in MD, eventually the Supreme Court will rule what even those against same-sex marriage already know: in this country church and state are separate and the state has no compelling interest in denying these people their civil rights. And time doesn't favor old bigots, who are going to keep dying off or changing their minds as they realize gay people are not freaks from another planet but friends, neighbors and family. There may be some honor in saying "my constituents are against this and I was elected to represent what they want." But there is no honor in being a backstabbing bigot or a waffler. /end rant

And don't mess with people with low body fat and tight shorts! Police now say that a spokesman's statement that charges were unlikely to be filed was premature, and that the investigation is still pending.

Breaking news: The "East Coast Rapist" was arrested in Connecticut


Kevin said...

That top graph showing the trend of peoples' support for gay marriage kind of looks like a drawing of a penis on an etch-a-sketch.

Anonymous said...

Here here!