Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Barnes trial day 3

Fenton explores why a grand jury was convened in Harford County re. Phylicia Barnes' murder*, prosecutors played tape of Johnson's account of events made days after Barnes went missing,* jurors were shown a picture of Barnes' body that made her stepfather cry. And blogger David Adams dug up a transcript with Deana Barnes vehemently denying giving her sister alcohol or drugs, and alleges that Johnson had a child with another woman named Tabitha Fickling while he and Deana were broken up (though I haven't seen this reported anywhere else). Hrm.

Tyrone Alson was arraigned for the caught-on-tape murder of 18-year-old Tashawna Jones, and trial was scheduled for April 5.

And the 3rd police-involved shooting in five days,* what is up with that?

Also, John Peesocold, I mean Leopold, was found guilty of two charges and suspended, and what a relief to learn it was plastic coffee container.

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