Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sad and Happy Endings

A man was shot to death and found on Southern Ave. in Lauraville yesterday morning*

Good for you, Ed Ericson Jr., doing the tough and tedious work to trace Johns Hopkins U's $49 million payout for developing military drones, an activity rather at odds against the University founder's Quaker principles.

Day 763 of the Phylicia Barnes case. Fenton tweets that the Medical Examiner is testified her death was from asphyxia (lack of oxygen) and that after being bitched out and threatened with jail by Judge Sweeney yesterday Phylicia's father and stepfather are now sitting next to each other. The Deuce reports jurors were shown autopsy photos and that the defense floated the possibility she could have jumped into the water on her own.

Also from the CP: more on the assault of inmate Kenneth Davis at Roxbury; the end of Joshua Goldberg's epic mortgage fraud scheme

Headline of the week: "Men got 'Happy Endings' at York Spa massage parlor, thanks to City Paper ads." (Q: are topless rubdowns legal even if happy endings aren't?) or maybe it's "Ray Lewis denies using deer antler spray"

PA gun-store robbers caught in Baltimore, police say the robbers hoped to trade the guns for money and/or drugs.

Lawyers for Robert Gladden, the accused Perry Hall High shooter, argued today that his case should go to juvenile court.

Hampden man stole bike, crashed bike, got caught.

The principal of Mt St Joe's has resigned after accusations of "inappropriate" communications with students.

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