Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Princess of Poli-tricks

Another homicide: Thomas Donaldson, 46, was shot and killed on Stonewood Road near his home yesterday.* Cham reports he has a long arrest record, but most of it for open containers.

Police say the man they shot yesterday was trying to run officers over.

Fenton's at the Johnson trial for Day 3, and one salient deet: Deana testified that a 35-gallon storage bin was missing from her apartment. (my question, seems like there is a ton of incriminating evidence against this guy, so why did it take so long for the state to bring charges?)

Day 3 of testimony.There was some type of exchange between Phylicia's mother's husband & her father, &judge threatened to throw them in jail
Defendant's brother was asked if he recalled searching online for info on cell phone GPS data day after Phylicia went missing; he said no
Throughout trial, there's been multiple references to witnesses testifying before a Harford Co grand jury, at least as far back as Nov 2011

Why is someone (or someones) vandalizing the Mount Carmel Baptist Church?

The Brew profiles recently arrested activist Kim Trueheart. (LOL, SRB = "dictatorial Princess of BMore Poli-Tricks") She's due in court tomorrow.

Rikki Spector wants to ban panhandling in median strips

Up in Altoona, PA, a bar manager is accused of managing a Baltimore-to-Altoona cocaine caravan. Also, in case you were wondering, the Altoona Mirror tells you how to make crack.

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