Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Please note that the deaths of Sean Gamble and Officer William Torbit Jr. are considered justified until determined otherwise. Baltimore city has had 15 official homicides so far this year.

Monday, January 31, 2011


The man shot on Pratt St on Friday (homicide #16) was id'd as Raynard Benjamin, 30

Court of Appeals throws out a murder conviction obtained by a detective telling the suspect, "This is between you and me, bud."

Tooty-two years for Manny, the coke dealer who tried to intimidate a witness. And up in Gettysburg, PA, trial for a grandma accused of bringing Baltimorean white drugs up from the KMart parking lot to sell in the TGI Fridays parking lot.

A witness out to "get paid" says she saw the Johnson boys running away from the scène du pit bull flambee, and jurors watched the crime camera video. And then there's the two teens arrested for the burning of Mittens the cat.

Police and fire unions plan to picket the June Mayor's conference, and members from other states are invited. Maybe they can stay at the city-owned Hilton, plenty of empty rooms there ....

A Daily Record investigation reveals that when it comes to East Baltimore development, "Elected officials short on financial details"

In the crime beat blog, police appeal for the public's help to solve the Jan 2. murder of autistic Hezikah Wilson, the mayor introduces new legislation that includes a mandatory-minimum illegal-firearm sentence. Meanwhile, in South Dakota, legislation to require gun ownership.

and on this blog, a new comment in the self-defense vs murder debate

Alleged serial killer convicted in 1st trial

William Vincent Brown is convicted in 1st of 3 trials of raping and then strangling a woman who survived to testify against them.


An unidentified 51-year-old man was fatally shot in the head while sitting in the driver's seat of a car in the 5700 block of Eastbury Ave.


City that Breeds on the un-diversifying of city council districts

Says "Pistol Pete" Welch, "I hope that we can one day select a council person via Facebook"

in other neighborhood news, a Hopkins consultant opines that the Middle East neighborhood needs to be "rebranded"

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Friday, January 28, 2011

Yes, we have no abortions today ...

U.S. District Judge Marvin Garbis just shot down the "pregnancy disclaimer law" on account of it being "unconstitutional" and "unenforceable". Well, duh. No one could see that coming? And George Nilson will advise the Mayor to appeal? It's all very strange. Doug Gansler doesn't seem to have done anything all week but issue one single totally obvious press release, doesn't he have a buddy in the FTC he could call or something?

and legislation for direct wine shipments was introduced (again) today in the House & Senate. Last year Joan Carter Conway allowed a similar bill to die in committee.

Lost and found

WBAL's Barry Simms reports that Judge Charles Peters sentenced "demons made me do it" dad Stephen Nelson to 50 years for throwing his 3-year-old son Turner off the Francis Scott Key Bridge, no word yet if any of that is suspended. Judge George Russell had previously rejected a deal that would have given Turner 30 years.

Three union timekeepers were sentenced for wire fraud in a scheme to defraud the terminal operator at the Port of Baltimore

Another day, another BPD lawsuit: three men arrested without charges or explanation outside of the liltlingly named Don't Know? what you are doing tonight? Tavern are suing for $420,000.

Crazy story down in Takoma Park: police shot a robbery suspect who used a bank teller as a human shield after he slipped on some ice, and it was all caught on tape

O'Malley's budget contains some massive new fees for speeding tickets and DUIs

A suspicious brown paper bag downtown. Don't stomp on it if it's flaming!

Update on Solothia Thomas: she was found with friends in a fast-food restaurant in Rosedale about 90 minutes after the police posted the bulletin, though no explanation as to why police waited more than a day to tell the public that.

Today's the one-month-aversiary of the day Phylicia Barnes went missing, and the police posted a video update that makes you watch a crappy movie preview before you can see it. Interesting tidbit on Nancy Grace: her dad said that Phylicia's half-sister's ex-boyfriend was the last person to see her alive, and said half-sister's ex-boyfriend has now lawyered up.

And Rachel Reilly, 16, another one of Maryland's missing teens, was found in San Antonio, Texas

From JHU security:
Arrest of Student – Malicious Destruction (Alcohol Related) – 300 Blk. E. University Parkway – On Jan. 28th at 2:33 AM, a senior undergraduate was arrested by Baltimore Police for breaking a window in a non- affiliate’s front door and then entering the non-affiliate’s residence. The student who was intoxicated thought he was entering his own residence which is actually across the street. Baltimore Police transported the student to Union Memorial for treatment of minor cuts. The student was charged with malicious destruction of property.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Public shaving, private drinking

A jury was seated today in the trial of the twins accused of setting fire to Phoenix the pit bull, and one can't help but to notice the twins' facial features & ears look pretty Fetal-Alcohol-Syndrome-ish.

Missing Solothia Thomas was found unharmed... but no explanation of where she was or what she was doing

A 4th circuit judge upholds the 2009 Baltimore foster-care system consent decree, which ended court oversight of Baltimore's fucktified foster care system

Judge J. Frederick Price denied defense motions to exclude the death penalty in the Thomas Leggs case

Shaving-bump-afflicted former city officer sues over forced public shaving

Carl Snowden is appealing the tossing-out of his 3rd DUI PBJ

Crime-unrelated Baltimoriana: Rafael Alvarez eulogizes Burke's Restaurant; Marty Bass stoop storytells the day he lost his toupee.

Phantom suspect

The man who allegedly shot a city homicide detective has vanished without a trace.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Another missing girl

SolothiaSolothia Thomas, 14, left Overlea High School yesterday but never made it home.

Dancer a whistleblower

cherrie gammonFenton reports that murdered mom Cherrie Gammon, left (from Facebook), was also a drug addict, crack and heroin dealer, and police informant.

One Wood Cafe

Former police officer Bill Countess: "'The Wire' is a very accurate depiction of reality both on the street and within the Baltimore Police Department."

A new bill would put a special code on MD sex offenders' drivers' licenses

Here's a question: if "two dozen or so" people are outside the courthouse saying irrational, "inflammatory" things and acting out of "political opportunism," how many words should the local paper of record grant them? For what it's worth, so far this week the Sun's given the anti-Bernstein inflammatory opportunists 1,855 words (including the story, the editorial and related verbiage in a blog post); the inflammatory political-opportunists' protest at Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder's funeral garnered 1,074.
Lapping it up = grammatically challenged "Examiner" Hassan Giordano

County police release names of deceased bachelor-roommates found in Perry Hall

From the JHU security bulletin: "Indecent Exposure – One World Café – On Jan 25th at 7:00 PM, a non – affiliate observed a lone male at nearby table exposing himself. Upon being noticed the male left the establishment.  Baltimore Police and Campus Officer responded. Investigation continuing."

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sadder than sad

Homicide victim #13 of 2011, Harry Hicks, was gunned down in front of his wife and preschool-aged children

.. in better news, Fenton reports that one Hassan Muhammed was arrested for the Dec. 12 murder of young mother Cherrie Gammon

"Bernstein Maps Out New Crime-Fighting Approach" to the city's legislative delegates, one that involves "satellite offices" and setting free alleged perps with bails less than $5,000

And Van Smith went to the sentencing of youth leader by day/BGF "city-wide commander" by night Todd "Donnie" Duncan, wherein Duncan boo-hooed that charges were "blown out of context" and his lawyer opined, "these guys were up to bad, but not a whole lot of bad." (is Van Smith the only reporter who goes to a courthouse anymore?)

Court of Appeals Judge to Retire

Judge Joseph F. Murphy Jr will be retiring from the Maryland Court of Appeals this August. Murphy has been a judge on the state's highest court since 2007.

It gets better

Gay marriage legislation introduced in the General Assembly; Don Dwyer's panties in twist. (John Waters: "I think we should just try to make heterosexual divorce illegal")

Monday, January 24, 2011

#s 14 & 15

Homicide #15, an unid'd 31-year-old man shot in the head & stomach this afternoon in the 500 block of S. Fulton Ave. UPDATE: the victim was ID'd as Damon Gilmore, and the address revised as the 1700 block of Cole St.

#14, Antonio Lamont Lee, 36, shot to death Sunday night while stopped at a traffic light on E. Monument St.

Good for O'Malley, trying to criminalize child neglect

New drug alert: "Bath salts," aka synthetic cathinone

Ten years for Darnell "Nelly" Savoy, a thrice-convicted narcotics possessor caught in the same room with two illegal handguns and some gelcaps

30 months in prison for hydrocodone-dealing dentist

It's Bernstein's first protest! Nine (or 10?) people protest in front of the courthouse against "hate group" Shomrim, and for some reason the Sun & the JiZ treat it like major news

Jury selection slated for Wednesday in dog-burning case .. if those boys get more time than Lakesha Haynie, I am going to pee myself.

Tow this

Who's calling around City Hall claiming the FBI is investigating the city's tow business?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Confrontations gone wrong

Homicide victim #13, Harry Hicks, was football coach of the Cherry Hill Eagles

High-larious! Man arrested in AAC after falling asleep with his headlights on and buds on his dashboard, a police search uncovered a pound of pot

Two new federal magistrates named, including a lawyer who defended Lee Boyd Malvo

A juvenile arrested after a "verbal confrontation" between packs of girls at the Towson Town Center