Thursday, August 23, 2007

Terrorist Attack in Waverly!

Don't Snitch!It's Edna McAbier and the Dawsons all over again!
A Waverly family's house was firebombed in retaliation for their complaints about drug dealing on their street.
Mary Pat Clarke: "I talked to the Commissioner, and he says that he will pound down in this area until we clear out this drug disease and this terrible threat to a wonderful neighborhood."
Pounding? How about some security for these people?!

Coincidentally, the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals (which I suppose is the next step up from the MD CSA?) upheld sentences for three of the drug dealers who firebombed Edna McAbier's house in 2005. The cons' lawyers argued that the sentences were too long, showing the jury a clip of the defendant denouncing 'snitching' was prejudicial, and the case shouldn't have been federal in the first place because McAbier didn't phone the DEA directly or some crap.

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Hoodlum said...
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John Galt said...

Please recall that the eerily similar McAbier firebombing was in Harwood, which adjoins dubiously-titled Better Waverly. It's all one big stretch of 'insurgent-held' territory here.

The police department doesn't command this turf after sunset.

Now that McAbier is no longer able to live here because the Bloods have her turf, the convictions in that case were re-presented yesterday.

The National Guard had better bring body armor.

Caederus said...

I was struck the other day by a couple of numbers. They boiled down to the fact that Baltimore has about 3 times the number of cops per resident than Howard county, and yet has a totally out of control crime rate. I used to think more cops would be part of the answer, but now I don't know. The more cops argument sounds like the surge in Iraq argument.

What's the answer? I just don't know any more.

Unknown said...

hoco, what relevance does the police to citizen ratio of a wealthy rural-to-suburban county have in relation to a poor and working-class hardscrapple city? Not that don't share your concerns about the more cops argument, but I’m just sayin.

ppatin said...

The problem is a lack of prison time for criminals. Look up the record of your typical murder suspect in MD Judiciary Case Search. Most of these guys have been arrested and convicted again and again and again, yet they get away with slaps on the wrist. What we need are brutal, unforgiving sentencing guidelines, with absolutely no chance of parole for any violent felons. A three strikes law would also help.

John Galt said...

Joe, do you assume that Baltimore has the same number of criminals per resident ????

It's about cops per criminal.


mwilson said...

We need Hamsterdam.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where in Waverly the firebombing occurred? The video would not load for me.

Maurice Bradbury said...

What a coincidence about the McAbier case!
I also had no idea that one of them was on the "Stop Snitchin" DVD (I assume it's the same one).

Maurice Bradbury said...

and no, the story doesn't say exactly what street it was on.

John Galt said...

There are reasons why the victim doesn't want to be ID'd, either by name or address.

I can say that it's just about the middle of the Waverly neighborhood.

You can use this map.

Maurice Bradbury said...

Jeziz H! Look at that map!! I knew it was bad but Christ! And that's just what the police took reports on!

Gor said...

hojo, police are used as a RESPONSE to crime, not a defense against it. Instead of looking at number of police officers to population, look at number of police officers to murders committed.

Last year, New York had 67 police officers for every murder and San Diego had 64 officers for every murder. Baltimore has less than 10 police officers to investigate each murder. The failure to have enough officers to catch murderers is our problem, that is why New York and San Diego, to name only 2, is so much more successful than us.