Saturday, August 25, 2007

Roland Park Sex Attack/Robbery Update

Reports from the past 24 hours:
RP Rape Suspect- LB adds that one perp raped her while the other robbed the house.
- Julie B. notes that the victim was 59 and taken to Mercy Medical Center, interviews Dr. Fessenden (famous 10th-grade economics teacher).
- ...And Janis & LB say "crime has left residents of this community of well-manicured lawns and pricey historic homes looking for answers" and reporters looking for new ways to say "rich white neighborhood."
- On WBAL officer Nicole Monroe says that the victim is still hospitalized and suffered a neck injury from being grabbed. There is now a composite sketch of a suspect who looks like Paul Mooney with edema.


John Galt said...

And this is how Sheila Dixon's vacuous Crime Plan 'in partnership with neighborhoods will fight crime before it happens' ???

It's all just more bullcrap for 'ain't gonna do squat about crime'.

Stephen said...

From the Examiner article:

"BALTIMORE (Map, News) - A brazen home invasion and rape in Baltimore’s upscale Roland Park neighborhood left residents shocked – and sacred."

Apparently, the Examiner feels that the crime deified some residents?

protector said...

thanks for posting the sketch.

Bruce Garrett said...

Second that thank-you for posting the sketch. I was on the Baltimore Sun website and all I saw there was a reference in the news article to a sketch that had been released...But No Sketch.

I don't get it. When there's a violent crime and there is a police sketch of the person they're looking for...why not let know...see the sketch?

Anonymous said...

why does "well manicured" and "pricey" imply "white?"

Anonymous said...

"why does "well manicured" and "pricey" imply "white?"

Because this is Baltimore City not Atlanta, or Denver, or any other real City where wealth runs along all lines. Anything nice means white and anything bad means black.

The people in Roland Park and in Guilford, do have nice lawns but they also have 10 foot bushes, 12 foot privacy fences, no curtains on the windows, with poor lawn and street lighting. No one is going to see a burglar hiding on their lawns at night, not even the owners.

John Galt said...

They also, however, have private security guards patroling throughout the neighborhood looking for just the folks you're concerned about.

Maurice Bradbury said...

There are brown people who live in Roland Park, believe it or not.
But there's a question, is there a predominantly AA neighborhood in Baltimore that fits that description?

Anonymous said...

Next to the western county lines, you'll find the 'brown' nice neighborhoods. We don't hear about them much because there's nothing to hear about thankfully.

Maurice Bradbury said...

Nice, but "historic" and "pricey" with "well-manicured lawns"?
There are neighborhoods that fit two of the three requirements that have a history of being 'black,' (Otterbein: historic, pricey, no lawns. Out west, lawns, possibly pricey, not historic) but there are none that fit all three, in Baltimore that descriptive troika means only a handful of neighborhoods.
But race aside (we don't know the victim's race, and there are not just white people living here). how about that class issue?

Baltimore has about 200 rapes in a typical year. Which was the last one before this that you heard about? It's rare that they make it into the daily news, and it's rare that any single crime story of any kind hits all four channels and two papers.
Why this one?

John Galt said...

And O'Malley's people had a history of disposing of rape cases for reporting purposes.

Guess you can't do that to victims who hail from Roland Park.

Anonymous said...

This hits home with me...I know the woman victimized. Now that we've evolved past the time of the lynch mob, the outraged must wait for our justice system to prevail. I hope these thugs get caught and meet their match in the big house.