Saturday, September 6, 2008

Do Not Miss

this article by David Simon in today's Guardian (UK), and thanks to Matthew for sending.
No one asks why police commanders are routinely able to reduce the rates of robbery, or rape, or assault significantly in any time period prior to an election, while the murder rate - in which the victim can't be obscured or clerically "unfounded" - stays as high as ever.
Well, since Bealefeld, the murder rate isn't as high as ever-- why?
(And is it true that a murder victim can't be clerically "unfounded"?)


Rob Carlson said...

If it were still clinically acceptable to list a cause of death as "old age" we'd probably have the highest rate of chronologically morbid 18-year-olds in the nation.

"In the news tonight, another teenager died of old age after a gunshot wound to the temple..."

ppatin said...

I saw a large group of hoodlums tearing down Pratt Street around 7:00 PM this evening. Whenever I see one of those braindead apes popping a wheely I fantasize about them crashing and splitting their heads open.