Monday, September 1, 2008

A milli!

We reached a million hits sometime this morning! That's kind of a lot
(For a little blog like this, anyway!)


Dave Alan said...

Well the O's gave away prizes for the 50,000 and 100,000 visitor to OPACY. Why not, say a dozen crabs?

ppatin said...

Boy sticks skewer in his eye at festival

Not really crime related, although this being the US I'm sure it will result in someone being sued.

I am so wise said...

How does one stick a skewer "accidently" into one's eye?

Anonymous said...

I think I've contributed a few thousand visits over the years. Congrats! B'more Crime is the gift that keeps on giving!

taotechuck said...

Damn, MJB. That's awesome. Well done! I'm getting a bit misty eyed.

I say we celebrate by doing some crimes. Let's get sushi and not pay.

(Mad respect to anyone who gets the reference.)

Cham said...

Congratulations on the milestone. I had a milestone of sorts too yesterday, I became a fugitive of justice here in Baltimore as well.

I was walking down one of those streets where someone had put up a curb barrier to eliminate vehicle through-traffic. On the curb barrier was a little hedge. I figured the curb barrier was there to eliminate vehicle traffic but there was a pathway through the hedge created by foot traffic. This was in one of those recently built communities with large expensive townhouses. Since I was on foot I walked through the hedge on the path and continued on my way.

An old geezer saw me and yelled at me rather rudely for taking this ambulatory direct route from point A to B. I didn't see where I had broken any laws and I wasn't trespassing so the only thing I could think of to do was say, "Call the police".

This seemed to enrage the man, who immediately instructed his wife to call the police. His wife said, "I know that woman, CATCH HER!" So the man started to chase me, I might add that he was in his swim trunks and flip flops. Although the man was running after me at his top speed I continued to walk my normal pace and still out-distance him. He actually followed me down some footpaths and alley ways, his face was red but was very determined.

I don't know what happened to him as I was in a bit of a hurry to meet a friend and was unable to figure out where he went and whether he had suffered a heart attack in the process. I also would like to know how his wife thinks she knows me as I have never seen this couple before, perhaps we've met a fundraiser or charity event. The police never did show up, they were probably dealing with a murder or 5 at the time.

Sean said...

"I say we celebrate by doing some crimes. Let's get sushi and not pay."

Repo Man, 1984. Alex Cox, writer & director.

A classic.

Sean said...

...but my favorite part of the movie is Beer brand beer. Or the fact that Dr. Benway is paged in the hospital (do you get THAT reference?). Or... "He is risen!"