Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Yesterday's murder victim has been named as 23-year-old Kara Lawson.

Missed this report from last week: Andrew Goodwin, 22, was shot on Friday March 13 on Normandy Avenue and died.

City officer Patrick Dotson to be charged with attempted murder, accused of firing his service weapon during an off-duty fight outside a Canton nightclub this month

The BPD reports
"SHOOTING: Police investigating at 1600 block of Ruxton Ave. Adult male shot in upper body." The Sun has TV in the newspaper

At the Byers trial, "17-year-old Johnathan Cornish sat in the witness box and vacantly described how he killed [Carl Lackl] as part of a Baltimore Bloods gang mission."
The defense says Byers didn't have a motive.
More on cell phones in prisons from hermann

Charging docs: At age 14 Radames Reyes shot and killed 22-year-old pizza deliveryman Adam Diarra

Media Blabber: Ben Cardin says newspapers should be given nonprofit status

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