Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lock up!

Spotcrime reports a bunch of burglaries in the Northern, on Gittings, Halwyn Ave, Guilford Ave., St. Paul Street.

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buzoncrime said...

Over the last several months, there seems to have been a rash of crimes to the north and west of the Belvedere Square area.

Halwyn is in Govans, and is in a high-risk area.

Poor 3000 block of Guilford Avenue! When I worked in Charles Village, 30th and Guilford seemed to be in the epicenter of repeated, persistent crime. Wonderful folks live there, including lawyers, judges, and community folk, but repeatedly, around that area, crime seems to come back. It's really surprising that that area is not hardened against crime; but the nearness of Hopkins almost ensures a fresh reiteration of tenants who believe precautions are not necessary.

As the weather stays warmer, bicycles and lawn care equipment are the favorites of thieves. You cannot leave a bike in a shed with windows in Baltimore. And don't hire these guys with a lawnmower, gas can, and rake to do your lawn: they probably stole it. I know: I'm mean.