Monday, January 11, 2010

Game day scam

Ever paid a guy for parking who didn't work at the lot? Seems like a tow company got busted fleecing Ravens fans by taking the scam to a whole different level, now fraud charges are in the offing.


ppatin said...

Brian Rose got 40 years for the murder of Warren Fleming. Since this is a Federal sentence he'll have to serve at least 34, which is decent by Baltimore standards but still inadequate. I think that Rose and his 15-year old nephew/co-conspirator should have been put to death, unfortunately our society no longer believes in real justice for murderers.

ppatin said...

According to the story Rose was too chickenshit to actually take responsibility for what he did, claiming he was forced into the plea bargain.

ppatin said...

A man beaten on Jan. 4th has died, raising the year's murder total to 5.

Andrew B. Saller said...

Generally I am not a fan of two companies. Their fees are often exorbitant, they all use spotters and they have some of the rudest staff members that can be found. I hope the regulations are tightened, and I hope the man who perpetrated this scam is jailed.

John Galt said...

Since we have a new mayor, let's revisit what she said in the past about the need to redistribute police manpower resources at the district level.

Bear in mind as she says 'best use of resources', I'll be watching to see whether that means best policing of criminal populations according to their geographical distributions across Baltimore, or best way to placate the vocal minorities in low crime areas who want the lion's share of the manpower.

This is approximately how the neighborhood patrol manpower should be allocated.

Set the police post, not district, boundaries so as to accomplish equal manpower coverage relative to criminal prevalence density as indicated in the map.

John Galt said...

Oh, and on the subject of how aggressive police should be, that's asking the wrong question.

They should be just as aggressive as need be to get the crime (not just the lethal gun crime, mind you) down here, but without unnecessarily alienating fairly law-abiding populations.

Notice, I specifically excluded the mother of Chauncey Jones, who told the police her son hadn't been there, but was harboring him nonetheless. She needs to go to jail.

The above-referenced material is for NYC, and it in no way makes excuses for crime-tolerant police.

We need a level of policing comparable to NYC per crimina, not per capita.


Baltimore has about five times the number of criminals per capita as NYC. Stated another way, we have about one fifth the number of police per criminal.

John Galt said...

It is also vital that the Mayor's office not get lost in the departmental minutia of tactical analysis, as most of that happens in real time on the ground on the post, and politicians are unlikely to understand it very well.

Rather, it should focus on needs assessment and strategic crime analysis.

So, question:

If Baltimore has an outlandish level of property crime in many neighborhoods for twenty years or more,...

how many officers (and where) would it need to put into place in order to get the crime level down to a nationally acceptable level?

You'll notice, I didn't ask how many it WANTED to put in place, nor how many the criminals' families WANTED put in place. I said, how many would a panel of independent law enforcement professionals unconnected with Baltimore and not necessarily from a ghetto city, deem adequate to the task, given all the necessary data.

Anonymous said...

ppatin, there you go again, impugning the integrity of the judicial system in Baltimore. Feds are tougher? Take the beating victim of Jan 4 that you just brought to our attention. He got 25 years for a 1988 murder plus 15 for a handgun violation. Oh wait, 10 of the 25 and the whole 15 were suspended. Not to worry, in 2004 he got 7 more years for intent to distribute. Wait again...all but 4 days suspended. But now the system got tough. In 2008, he got two 15 year sentences for two more possession with intent to distribute counts. Woops, 10 years on each suspended, so five on each. Concurrent. But the courts must have gotten him on probation violations. Uh oh, all dismissed. I guess he must have been released for good behavior. I can't wait for the cause of death to be reclassified to blacked out from Bactine ingestion and hit his head while falling. Maybe an enterprising attorney should start a practice specializing in lawsuits against early inappropriate release from prison resulting in the death of the ex-con.

Cham said... way to placate the vocal minorities in low crime areas who want the lion's share of the manpower.

Why is it that every time I look out my window I see the ghettobird? You would figure that its best use would be to, you know, go visit the....

I bet that thing has a gps tracking device on it. I'd like to know what percentage of the bird's time is spent over which neighborhoods. Do we have a map for foxtrot geographic coverage for 2009?

John Galt said...

The police choppers are by no means deployed according to 991 call volume nor criminal prevalence.

These things should be audited and publicly available. But then again, this IS the city where we spent a year debating whether or not a Mayor stealing public funds is a problem of any sort.