Friday, January 15, 2010

What the?! Sex offender poses as city cop, fondles woman.
Icing on the cake: said sex offender was/is an employee of the Department of Public Works!

Guilford residents freak following abduction

A man shot in the head in Edgewood


ppatin said...

The Guilford crime story kind of freaks me out. I was doing laundry last night, and realized that since I have to leave the house and go around back into an alley to get to the basement it would be pretty easy for a hoodlum to follow me in and mug me. As much as I like city living the fact that I feel I have to do my laundry during daylight is depressing. Oh well, it's better than going to the laundromat and getting accosted by mentally ill homeless women.

buzoncrime said...

PP--That is depressing about having to worry about going around back to do the laundry. I know what you mean. That's why when I am showing folks around looking for apartments in Baltimore, we always look for places, if possible, that have the washer/dryer in the apartment (of course, ya gotta pay for that good stuff!)
Seriously, it can be especially scary for gals. One woman who works at Eddies in RP tells me that her laundry room feels so insecure, that , even during the day, she goes in with a box cutter on her person--just in case. She said: "you don't know who's going to be in there".

Are you still living in Charles Village?

For security reasons, even I alter my behavior. For example, I don't use ATMs after dark (with rare inside exceptions), and I don't go to the Staples on York Road in Govans after dark (am also careful there even in the daytime).
The thuggie-wuggies rely on the element of surprise to prey on their victims.

ppatin said...

Buz: Still in Charles Village for now, looking at houses for sale in Fells Point though.

Definitely agree with you how it's much worse for women. A really cranky hoodlum could always shoot/stab me, but even in B'more cold-blooded murders of law abiding citizens are relatively rare so I know that the most likely threat I'd face is losing my wallet and maybe getting punched. I still take a 4-D cell maglight with me though, won't do much good against a gun but it's pretty potent against someone who'd just want to beat me up. Plus it's big and visible, so I'm hoping it says "there are easier targets out there, leave me alone."

buzoncrime said...

PP--It does indeed say that! And that's why a lot of police used to carry them, till some dummies smacked people with them in the head. Then, the department banned them, except for the smaller ones.
In the "old days", police were taught not to encounter suspects without your stick in your hand, nor get out of your car without it.

And, you're right: women are seen as much easier targets, usually. The criminals carrying guns can be dangerous, so it's best for the average person to assume they're real and will hurt you. Some of these guys, though, carry toy guns, fake guns, starter pistols or unloaded guns: anything to put the victim in mortal fear of death. I could probably tell if it's real or not, but that's just me: i never advise anybody else to resist an apparent gun.
Now, someone with a knife is really dangerous: those are obviously not fake; of course, he has to close with you to use it.
The best advice is to try not to put yourself in a position to encounter this, if possible. But sometimes, when the circumstances are such, ya gotta give it up.
Most of these guys are just violent, dysfunctional punks.

Maurice Bradbury said...

I believe that statistically men are more likely to be assaulted (but those statistics would include stuff like bar fights, I assume). Here in the 21210 within five blocks of me there have been six robberies in the past three months that were during the day. I guess my point is you should be scared to do laundry in the daytime too, and also scared if you're a guy. You're welcome.

ppatin said...


I realize I'm just as likely to be robbed as a woman, men don't have to worry about the whole rape thing though. That's what my comment was about.