Wednesday, May 16, 2007

May 16

In the Blotter: a homeless woman was shot on S. Hilton Street.

Zachary James, one of the city's "youngest and most brazen murder suspects," pled guilty and will serve 60 years, 10 without the possibility of parole, for the murders of 34-year-old Richard Smith and 32-year-old Michael Freeman.

Gaumer begged for his life and apologized to Josie Brown's family.
Here's a link posted a long time back about the case on Huff's Crime Blog, which includes comments from more than one woman he dated after he murdered Josie Brown.

Pretrail motions in the Jemini Jones gun-possession case began this morning before Judge John Carroll Byrnes.

Terrell Heath, 31, was killed by a police taser, the "second in [the] city in a month related to stun guns."

Ditkoff: "For the second week in a row Baltimore City has more homicides than days. This is the fourth week this year with eight or more homicides." Todd Little, Antwoine Hawkins, Gerald Wilson, William Curtis, Michael Davis, Thomas Mouzon Jr., and the murder heard by our reader on 25th street was ID'd as Deandre Hatcher, age 17. And updates!

Jezum crow! Ms. Ditkoff lightly grills the city council president on the details of the vaxingly vague noise bill and gets beyond-idiotic answers. Good gravy, if you had a private-sector job and tried to pass answers like this over on your bosses .... ("How significant a problem is noise in the city?" "I don't know the exact number..." "Who would make the decision that someone is being too loud?" "We're still working that out.") If you voted for her ever, please kick yourself in the nuts right now.

And more CP: Tenant "Willing to Fight a Million-Dollar Libel Suit For His Right to Call His Landlord a Crook"

cop muralDog-walker Katie Wainwright reports that eight cops from the Southern spent a half-hour ticketing owners of unleashed dogs in in Riverside Park.


ppatin said...

WYPR said that the inmate from Jessup who was stabbed is in stable condition this morning.

burgersub said...

according to the sun in the zachary james story, park circle is now part of west baltimore.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. A Baltimore City politician not having well thought ideas? Surely you jest! Someone please vote these clowns out of office.

In other news, Jerry Falwell has died.

... Have the clouds ever been this fluffy?

Dopple said...

Rawlings Blake should know that the noise problem is from every asshole at a red light honking their caddie's fog horn 'cause the person in front of them didn't run the yellow light. It's the boom cars that drive by all day and night long and make entire houses vibrate. It's dirt bikes that whiz around on the sidewalks with impunity. Those are the noises driving me nuts...not college kids.

Anonymous said...

While Blake is all over the map with her legislation and what is means, it sounds as if she wants to go after night clubs (i.e the Den) that have shady licenses. What will happen is folks will loose their homes, ground rent style, while these clubs continue to operate

burgersub said...

that homeless woman shot on hilton street was already reported a bunch in those sun articles about the weekend's murders.

Anonymous said...

Well, At least The Sun's getting to the bottom of the serious stuff...

ppatin said...

Does Stephanie Galling Flake have any serious opposition in the council president race?

Anonymous said...

The only person I know of that's also running in the race is Kenneth Harris. To be honest, he still has to make his voice because not as many people really know who he is across the city.

Basically, I think the 2007 election will be a referendum on O'Malley, as its basically coming down to those who were behind him on the council (Blake, Dixon), and those who were - at least to some extent - opposed to him (harris, maybe mitchell).

Anonymous said...

Glad to see some tickets for irresponsible dog owners.
I've been chased by dogs off leash while running through that park - and had a dog there run in front of my motorcycle. Could've hurt me and/or killed that dog.
We have a leash law - to point to the murder rate as justification for the yuppies not to have to follow that law is just stupid.
Can the cops please hit Fed Hill park next?