Tuesday, August 12, 2008

August 12

County police are investigating a suspiciously dead body found in the parking lot of the Excape {sic} Nightclub in the 10000-block of Pulaski Highway.

And Sunday night, a fight at a kid's 11th birthday party led to a shooting death in Harford County. "I guess he [Kevin Sorrick, 36] just snapped," said the alleged killer's gf Yvonne.

Another county What The?! A stolen truck crashed into a Hereford home, killing a sleeping woman

was the city really quieter than the 'burbs this weekend?

"Baltimore police told Federal Hill residents last night that they will maintain their increased presence in the community indefinitely, continuing the nightly patrols in the aftermath of two killings that shook up the neighborhood in June." (begging the question, where will their non-presence be maintained as a result?)

Four more to be charged in cult toddler-in-suitcase death

Sad: Veteran county officer responded to Parkville murder/suicide, had stroke, died.

Torts from TDR's Brendan Kearney:
Former CareFirst CEO William L. Jews is suing the insurance commissioner in federal court to get his full $18 million termination package back.

"A lawsuit accusing Maryland of second-class treatment of its historically black colleges and universities is unlikely to be resolved without trial, an attorney for the state conceded" yesterday.


John Galt said...

Gee, I don't suspect anyone else in this town would appreciate an enhanced police presence on their streets for any indefinite period of time ??

Someone's head should be rolling for being nearly 300 cops below authorized manpower.

John Galt said...

F.O.P. President Paul Blair hasn't forgotten.

I am so wise said...

Hopefully this toddler's death will wake people to the fact that granting people's religious beliefs unearned respect is dangerous.

ppatin said...

Heh, for once I totally agree with i am so wise.

John Galt said...

You want bullets with that ??

John Galt said...

While we're at it, take a good look at sixty days in the life in Waverly.

John Galt said...

And yes, that cluster of robberies is exactly where the Mayor and Commissioner were parading a week ago.

Real effective, folks.