Friday, August 15, 2008

"A woman's body was found this morning under a bridge by a jogger in Herring Run Park in Northeast Baltimore, city police said."

Starved toddler's grandma: I called DSS and "They said I am probably just making it up"
Sharee Carter
A 15-year-old girl with a wacky weave, left, was arrested for two stabbing attacks that injured three people.

Sex offender Rodney Elmore Joseph was charged with the murder and rape of Chontrell Sample in Cherry Hill a year after DNA linked him to the crime.

Watch out Willie Don!! Somebody burgled a 95-year-old woman's apartment at the Charlestown retirement community.

Brent Jones and the A. Meister went to a police administrative meeting re. Linden liquors and came away with two rather different takes.

Why do people send us this stuff?!


Mr. Mephistopheles said...

Adam Meister and Beaker: Separated at birth?

John Galt said...

Linden is now closed.

According to councilman Cole, "With those doors locked, they don't have a place to hide anymore," he said.

O.K., so now if there's any remaining crime in Reservoir Hill after Linden is shut, we'll just understand that it's Fred Bealefeld's fault and then padlock Police Headquarters because it certainly couldn't be attributed to the rotten people there, right ???

John Galt said...

And some more bang-bang in CHuM.

BomTrown said...

Someone should tell black men to stop killing. You can try to call that racist or profiling, but...