Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Slew-foot Gary and the Roosting Chickens

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A man fatally shot at 4108 Harris Avenue, the Sun reports the victim, Nathaniel Augusto Santiago, beat murder charges twice

WTF? A Curtis Bay skateboarder arrested for fatally pushing a guy into the harbor in 2008.

Harris trial: So much for the mystery woman being called first.. but testimony from a security guard ID's two of the killers and explains the meaning of "slew footed" (... so if you are "slew-footed" you have a "slugh foot"?)

The gov wants to seize $10 million from Steven Blackwell

A Dawson relative makes a good point: "Even if the parents didn't want to budge, they should have snatched those kids up." Wonder if any threatened witnesses' kids have ever been taken by social services?


Anonymous said...

The mystery woman will be called first AT TRIAL...not during pretrial motions. They have to pick a jury before they start the TRIAL.

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