Thursday, September 2, 2010

@GusSent Just saw pat jessamy waving at cars at corner of loch raven and alameda.


ppatin said...

So apparently Sen. George Della did NOT endorse Pat Jessamy. The Afro-American incorrectly reported that he did, and Adam Meister then repeated that incorrect claim. Meister hasn't published a retraction, and I have no idea if the Afro-American has acknowledged their mistake.

Supposedly George Della is getting a little unhinged now that he realizes he may actually lose to Bill Ferguson. Rumor has it he flipped out last night over somebody trying to take his picture at a debate. This is turning into the most interesting Baltimore City primary I've ever seen!

Maurice Bradbury said...

It certainly is .. this town is such an epic of crazy characters. Baltimore news is like a serial novel.