Friday, August 21, 2009

Yesterday's homicide victim was ID'd as Donte Gunter, 25

No Bail for Hate Teens

Reports Joe of the SAO:
"Judge Jack I. Lesser ordered Zachary Watson and Emmanuel Miller, charged with attempted first-degree murder, held without bail at a bail review hearing today. The court scheduled a preliminary hearing date of September 19, 2009 for both defendants."


Jon Cardin to the Jewish Times: "I obviously feel horrible. It was poor judgment." Adding, "It had nothing to do with a helicopter, even though one did fly over, but I knew nothing about it.” Meanwhile his compaƱeros in the 11th are standing by their man.
Del Morhaim: “in the long run, this will help him focus on the important legislative matters we face."

Thursday, August 20, 2009

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Baltimore PoliceDept HOMICIDE: 125 S Highland Ave Adult Male shot Police investigating

Madison St. prison complex adding on to cram in more cons, bill to taxpayers est @>$280 million

Two teens arrested & charged as hate-crime accomplices, Emmanuel (or Emanuel) Miller, 16, and "Zachary" or "Zackary Dylon" Watson, 17. Meanwhile, the backstory on alleged ringleader Calvin Lockner is nightmare material.

Remember "Rolls Royce" lawyer (to the cocaine stars) Robert M. Simels? (if not, see here and here from the CP archives) Bloomberg/Fraud With Peril reports he's been convicted in NY of conspiring to tamper with witnesses.

Tasered mom sues County

Web find

... if you enjoy torts
Consumer Law & Policy Blog

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thank you TAB

Homicide totals explained by reader TAB:

Hi there. I noticed your inquiry into why the homicide totals are so different so I will try to help. Part of the problems lie In that this list is a tad jumbled. Because some murders have been ruled justified, numbers have had to be repeated.And while it should logically even out numbers wise, It may still add confusion. Also your number should now be 144 because Gerrod Finch has been ruled a homicide now.

Suspiciously dead male, 302 E. Lanvale St. (8/13) is not listed in either the Ink or Sun.

Suspicious death, unidentified, 2743 St Paul St. (6/1) is not listed by either site.

104. Tony Geiger, 41, 100 block Old Riverside Road (6/2) and 95. Unidentified man, 21, Old Riverside Rd. (6/2) are the same.

61. Unidentified man, 1017 Hillen Road (4/7) is not listed on either site.

Questionable death, N. Abington Ave/Elbert St. (3/27) not listed either places but does not count towards the tally anyways.

And to let you know Marcus Sanchez was the man murdered on July 25th.

So with the addition of Gerrod Finch and the Subtraction of #'s 61, 95, 96, and 142 your list should be on par with murder Ink's and when the Sun catches up, then all 3 should be equal.
Suddenly the homicide count is all over the place: Sun says 140, Ink says 139, we have 143.
Too busy to straighten out the corpses today. maybe a helpful reader can?

What they don't want you to know

An internal city report shows judges threw out or reduced almost all parking tickets challanged in court.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Chinese Cuisine Teens Get <Five Years

Remember those laughing girls?

In April, police and prosecutors said they charged the wrong guy for the shooting, now two teens have been sentenced.
From the SA's office:
State’s Attorney Patricia C. Jessamy announced today that two teenage cousins, David Jefferson, 17, of the 2700 block Tivoly Avenue and Kevin Johnson, 15, of the same address, pleaded guilty today to second degree attempted murder, handgun and robbery counts after admitting their involvement in a highly publicized shooting of a patron at a Harford Road carryout on August 6, 2008, captured by store video camera.

The Honorable Martin P. Welch imposed a sentence of 25 years, suspend all but 7 years, first 5 years without parole and 5 years probation for David Jefferson and a sentence of 25 years, suspend all but 9 years, first 5 years without parole and 5 years probation for Kevin Johnson. State prosecutors offered 25 years, suspend all but 12 years, first 5 without parole, but are bound by a court offer in a plea agreement. The plea occurred in open court and the victim did not make a statement. The crime occurred when Jefferson and Johnson, who was 14 years old at the time of the incident, and shot the victim, rifled the victim’s pocket for money and found none, and then fired shots in front of onlookers who were near the carryout.

The facts of the case are: On August 6, 2008, just after midnight, Baltimore police officers responded to the Chinese Cuisine Carryout at 2700 Harford Road for a shooting call. Victim Marvin Edmonds was shot in the left leg at that location. Edmonds had ordered food and was waiting for his order when David Jefferson entered the carryout. Jefferson had a bandana tied over the lower part of his face and was carrying a handgun. Jefferson pushed Edmonds against the wall, placed the gun to his neck and started going through Edmonds' pockets.

At that time, Kevin Johnson entered the carryout also with a bandana tied over the bottom of his face and carrying a handgun. Johnson walked over to Edmonds and placed his gun against Edmond’s head. After not being able to take any property from Edmonds, both Jefferson and Johnson turned to leave. The two then turned around, aimed their guns and fired at Edmonds. Edmonds was struck one time in the leg. The entire incident was captured on the store’s video surveillance camera. Witnesses identified Jefferson and Johnson as the two gunmen in the store. Jefferson waived his Miranda Rights and agreed to speak with officers. He identified himself on the store video tape and confessed to his part in the robbery and shooting. Johnson was arrested in April of 2009. He waived his Miranda Rights and confessed to his involvement in the shooting.

Both statements were entered into evidence during the plea agreement.

FIVE prosecutor Kelly Madigan prosecuted the case.

Don't ask

It's a crime for little old ladies to beg in Baltimore.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Oh no, Michael Phelps!

Aw shiz! Homeslice wrecked his Escalade in front of Brown Capital while traveling east on Biddle at Calvert ... Perezhilton sources say he was speeding and ran a red light!!!

(Wow, look how flimsy the Escalade is- like tinfoil!)

UPDATE: Police say the crash was the other driver's fault!


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"Suspicious Death-302 E.Lanvale St-Adult male found dead inside his apartment."

BPD Tweets since 8/9/09

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Suspicious Death-302 E.Lanvale St-Adult male found dead inside his apartment.about 17 hours ago from txt

SHOOTING ARREST: Derrick Rucker M/B/DOB-9/22/93 was arrested on 8/11/09 for the 7/26 shooting which occurred @ 2846 Harford Rd.about 23 hours ago from web

Shooting - Oliver/ Lakewood, adult male shot11:26 PM Aug 11th from UberTwitter

SHOOTING-2836 CARVER RD-ADULT FEMALE SHOT9:18 PM Aug 11th from UberTwitter

BARRICADE ARREST: Cecil Bailey 26yr old from NE Baltimore charged w/ theft, handgun, armed assault/robbery, false imprisonment.3:52 PM Aug 11th from UberTwitter

Double shooting, Calvert and 23th, 2 adult males both shot in the arm, walk ins at Hospital5:18 AM Aug 11th from UberTwitter

UPDATE: BARRICADE - 4200 MARY AVE - 1 suspect taken into custody, occupant of home transported to hosp. for precautionary measures3:12 PM Aug 10th from UberTwitter

MEDIA ADVISORY: At 12:15, BPD Chief Spokesman Anthony Guglielmi will give a media update on barricade at scene @ 5900 Belair Rd.12:05 PM Aug 10th from UberTwitter



SHOOTING - 224 HERRING CT, ADULT MALE SHOT5:42 AM Aug 10th from UberTwitter



REMINDER: Due to Fridays hacking of Twitter site, BPD updates have been delayed. Some posts are from days prior. Problem should be fixed now5:44 PM Aug 9th from UberTwitter

UPDATE On Code Red: CARE Cooling Centers will only be open on Monday and Tuesday, and not today. PM Aug 9th from API

SHOOTING, 900 N EDEN, ADULT MALE SHOT IN HIP9:34 AM Aug 9th from txt

NOTE: Due to tech issues with Twitter/Facebook, BPD updates have been delayed. Problem should be fixed now9:07 AM Aug 9th from UberTwitter

Don't tell the mayor...

City lawyers argued yesterday that Baltimore police officers don't technically work for the city.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sun Sued

Criminal defense attorney Ivan J. Bates has filed a $13 million suit against the Sunpapers and reporters Julie Bykowicz and Melissa Harris for defamation

What the?!

"City police are looking into whether a patrol sergeant handcuffed a homicide detective during a disagreement as they investigated a reported abduction."

A Peaceful Week!

Six days without a homicide in the city!


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Unidentified 20-year-old, N. Lakewood and East Oliver, a few blocks from the Honey Hole & a half-mile from the BBQ shoot-up weekeend before last. No arrests...

Lamont Davis' lawyer says closed-circuit camera footage exonerates his client in the shooting of Raven Wyatt.

Meanwhile, in Cherry Hill, 59-year-old Shirley Foulks' living-room evening repose was disturbed by a stray bullet that came through her front window and struck her in the shoulder.

Baltimoriest subhead ever: "Shawn Michael Green pleads not guilty to new charges; his mother appeals her sentence"

The unfortunately-named Marlow Humbert was cleared by DNA in a Charles Village rape case. (How was the victim able to ID a masked attacker in a lineup in the first place?)

More on Rivera part II

The last person to talk to Rey Rivera says the man hardly seemed suicidal

Monday, August 10, 2009


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18-year-old Charles Gregory Pratt, killed at the Cherry Hill shopping center

The men arrested by FHB III for shooting into the air New Year's eve will avoid jailtime

1st Mariner CEO/ Billy Murphy suing Constellation Energy for $65 mil

After Yates hit-and-run, mourners dedicate "ghost bike"

Three life sentences

for Darron Goods of "Special"


View Larger Map
2:30 a.m. today, 200 block of S. Herring Court

was all excited that the Deuce has stepped it up with a page just for Baltimore City Crime. .. too bad the "Weekend Violence" story is about last weekend. (Notable though is story on 67-year-old Chillager and youth counselor Jack Yates, killed in a hit-and-run)

Rey Rivera

The wife of Rey Rivera talks about his unusual behavoir just days before he dissapeared in May of 2006.

The Weekend in Tweets
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SHOOTING - 224 HERRING CT, ADULT MALE SHOTabout 4 hours ago from UberTwitter


SHOOTING - REPORTED @ 600 CHERRY HILL, ADULT MALE SHOTabout 11 hours ago from UberTwitter

REMINDER: Due to Fridays hacking of Twitter site, BPD updates have been delayed. Some posts are from days prior. Problem should be fixed nowabout 16 hours ago from UberTwitter

UPDATE On Code Red: CARE Cooling Centers will only be open on Monday and Tuesday, and not today. 20 hours ago from API

SHOOTING, 900 N EDEN, ADULT MALE SHOT IN HIP9:34 AM Aug 9th from txt

NOTE: Due to tech issues with Twitter/Facebook, BPD updates have been delayed. Problem should be fixed now9:07 AM Aug 9th from UberTwitter


DOUBLE SHOOTING - Glenmore/ Walther, 2 males shot in lower back (tech issues w/ Twitter, reported @ 1215am)6:23 AM Aug 9th from txt

SHOOTING: 244 S. Dallas Ct, adult male shot in foot (reported @ 11 20pm - tech problems w/ Twitter)6:05 AM Aug 9th from txt


SERIOUS ACCIDENT: W.Lexington/N.Calhoun St-Vehicle overturned, multiple people injured. Avoid area.3:04 AM Aug 9th from txt

Commissioner orders nuisance hearing for Shirley's Honey Hole Bar @ 2300 E. Oliver - Repeated violence prompt possible padlocking by police1:36 PM Aug 7th from web

TWITTER TECH ISSUES. Due to problems with the Twitter website BPD alerts may be delayed or incomplete.9:08 AM Aug 7th from UberTwitter

Test6:16 PM Aug 6th from UberTwitter

GUN SEIZURE: Northeast Gang Unit seizes 5 Illegal Guns from traffic stop. Since Jan 1, BPD has seized more than 1500 guns off city streets.1:32 PM Aug 6th from web

Shooting-3612 9th St-Adult male shot in the upper chest.9:49 PM Aug 5th from UberTwitter

SUPPORT THE BPD MOUNTED UNIT: Budgetary cuts threaten city's 6 police horses. Click here to help: PM Aug 5th from web



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Friday, August 7, 2009

DEA Madness

It's official, commemorative Obama excstacy pills are now be made available to the general public.

(Speaking of drugs, sounds like cocaine killed Billy Mays, Len-Bias style -- MJB)

Too Many Guns, Not Enough Smarts

Five shot in two separate overnight incidents including two at the Perkins homes

Details and names of the past week's intentional homicides in the Ink
And thanks to our reader TAB, who id'd some unidentified names on the toll.

CP: Wastewater management, self-help book publishing, auto detailing, youth mentoring, lite wife beating ... some of the many activities allegedly compatible with membership in the Black Guerrilla Family, says Van Smith

Tricia Bishop on gangster noms de guerre

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Crime cameras credited with murder arrests.
But must the blue lights flash? so unsightly!

New facebook quiz:

Vomitous Child Porn in Essex

this case is beyond disturbing.
John Nicklas and Shannon Leigh Honea did things that make a neighbor "want to vomit" (& in Middle River, that's saying something)
we shall now retreat into our protective bubble of denial and try to pretend like we never heard this story.
This weekend's victims identified; the man shot on Edmondson Ave., 25-year-old Steven Eldridge, died of his injuries.
Domestics? Drug family feuds? Money problems? Love troubles? We'll probably never know!


Police now say they will investigate the case of a teen who said she was kidnapped by a man in a chef's outfit last week, reversing an early decision to drop the case.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Baltimore's (only?) "2 gay officers work for acceptance on force, in community"

133, 134, 135, 136

HL says 3 but story has 4 killings since Friday: a seemingly random outdoor shooting, a 26-year-old who'd been MIA for days, a woman in a Honda, a stabbed teenager.

David Reese, 18, 200 N. Paca
Unidentified 18-year-old, 800 block of Allendale St. (8/2)
Stanley Joines, 26, of the 1915 W. Lafayette Ave. (found 8/1)
Unidentified woman, 2800 block of Edgecombe Circle North (8/1)

Gone in 11 days

Thugs chased family out of the city just eleven days after they move in.
"Baltimore medics mistakenly declare man dead" after he was shot by an officer

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Weekend in Tweets

BPD Tweets since midnight Friday

1. DOUBLE SHOOTING - 800 BLK ALLENDALE ST, POLICE INVESTIGATINGabout 7 hours ago from TwitterBerry


3. AGG ASSAULT: 2500 Edgecombe Circle N., female with severe head trauma, Police Investigatingabout 14 hours ago from txt

4. SHOOTING - 500 blk S. Potomac, adult male shot in legabout 19 hours ago from TwitterBerry

5. STABBING: 3900 2nd St - Adult male stabbed chest/ back. Police investigatingabout 20 hours ago from TwitterBerry

6. UPDATE: 4100 WESTCHESTER RD VICTIM WAS NOT SHOT BUT SHOT AT.about 22 hours ago from TwitterBerry

7. HOMICIDE ARREST: TODAY BPD CitiWatch cameras aided police in suspect arrest for 2am stabbing @ Mulberry/Paca. Oscar Skinner B/M/18 charged.6:30 PM Aug 1st from web

8. SHOOTING: 2119 Edmonson Ave. Adult male shot. Police investigating4:15 PM Aug 1st from TwitterBerry

9. SHOOTING: 5601 Loch Raven, male with gsw to arm (reported @ 1am - tech. Difficulties w Twitter site)7:04 AM Aug 1st from TwitterBerry

10. UPDATE P/O SHOOTING: Susp lunged @ Police w/ knife-like obj. Officer fired 1 defensive shot striking susp. Susp alive transported to hosp7:01 AM Aug 1st from TwitterBerry

11. UPDATE: 4709 Garrison Bd is correct address for police involved5:18 AM Aug 1st from TwitterBerry

12. POLICE INVOLVED SHOOTING: 3709 Garrison Bd, Male suspect shot during breaking and entering attempt. Police on scene investigating.5:09 AM Aug 1st from TwitterBerry

13. UPDATE - STABBING: Mulberry/Paca, is now a homicide.5:08 AM Aug 1st from TwitterBerry

14. HOMICIDE: 1915 W. Lafayette Av, adult male shot. Reported at 250am. Police investigating5:06 AM Aug 1st from TwitterBerry

15. STABBING: Mulberry/Paca, adult male stabbed in chest5:05 AM Aug 1st from TwitterBerry

17. ATT MURDER ARREST: Chris Muscelli M/W/12/31/82 arrested last night in Frederick Cty, VA for 7/12/ Att murder which occurred @ 2500 Banger St12:01 PM Jul 31st from web

18. ED, SHOOTING, 1816 HOPE, ADULT MALE SHOT IN ARM2:47 AM Jul 31st from TwitterBerry

19. SHOOTING, EAST LYNNE & LEHMAN, ADULT MALE SHOT IN HEAD,12:45 AM Jul 31st from TwitterBerry



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Friday, July 31, 2009

Media Blabber

Baltimore City Paper: They're Twittering fools on Calvert St

Shared via AddThis

Murder #132

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A man shot in the head shortly after midnight, "found on the ground next to the driver's side of a vehicle in the 500 block of E. Lynn Ave." and three other shootings last night

... did you hear the one about the lawyer negotiating the return of children from a murderous drug gang? When they heard what his fees were, the gang decided keeping the kids would be cheaper!
... some politic backpedaling from the Mayor after her "step up" zing to the feds.

A shooting near the mall in Columbia

"Cop killer to be freed"

"Unfounded" abduction?

Family says police refused to take report on teen's abduction

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dixon: Step Up, Feds!

Dixon: Federal investigators need to "step up" to fight the Blackwell/Old Chapel Hill Boys drug-family feud. Meanwhile, one of the victims of the Ashland Ave BBQ shootup was an Operation Safe Streets mediator.. will s/he "snitch"?
... You can "chat" "live" with reporter Justin Fenton at 2 p.m. today on the "Crime Beat"

Tewfer! Stolen minivans haul off stolen bikes

Christopher Hitchens - a man's home is his Constitutional castle; rights cannot be negotiated away over beer.

Need a job? "Prison consultants help inmates get good digs"

Parking problems

According to the city, 129 parking lots are facing criminal or civil penalties for not paying parking taxes, including one valet service in Little Italy that is facing criminal charges.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Police get $10 million from stimulus package

Drug Family Feud

View Larger Map
No arrests yet in the N. Lakewood/2600 E. Ashland Avenue Sunday BBQ bulletstorm, which the Sun reports was rooted in the feud between the Blackwell and Rich family drug organizations.

The two teens shot and killed at 200 N. Conkling St, Gary Martin and Darien Jones, apparently had no connection to the BBQ shootings and no criminal histories, reports JZ, though they were also reportedly on the way home from a cookout.

However, the shootings at Baltimore & Bond (and Comet?) apparently all DO have some link to the feud that dates back at least as far as the Blackwell brothers' kidnapping and the shootout at Unity United church last summer, and the Baltimore Spectator speculates that the the woman shot at the Club at 4217 Erdman and the killing of Jerrod Reed were connected also.
Some smart comments to a Sun blog post, "Second Opinion"

Interview with a former crack dealer part II

"Most of these white people, if they’ve been to some of the blocks I’ve been on they wouldn’t last a day. I dare them to live a day of my life -- I dare them"

Monday, July 27, 2009

Bealefeld: it's "Gangster War"

A Gus & Annie from 2008 on what was then five homicides related to the Blackwell kidnapping case.

FHBIII was on WBAL, says these are "not so much the Bloods and the Crips and Purple City Dip Set(?)" but "committed groups of drug dealing organizations" "bent on destroying each other" in a "gangster war" for control of the East side

Update on shootings

Two more victms makes it 19 people who were shot in six hours

War in the East

View Larger Map

.. claims 17or 16? in any case, a record-breaking number of shooting victims in three incidents in one night
a pregnant woman, a toddler and 10 others struck at a BBQ and two teenagers shot dead on Conkling St...

The Baltimore Spectator blogs that the BBQ was a memorial to 16-year-old murder victim Jerrod Reed, shot on the 16th, and that there may also be a connection to Saturday's murder of a woman at the Club House Lounge.

One of the victims at the cookout shooting was Steven Blackwell, 25, whose younger brothers were abducted last April in what police said was part of an escalating feud between rival drug organizations. Police sources at the time told The Baltimore Sun that the abductions may have set off a wave of as many as five retaliatory homicides over the course of three months last summer.

Sunday's cookout was to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the fatal shootings of Quinton Hogan, 23, who police believe was connected with the Blackwells, and Donell Rogers, 21. They were fatally shot July 25, 2008, shortly after Hogan appeared in District Court.

More from Hermann.

... also, the "stars have aligned" to bring federal Supermax to MD

Interview with a crack dealer

A veteran Baltimore crack dealer shares his veiws on crime, punishment, and the drug game.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

128, 129

View Larger Map

Two separate murders within 10 minutes of each other: an unidentified Hispanic man found in the 5100 block of Foster Avenue, and a "woman was found inside of her car in the 4200-block of Erdman Avenue outside Club House Lounge"

A double shooting Saturday in Mt. Vernon

... have you seen this serial bank robber, suspected of hitting six different spots this month?

Hanover police arrest nut acting wacked out in the Arundel Mills Mall parking lot

A nonfatal stabbing before 3 a.m.
at "Bonfire's" in Middle River

Friday, July 24, 2009

126, 127

View Larger Map
Sixteen-year-old Jerrod Reed was shot to death last Sunday (7/19/09) at Kenwood & Madison

View Larger Map
The man found in crashed car at 3605 Woodland yesterday had been shot in the side.

The Ink updates names and numbers, justified homicide removed from rolls

The SAO reports that today Judge John C. Themelis sentenced Darius Hester, 21, of the 6400 block of Rosemont Avenue to 50 years in prison for the attempted second degree murder and robbery of a Zorba’s Restaurant deliveryman. Details:
On May 29, 2009 a city jury found Hester guilty of attempted second degree murder, reckless endangerment, robbery with a dangerous weapon, robbery, conspiracy to commit robbery with a dangerous weapon, conspiracy to commit 1st degree assault, and related handgun charges.

On July 20, 2007, at approximately 2:30 PM, police responded to the block of 3500 East Northern Parkway to investigate a shooting. Officers observed the victim suffering from a gunshot wound to the groin area. He was taken to Johns Hopkins Hospital. Police investigation revealed that the victim worked for Zorbas Restaurant and was delivering a food order to the 3500 block of East Northern Pkwy. As the victim approached the apartment building he was met by two males. One of the males stood in front of the other and acted as if he would pay for the food order. The male in the back took out a handgun and demanded the victim’s money. The victim and the unarmed man struggled. The unarmed man struck the victim in the face, knocking him backwards. The unarmed male then grabbed the food and fled. The gunman then fired his weapon striking the victim in the groin area, knocking him to the ground. The gunman then stood over the victim and fired several more rounds at the victim’s head before fleeing on foot.

Detectives developed a suspect and placed him in a photographic array. The victim identified Darius Hester in the photographic array as the person who shot and robbed him.

Assistant State’s Attorney Michelle Wilson of the F.I.V.E. Division prosecuted this case.
Corey Johnson, the 17-year-old accused of trying to rob an off-duty officer at a bus stop, will be charged as an adult

"Transgender prostitutes find sisterhood in Old Goucher"

Court of Appeals awards $13 million to mom not offered c-section at Essex hospital

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Trouble with tickets

Looks like the world traveling Baltimore pension board also has now ran afoul of city ethics laws for taking some free tickets to an O's game.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Vice city

A bit of a fight has broken out over plans to tax illegal gambling in Baltimore

Saturday, July 18, 2009

While you were out...

While Dixon was off in NY, officers were shot responding to a domestic incident.
(When the mayor's out of town, who's in charge?)

Prosecutors and/or plaintiff Elizabeth Smith have decided not to pursue assault charges against the mayor's aide Demaune Millard.

Police are ISO pointy-headed arson suspect John Barker, 36

WTFityF... 15-year-old Robert Mitchell Ervin charged in Cecil Co with stabbing pregnant 26-year-old Jennifer Thompson to death.. & neighbor claims he was the daddy

Two officers shot

this morning near Edmonson and Whitmore, both stable

"a high-tech gimmick"

Well, sounds like the taxpayers of Baltimore city have been boned again, this time by a Nebraska company that took advantage of impulse shoppers at the DJS. I think Cham's editorial sums it up nicely (edited with some links thrown in, you can see the full comment here):

"Ah, we are starting to piece together what happened with young Lamont Davis. He's been guilty of several crimes and has been active within the juvenile justice system for years. Once he received his GPS monitoring device from the fine state of Maryland he was inconvenienced by having to wear an ankle device attached to his leg, but other than that his life continued on unencumbered. He was a criminal punk beforehand and he simply continued to be a criminal punk after he got his device terrorizing his neighborhood. Nothing changed.

From the Sun article today one glaring sentence stands out. last line second page:

•Once the devices are separated by more than 150 feet, the transmitter becomes useless. Offenders don't even need to cut off the anklet to avoid being tracked ...
We can write the rest of this story. Little Raven has 2 bullets in her head, LaMont is getting 30 years, we, the taxpayers, are probably getting to pay for LaMonts long hotel stay and Raven's expensive Shock Trauma experience. iSECUREtrac Inc. will eventually make some lame excuse as to why they are sucking money out of our state and not providing any service, and nobody's head will roll over at the Department of Juvenile justice over this ...

Little Raven is black and poor. It's a shame that she wasn't white and middleclass, that way Nancy Grace would offer to crawl up Lamont's ass and monitor his position from there.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Thursday, July 16, 2009

This picture


More BPD drama

Fired BPD officer Francis Hamtilom claims a fellow cop is out to get her.


View Larger Map
A decomposing body found slumped in a car in the 3400 block of Lake Montebello drive deemed "suspicious" a homicide. Police first reported that the body had been shot, then Tweeted "Med Examiner working to confirm cause of death. initially reported as shooting, further exam needed" More from a local message board (thanks Sean!) Isn't that near the old O'Malley place?

Police are ISO a woman for the shooting at the 7400 Club in Rosedale (is that what passes for "medium build" these days?)

Oh dear God no! Anything but that! GPS monitoring company "called in for meetings" following teen shooting preschooler mit anklet

Jeffrey Anderson reports on the case of Jonathan Luna: six years later, suicide theories more plausible (via CP)

Ew. Reisterstown man pleads guilty to pimping teens at a truck stop

No-show cop gets Reefers off the hook with the liquor board

Hagtown goth teen Danielle Black found guilty of soliciting dad's murder

What the?! "Soapy, severed bird's head seized at BWI" for the second time! What's that about?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Today in Crapulence

The victim at 500 S. Regester St. was ID'd as Josephine Lewatowski, 48, and a suspect, Dante McCray, was caught after CitiWatch spotted him putting a shotgun into the trunk of his Cadillac.

The Ink with this week's murders

CP: "Investors, mortgage fraud may complicate city's suit against Wells Fargo"

A reliable source says that Troy Harris has been removed from his position and reassigned to the Northern District patrol shift. WTF? Was his girlfriend 12? Was the picture beyond freaky? What am I missing?
UPDATE: the midnight shift, no less!

CSA: "a trial judge may tell prospective jurors that a criminal trial is unlike an episode of 'CSI'"

Crime prevention tip: paste baby photos on your car, GPS, laptop and cellphone

Calvert Hall student on the hot seat

SA has set a hearing date for the Calvert Hall student who allegedly tussled with a cop

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

DC Councilman's aide found dead in the harbor

Fire department divers located the body, according to police he was last seen on a boat Monday night

Police probe, take-home cars

The Baltimore City Council wants to know why internal adminstrative charges were dropped against dozens of officers. Meanwhile, if you wreck your city issued take-home car and you don't want anyone to know, don't worry the city legal department has your back.

124, 125

View Larger Map
Unidentified man, 38, 4000 block of Old York Road at Dumbarton Avenue (above); a woman shot in the head at 511 S. Regester St. (below) in Fells Point, via the Sun

View Larger Map

A total of five shootings since yesterday.

and another body in the Harbor.

Baby Shower of Bullets at Marlo's Kills Teen

What the?! In NY, a baby shower for the wife of Jamie Hector, the actor who played Marlo Stanfield in The Wire, ended in a gunfight that left a 17-year-old dead and two men injured.

Two more members of the cult accused of killing Javon Thompson are due to go on trial tomorrow, but will likely be postponed due to lack of lawyers.

Should cocaine use with "casual insouciance" keep an officer from his pension?

Idiotic cell-phone bill
goes to the US Senate

What goes around... Sinclair Broadcasting, Fox 45's parent company, may declare bankruptcy.

Monday, July 13, 2009


View Larger Map
A man shot at the Alameda & 30th and a barricade situation going on now in the 1500 block of E. 29th Street

Shocking Stats Dept.

Sunday night insomnia fun, courtesy of Olivia Bobrowsky: Comparing infant mortality and life expectancy in the SW to Roland Park or North Baltimore at
People in Roland Park live nineteen years longer than residents of the Southwest.
They're four miles apart!
(Also interesting: RP residents live a year longer than the residents of Homeland, and 10 years longer than denizens of the Hampden/Remington area)
(Average US life expectancy = 78 years)
It's also sobering to compare the SW to other countries, like, say, Libya.

More on from Hermann on the SW's crapulence

(bumping this post)
Does Baltimore need a dedicated prostitution court?


View Larger Map

A man found shot in a car in the usually very quiet area behind Mercy High School

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and a "suspicious" body found yesterday at 4009 Falls Road

A Hermann reader writes about the decades-long rivalry between the Old York Road and Cater Boys and the McCabe Avenue boys of Wilson Park, aka Pen Lucy.

an STSCI employee slapped by three female juveniles "for no apparent reason"

Policing the police

New allegations of unfair internal justice from a fired city officer may lead to a class action lawsut by female police officers

Saturday, July 11, 2009

A double shooting

.. on Fear Avenue. Seriously

Weird: Van Smith reports that the city's so-called biggest coke bust ever was the result of the defendant himself, Trenell David Murphy, leading police to the stash.

On Thursday a drug suspect caused mayhem when he fled into William Paca Elementary School

An 8-month-old boy was killed when he was caught in the crossfire in PG County

Baltimorean William Spencer, 49, accused of robbing a jewelry store and then taking an elderly couple hostage in Leesburg, VA

and a freezer geezer in AAC

Friday, July 10, 2009

119, 120

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Light for all, more light for some... Two murders and three nonfatal shootings crammed into a single paragraph in the local daily. Killed were an 18-year-old shot in the 1700 block of Division & Laurens Sts. two days ago, and an unidentified man last night at McElderry & Curley Sts.

Jayne Miller on the long, long record of Lamont Davis, accused of shooting 5-year-old Raven Wyatt whilst footloose and fancy-free.

Puhleaze. Troy Harris suspended over nudie pic mistakenly sent to the WBAL newsroom. (Wouldn't most people just laugh that off? Were they really freaky? Is his girlfriend 12?) Here's the newsroom address, just in case you would also like to send them some boobies.

Recent Supreme Court ruling could impact Baltimore vs. Wells Fargo

Ewiewieewew, just looking at the pic of the balding soccer coach arrested for sexting w/14-year-old is violating enough

Thursday, July 9, 2009

25 years for killer of Shaundretta Griffin, 14

Charles JakesCharles Jakes, 18, right, said he "didn't mean to kill Shorty", aka 14-year-old Shaundretta Griffin, and he shot himself in the thumb in the process of shooting her in the head. Yesterday, Jakes pled guilty to second-degree murder and use of a handgun. The SAO reports "Judge Martin P. Welch sentenced Jakes to 30 years in prison suspend all but 20 years for the murder count and a consecutive 20 years suspend all but five years for the handgun count for a total of 50 years suspend all but 25 years. Judge Welch placed him on five years probation."

Seven shootings

over the past two days

More on the bar raid

More details on the raid of Cheerleaders bar in Fells Point, including interesting info from Peter Hermann.