Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Who got hammered?

City firefighter suspended for allegedly attacking a transvestite with a hammer. Seems the equipment wasn't fully functional...

Vigil in the Village

The Charles Villagers for Peaceful Living says there will be a candlelight prayer vigil in remembrance of Stephen Pitcairn on Wednesday August 25th at 11:30pm. 26th Street and St Paul.

SWAT Raid report

The guy who started all the drama in Remington which lead to the SWAT team showing up seemed to be guilty of using his mouth as a deadly weapon.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Media Blabber

Are you an unemployed news junkie with a large, plastic-like head? The Deuce is hiring a morning news anchor.

The sailing semen of Gaithersburg .. and other stories

No more fed oversight of city juvie jail

Lamont Harrell, in jail for two murders, now charged with a 3rd

Man found in trash chute of Park Charles Apartments probably fell by accident, police say, but tower worker says that explanation is hard to believe

Arrest in murder of Craig Bouie, dad of 3 shot in his home in Randallstown

Man robbed, shot & killed by teens in Brooklyn Park. Also in AAC, a man shot while walking on a wooded path

Crazy sexagenarian barricades himself in in Sykesville

And finally, Authorities in Maryland say a man accused of squirting semen from a bottle onto two female shoppers has been linked to three more cases." .. off to go barf now

Jessamy vs. Bernstein

Here's a stream of yesterday's debate between State's Attroney hopefuls Bernstein & Jessamy on the Rodericks show, and a live-blogged recap by Page Croyder.

.. and Fenton & Bishop check out the candidates' claims

WBAL says some city residents are offended by Jessamy's "public school" remark

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It's getting twisted

Okay, the case of the sex offender getting paid by the city while in jail gets even stranger...the fake doctor's notes turned in by his mother were forged in the name of Dr. Keiffer Micthell Sr., the father of our former mayoral candidate and city councilman.

Feud for Thought

You're probably sick of hearing about the Jessamy/ Bealefeld/ Bernstein feud. But it's so darned entertaining! A good point from Page Croyder : "Bealefeld hasn't feuded with anybody. He's been nothing but publicly respectful." (This is true. Last year he told Exhibit A's Melody Simons, "Listen, I don't do public battle with Pat Jessamy.") Cryoder also throws in a bonus Jessamy press-conference spoof.
If you just can't get enough of the fisticuffs, here's other bloggers blogging on this:
Rob Carlson: "[Bealefeld's] one plastic sign, now removed, has already planted the seed of an idea in thousands of minds in less than a week."
Red Herring: "When Pat Jessamy is re-elected City State’s Attorney -- as she surely will be --those who vote for her will deserve the criminal justice system that an indolent and irresponsible prosecutor such as she brings to the city."
The Baltimore Spectator: "Larry Gibson, Mrs. Jessamy, Mayor Rawlings-Blake; non[e] of them have spent much time, if any, at active crime scenes. So to put it frankly, when they speak on the issue, in all due respect, they typically don't know what they hell they're talking about."

Ok, so enough about that. Here's this week's Ink. Five murders this week for a total of 129 so far this year. I wonder what the backstory is with the Corwin murder?

Dine & Dasher Gets 18 Months of Free Meals

From the SAO:
Andrew Palmer, 43 years old, of the 500 block of
S. Broadway Street pled guilty to one count of theft scheme and received the maximum penalty of 18 months incarceration on August 3, 2010 after prosecutors presented evidence of his restaurant theft scheme to a district court judge.

According to the arresting officers, from April 26, 2010, through July 21, 2010, Palmer ate meals and consumed alcoholic beverages at several area restaurants in Baltimore City; including the Capital Grille, Burke’s CafĂ©, Ding How Restaurant, Maisy’s Restaurant and Borinken Bar and Restaurant. In each case, when Palmer did not have funds to cover the restaurant bill, he feigned a seizure that required the presence of medical personnel. In each instance, the value of the goods consumed was less than $100; therefore the maximum possible penalty for each offense was 90 days of incarceration.

After reviewing the individual cases, the State’s Attorney’s Office filed a criminal information incorporating multiple pending cases and proceeded on an additional charge of theft scheme, which carries a maximum penalty of 18 months of incarceration. After hearing Palmer’s record, which includes over 40 convictions for theft, Judge George Lipman followed the plea agreement recommendation and sentenced Palmer to 18 months of incarceration, which is the maximum allowable sentence on the theft scheme charge.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Jessamy Blasts Bealefeld

.. uhm, is that really the best campaign strategy?

Listen up, cynical Cynthias

Gregg Bernstein CAN be our next State's Attorney ... pretty easily!
He & Jessamy are both Democrats, and with no Republican contender for State's Attorney, the primary on September 14 will decide the State's Attorney's race. With no other races in serious contention (except the clerk of the court, maybe), presumably the only voters who will show on Sept. 14 will be ones who really care about the State's Attorney's race.
.. so if you're a Democrat and care about this race, tell your mother, brother, sister and her friends to turn out September 14!

Bounty Hunters get plea offer, former Dixonite: Crime is down

Former Dixon spokesman says the media is giving Baltimore a bum rap when it comes to crime.

Two of the Baltimore chapter of the Bounty Hunters get plea offers.

Bealefeld likes Bernstein

Someone spotted a Gregg Bernstein sign in the police commissioner's front yard.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Shooting at the Hilton

Gunman gets nabbed at downtown hotel.

Notes from the vigil

According to some attendees, taking away cable television has more to do with East Baltimore murders than policing. Plus the commish looks for "vile snakes."

PC: O'Malley Without Principles

.. and "taught Jessamy how to bully".
Not sure I agree with all of this .. but Politics Examiner Adam Meister does

.. the State's Attorney's office has launched a Facebook page. (To be fair, Here's Bernstein's.)

.. and speaking of social media, if you're tiring of your virtual social life, please save Wednesday, Sept. 1 between 6 and 7:30, for an in-the-flesh Meet and Greet Happy Hour with Gregg Bernstein, location TBA here and on the Baltimore Crime Facebook Group page.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Questions are being asked about the size of the new juvenile jail being built in Baltimore.

I hate these kinds of headlines. Mistakes by child molester's attorneys could set him free. The judge who ruled in this guy's favor was Andre Davis. Rod Rosenstein was nominated to Davis's seat during the Bush Administration, but the Senate never acted on the nomination.

Another murder near Penn Station is attracting much less outrage than that of Stephen Pitcairn. The victim may have been murdered because he was a witness.

Shooting at police officers is a bad idea.

The Attorney General's Office says it's probably ok to tape interactions with police officers in Maryland.

Jessamy & Bernstein debate

State's Attorney Jessamy and Bernstein squared off, and only channel 2 was there.. literally, it looks like. But you can check it out online.

Friday, July 30, 2010

O'Malley endorses Jessamy

Just ran into the gov at Belvedere Square ... (doing my best to recall the convo)
Me: So I have to ask you, you're endorsing Jessamy, really? I thought you were old enemies!
O'Malley: Early on I made some oversweeping remarks about her that I regret, but crime is at its lowest in 15 years, and she's been a big part of that.
Me: Really? But isn't there a possibility someone could do a better job? Is something wrong with Gregg Bernstein?
O'M: I could do a better job, we could all do better at our jobs.
Me: Yeah, okay, sure but.. what about the judges you've appointed and this Charles Village murder, didn't you appoint Braverman, who let one of the killers out?
Him: Actually that was Judge Howard, appointed by Ehrlich. And what happened in Charles Village is a tragedy. But the great thing is my vote counts just as much as your vote, and we have a choice.
Me:: .. but do we really have a choice? Jessamy was appointed to that position, and very few people pay attention to that race. If you endorsed a different candidate that really might make a difference.
Judge Katie O'Malley (hustling me away): It's not that there's anything wrong with Gregg Bernstein. He's a great lawyer. It's just that our administration and Jessamy have worked so well together.

.. so there you have it.

.. it looks like IV editor Regina Holmes also talked to O'M at the same event.. and while the governor is "supporting" Jessamy, he may or may not be "endorsing" her. Or something.

Long, violent week.

It wouldn't be an awful, violent week in Baltimore, without the tragic death of yet another upstanding elderly citizen.

A judge declared a mistrial in the Stephen Mauk murder case, after the jury took equally as long deliberating as the trial itself.

Two more names were added to the homicide tally with the shooting death of 36 year old Shawn Crawford, and the apparent beating death of 38 year old Steven Harris.

A witness was turned victim Thursday. As a second person is killed in Station North in a week.

Finally the police want to know, have you seen these men? They're wanted for crimes ranging from burglary to Attempted Murder.
Page Croyder: Shame on who for Pitcairn murder?

Census worker's death, the city (employee) that drives

Police search for clues in death of census worker.

Meanwhile city employee gets a free ride, courtesy of city taxpayers.

Thankfully, crime is down

the governor and the mayor took the time to remind us yesterday that crime is down...way down

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekend crime

Motorcycle rider is killed after a high-speed chase. Apparently the officer involved ignored orders to end the pursuit. He's been suspended from duty.

Quadruple stabbing in the County early on Saturday morning.

Double shooting in Owings Mills on Friday night.

Michael Phelps got robbed

just learned that his Mt. Washington aquatic club got jacked.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Bad idea #19,324

= printing your own money in a room at the Ramada Inn

Yet Another Delay

The trial of Lee Stephens, accused of murdering Maryland House of Correction CO David McGuinn has been delayed yet again. If Stephens's trial goes ahead as scheduled next May it will have been nearly five years since McGuinn was murdered. No trial date has been set for Lamar Harris, Stephens's co-defendant.

Looks like the feds can do it

Not a light plea deal and lots of time behind bars for this bank robber.

This is embarassing

I never had a very high opinion of the Maryland Court of Appeals, and this only reinforces that impression.

Greene countered with the more up-to-date South Park reference, penning that in the "immortal words of Mr. Mackey, 'Drugs are bad.'"

He used his footnote to put the quote into full context, and it's most likely the first time an opinion from the state's highest court has included the phrase, "It's a bad thing to do drugs, so don't be bad by doing drugs, m'kay, that'd be bad."

BTW, it would be nice if the article told us which judges voted which way in this case.

Edit: I looked up the decision online, and the other judge that ruled in favor of the defendant was (surprise surprise) Robert Bell.

Have you seen...

Terrence, Tyrese, John or James?

All in the family

The city has sued former DPW employee and registered sex offender Dennis McLaughlin and his mother for $12,000 to recover sick pay he received while in jail.

Liquor Board shuts down Brooklyn bar

Ravens house, the scene of brutal murder in May has been shut down.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I Guess He Deals Too...

Darnell Angelo Holmes, a BGF member who City Paper described last year as a tattooed, daily heroine user, was sentenced to 15 years in federal prison today for selling large amounts of heroin.

Shellenberger Seeks Death

How in the world did I miss this story?

The Baltimore County State's Attorney's Office has announced that they will seek the death penalty against the hitman who murdered William Porter and Porter's wife who ordered the hit. The other four suspects in the case won't face the death penalty because only the triggerman and the person who contracted the killing are eligible.


Warren Brown said 'Lawyers for Bernstein' will release a list of murders that could have been prevented had mandatory sentences been imposed on repeat violent offenders.

Monday, July 19, 2010

you too can earn money while serving time....

Harford Homicide

Bel Air had its first murder in four years.

A couple of non-fatal shootings in Baltimore overnight.

WBAL says there were a total of four people shot over the weekend.

Divorcing couple must split custody of their dog.

Kurt Schmoke's old campaign manager is coming out in support of Pat Jessamy.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Fells point robberies

A Baltimore teen pleaded guilty to a strong of robberies in Fells Point last year. His girlfriend and her mother, both accomplices., are awaiting trial.


Police believe a botched robbery attempt may have lead to Yolanda Howard's death on 22nd street this past weekend.

Hoodlumery in Hampden

Thursday night homicide in Lansdowne.

The liquor board fined a couple of titty bars on The Block for prostitution.

Here's a weird/sad one. A 73-year old cab driver from Hampden got beaten to hell in April and died of his injuries on Tuesday. The 3500 block of Elm Avenue isn't exactly what I'd call a violent crime hotspot.

The ALF-CIO has endorsed Pat Jessamy. I'm still trying to figure out how the race for State's Attorney is relevant to a labor union.

This knucklehead robbed a Safeway in Annapolis and managed to shoot himself in the process. WJZ says he requested "treatment for a self-conflicted shot." Self-conflicted?

Murder in Halethorpe.

A 45-year old Harford County man was arrested for allegedly raping a 24-year old woman.

A Columbia man gets six months in jail for running over a former crazy cat lady.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


So much for a BCrime happy hour meet & greet with Gregg Bernstein!
His campaign writes, "Thanks for your note and generous offer. As it is only about eight weeks to primary day, we are focusing our efforts on Meet and Greet opportunities in peoples homes in their own neighborhoods. ... Thanks again for your interest in Gregg's campaign."

Monday, July 12, 2010

Police officer indicted in Mt. Vernon shooting

Officer Tshamba was indicted on murder and gun charges and could face life in prison.

Are you really good at digging deep, dark holes?

Can you dig one deep and dark enough for a man who rapes a 5-year-old girl? Probably not.

Need some copper tubing? So does this construction site.

Possibly armed man vanishes.

"This is, I think, fire No. 7 in 13 years … They've all been arson."

Battle of Baltimore Crime's Favorite Two People: Warren Brown vs. Pat Jessamy

18-year-old arrested for shooting two other 18-year-olds in Edgewood. Of course, the alleged perp appears to be currently awaiting trial for armed robbery, assault, weapons charges, etc.

"Why is this even news anymore?" Three men shot in two hours (actually more like 1 hour, 13 minutes).

Court time, expense this

The man who wants Pat Jessamy's job would eliminate the do not call list, send prosecutors out of the murder scenes with homicide detectives, and says he would spend more time in court.

Meanwhile councilman Bill Henry said $6000 worth of bar tabs and meals charged to the city was payback for volunteers.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Man is Only as Good as His Nickname...

Life in prison for TTP member Anthony "Mo Easy" Fleming, as well as another 20 years concurrent to his state sentence of life, for Tavon "Bloody Batman" Mouzone.

A raid of recently indicted BGF conspirator Alicia Simmons reveals a connection to "a who's who of Baltimore criminals," including Ronnie "Skinny Suge" Thomas, Johnny "J.R." Butler, and Calvin "Turkey" Wright.

Finally, convicted sex offender James "No Known Nickname" Mason III was recently arrested with four teenage girls.

Ripping of widows

He once was a big time Baltimore accountant, but he just got a five year sentence for mortgage fraud for taking $900K from a widow.


Woman shot and killed near after hours club.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Miss, don't miss

Page Croyder: "Unfounded Rape Reports and Unfounded Excuses"

This just in...

Gregg Bernstein is Jewish.


A Baltimore police officer shot at a vehicle trying to get through a blocked area of a JFX on-ramp, causing the vehicle to crash.

Police are looking for a female bank robber.

What a shocker...

Registered sex offender arrested for sex offense, according to this poorly written, apparently unedited article. (Look, ma, no hyphen!)

Highlights: "Then Mason drove to a business in the Annapolis area to purchase food and was accompanied by the 13-year-old female." Nice way to start a sentence...

"One of the females text a family member stating that the juveniles were scared and needed assistance."

"Mason was arrested and charged with Second Degree Rape, Perverted Practice and Contributing to a Mino." He contributed to a mino? Helping out needy birds is a crime now?

Your tax dollars at play

Councilman Bill Henry pays the city back $6K for bar tab, other expenses.


Jury doesn't buy insanity defense - Mary Koontz found guilty of murdering her husband. According to her daughter (and would-be victim), "it was like a weight lifted off all of our shoulders."

No charges will be filed in the shooting death of a home invader back in March.

Take note: If you're wrongfully arrested (due to a court's clerical error), shackled by wrists and ankles to a pole for 12 hours, while your children are left alone in a highway parking lot, and are declared "truly innocent and injured" by the Court of Special Appeals... you can't sue anyone. Sorry! So, you know, make sure that doesn't happen, okay?

Documents in the murder of UVA student Yeardly Love are unsealed. Ex-boyfriend George Huguely V admits kicking in her door and getting in an "altercation" with her. Was the murder planned?

Police intentionally run over some dummies

Detectives are reviewing 18 months of data on City rape reports.

It's hot out, people. Don't leave your dogs in the car.

Missing a credit card? Terrell Reid might have it.

City Councilman reimburses taxpayers for that food we bought him. At least he wasn't using gift cards...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Omar Comin!

A real-life Omar wannabe is in deep trouble with the Federales.

Court of Special Appeals: Don't yell loudly while getting arrested.

Another candidate has filed to run for State's Attorney in the City but her candidacy doesn't look serious.

More gun seizures.

The Westboro Baptist Church case is headed for the Supreme Court.

Tighter contraband screenings in Maryland's prisons.

Judge Orders Couple To Split Custody Of Dog.

Non-fatal machete attack in Anne Arundel County.

15 federal years for sexual assault and kiddy porn. The perp in question is already doing 15 in the state system.