Saturday, July 9, 2011

July 4th Stabbing Arrest, Fatal Stabbing, and More...

Arrest in July 4th inner harbor stabbing. Marcus Harris, 32, turned himself in today for the murder of Joseph Calo.

A still unidentified 25 year old man was stabbed to death downtown.

A one year look into the progress of improving city sex offense investigations.

A federal judge has denied a Stay in the Ehrlich robo-call case.

26-year-old Frederick Williams has been charged with theJune 21st shooting, and eventual death of Sterling Kelly.

Police discover a man's body in back of a locked trunk in city impound lot.

Tapes from scene of where Baltimore Police Officer Teresa Rigby was thrown off I-83.

Edvin Giovanni Ceron Reyes, 23, and Santiago A. Gonzalez-Miner, 43, have been charged with arson and attempted murder in a Howard County attempted firebombing.

Trial date for yoga shop killing has been set.

Second conviction, for fraudster David Garth Thompson II, 31, nets federal prison term.

Mistakes, mistakes...

Baltimore man Hasen Champion, 22 (Pictured Right), was mistakenly released from Central Booking. Police are still on the lookout.

In another corrections snafu, Baltimore convict David Rogers, 31, is wanted for leaving his work release.

Frederick residents be on the lookout for 27-year-old Melvin Smith, wanted for the murder of his former girlfriend.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Weekend Crime Roundup... and More.

More information regarding the July 4th Harbor violence including photos of a person of interest, and an update on the recovery of the 4-year-old boy who was shot.

Baltimore's mayoral candidates chime in with their opinions on the recent July 4th violence.

A crazed man attempts to attack a speed enforcement officer on the beltway this morning, and police are still ISO the 50-60 year old white male who is believed to be armed and dangerous.

Keep your eyees peeled for a group faux police officers committing armed robberies throughout Baltimore.

Police release city wide crime stats for the year so far. Statistics to note include an increase in non-fatal shootings, robberies and rapes, but a decrease in total violent crime and arrests without charges, which was well documented in an earlier Sun story

Lavelva Merritt, one of two people accused of participating in the robbery-murder of JHU research technician Stephen Pitcairn, has almost worked out a new deal with city prosecutors.

28-year-old Brian Lamont Eggleston Jr., has been arrested in the murder of his his girlfrind, Alicia Avery, who happened to be a city murder witness, and her daughter.

An unexpected confession in the 1998 killing of a Maryland doctor
by 57-year-old Tennessee gun dealer Dale Mardis.

An argument between neighbors escelates to the point of gunfire in a Baltimore parking garage.

Corrupt local bail-bondsman Milton Tillman Jr. and his son are to be sentenced in Federal court on Friday.

Life in prison for Frederick Christian in the 2009 murder of his then girlfriend Jereyell Foster.

Skyesville scumbag Donald Ray Pevia Jr. gets 60 years for the murder of his ex-girlfriends 8-month-old child.

Anther guilty plea from one of Baltimore's finest. 33-year-old Luis Nunez plead guilty to his involvement in the large scale towing kickback scheme.

City police have pulled a body from the Patapsco River. Defined for the moment as a "possible suicide."

An as of yet unidentified 20-year-old man was shot in the head and killed Saturday.

A Dundalk couple has been charged with for astabbing in a High's convenience store. Shawn Allen Novak, age 28, and Ann Marie Preston, age 27 have been charged for the drug related stabbing.

36-year-old George William Bryant Jr. was shot to death infront of a Rosedale nightclub early last Saturday.

Harford buisness owner robbed in his own parking lot. No arrests have been made.

Oh dosn't he wish it were all a dream... 48-year-old Michael Anthony Hickson, leader of Dream Home mortgage conspiracy, was sentenced to 10 years in Federal prision.

3 years in the Federal pen for an Oxen Hill man, who was caught impersonating an FBI agent.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

So upsetting

The woman found murdered at the Welcome Inn Apartments with her 4-year-old daughter was a witness in an upcoming city case.


Patch has your Northern-District robberies

Julie Bykowicz talks Same-Sex Marriage bills, NY vs MD

A-town court employee's civil suit for alleged violations of the Family and Medical Leave Act reaches SCOTUS

Jurors stick it to the man with punitive damages for Exxon in the lastest twist in the epic case of Jacksonville's leaky service station

New term of the day: SLAPP suit (thanks CO), a BS suit brought to punish someone for griping about the government (fait attention, Belinda Conaway...)

.. and Cafe Hon's Denise Whiting has been granted a restraining order against protestor Steve Akers... & it looks like Akers' Boycott Cafe Hon & No One Owns Hon Hon FB pages have been taken down?

Monday, June 27, 2011

The fading “exclusionary rule”

Interesting SCOTUS Blog post about how the Supreme Court has slowly been whittling away at the Exclusionary Rule.

Why Do We Kill?

Former homicide detective Kelvin Sewell and IV reporter Stephen Janis try to answer that question in their new book which includes the inside scoop on some of the city's worst homicide cases

You Tell 'em Marta Mossburg

Marta Mossburg muses on the raison d'être of the Baltimore Development Corporation: "Is it for the sake of taxpayers or for the sake of itself and a few developers who have benefitted at the same time the city sheds thousands of jobs each year?"

Friday, June 24, 2011

Indentities and so much more...

Several Recent Homicide Victims Identified:

94. 6 person shooting death Id'd as Charles Lassane, age 55.

95. Still unidentified at the moment.

96. Edge-tomb Circle victim Id'd as 52-year-old Anthony Carr.

97. Id'd as 23-year-old Andre Womack.

27-year-old Thomas Green has been arrested for the hit and run of two Hopkins students from early May.

Police release new details, actually, 8 pages worth of new details to be exact, regarding the February 2010 shooting of unarmed informant Dennis Gregory.

Newly convicted cabbie-killer Robert Lee Murphy was sentenced to Life plus 20 for the killing of a Frederick cab driver.

An inmate facing Capital murder charges for the 2006 killing of a now defunct "House of Correction" prison guard loses his pretrial appeal.

Youth is fleeting, especially when you spend it in prison... is what 14-year-old Shemarr Gilbert will realize, after being arrested on first-degree rape charges.

PG County congressman Jack Johnson's wife will plead guilty next week to charges relating to her husbands political corruption.

In keeping with a recent disturbing trend in Maryland courts, the 1994 Manslaughter conviction of Ricky Savoy has been overturned.

A Baltimore priest has been banned from Catholic ministry in light of a recent child sexual abuse case.

In the first of what will soon become a flurry of guilty pleas, two Baltimore cops plead guilty to extortion relating to their involvement in the Baltimore Police towing scandal. 28-year-old Jermaine Rice and 41-year-old David Reeping are scheduled to be sentenced later this year.

Watch out Maryland bath salt enthusiasts! Bath salts have now been officially banned in PA, adding to the growing number of states to have officially banned the sale of the drug.

Gilmor Homes drug dealer "Mud" is sentenced to 13 years in the Federal pen.


Study: lighter-skinned women get shorter prison sentences (in North Carolina anyway)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Gitit gurl!

... the local news is full of corpses today, but they can stay dead because I am giddy with happiness that finally a Baltimore musician has achieved International-level celebrity (the first since Mario, right?) ... if you haven't checked out Rye Rye yet you oughter, she's an M.I.A.-protege now with a soon-to-heavily rotate 104.3-ful single with Robyn. Here she is performing somewhere in Baltimore (& awesome official video for "Hardcore Girls", is that her grandma?) ... & a Britney Spears cover with a video that looks like it was filmed in juvie. You must love her!

Ok, back to corpses...

Friday, June 17, 2011

Henson -> Icing -> Cake

Slumlord Watch reports that alleged robo-calling mastermind Julius Henson is also owner of a weed-tree riddled aspiring crack house on Liberty Heights Ave.

That's going to hurt

The Maryland Court of Appeals has overturned the convictions of triple-child killers Policarpio Espinoza Perez and Adan Canela.


Ehrlich's aides Julius Henson and Paul Schurick were indicted for conspiracy to violate election laws for those "relax" robocalls, and Bykowicz + Linskey have all the deets. Apparently the call list came from Henson's previous clients...

TDR bullet-points the Office of Legislative Audits' shocking discoveries in Frank Conaway's office

"'Beware the Ides of March,' Julius Caesar was warned before he was stabbed to death on March 15. But Michael Smith, an inmate in the Maryland correctional system, had no such warning on March 15, 2007," sayeth Van Smith, when members of the Bloods gang, allegedly angered by his performance as a behind-bars pot dealer, stabbed him in a prison van. Now his meticulous lawsuit exposes the City Detention Center's piss-poor non-efforts at controlling gang networks

Blog comment of the day: "dontae nichols u need to die for shootng montrell williams i hope brun in hell"

Owner of Cockeysville's Padonia Park Club, a "swim and child care center," charged in child porn case. "... detectives seized a Dell laptop computer with images of young girls that Rigger allegedly used at the Jennifer Road pool and at his home." Wait, what?

and don't miss Rat Bites Cop, replete with a photo of the perp in a baggie

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Oh, Frank

What is it going to take for the city to get rid of this doddering bozo whose incompetence cost taxpayers $7.8 MILLION in just one year?

.. two more fatal shootings bring the mid-year toll to 93.

& shiteous father->mother- & two-daughter stabbing this morning in Crofton.

and Baltimoreans' life expectancy is a smidge better than it was a decade ago, but still some sobering numbers, eg. "average life expectancy in Hollins Market is 20 years shorter than in wealthier Roland Park." (also see "Shocking Stats Dept.")

What's going on at Hopkins? A whole lotta shroomin'!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Closet-peeping HoCo video pedocop pleads

Former Laurel police officer pled guilty to receiving kid porn about a year after HoCo police discovered he'd placed a hidden camera in a minor female’s closet and possessed sadomasochistic images and videos of children under 12. And in Bowie, one John Shutt pled guilty to possessing and distributing child porn, a hobby he admits to dabbling in for the past quindecade.

... In honor of these pervs I've added Tiger, Tiger to the librury-- horrific-but-enlightening memoir of a woman's 14-year relationship with a pedophile. Also the Gift of Fear, which I now have to re-read to get over being traumatized by the memoir.

BPD Police Admin chief leaving

amidst rumors of some re-shuffling in top command....

Killing us softly

Check out this report on the city's water quality. Chloroform?! Radium and Uranium?!?!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Elijah Cummings' Nephew Fatally Shot in Random Robbery

... not here in Baltimore, but at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA. Tragic.

in other news, no murders since two on Thursday night, it looks like. Whoops, I take that back, a 23-year-old man fatally shot in West Baltimore at 1:54 p.m. on Sunday.

"Dollar" got 25 years for illegal possession of a firearm and admitted to the 2009 murder of Kinlaw Jones

Eighteen months in the can for Tracy Queen, who was busted bilking the city for bogus tutoring by Brew contributor Joan Jacobson. Jacobson says she's still "waiting to find out what the city school system has done to prevent this theft from happening again.”

Thirty-seven months for Alicia Simmons, a former corrections employee accused of smuggling heroin and other goodies to imprisoned BGF members

Former ministry director at Loyola University accused of sex abuse of two minors in HoCo

Baltimore cop to attend Harvard Law

"A former Montgomery County police officer who pleaded guilty to illegally using computers to help her drug-dealing fiancé is set to be sentenced"

.. and here's something to burn yr britches: "The Federal Bureau of Investigation is giving significant new powers to its roughly 14,000 agents, allowing them more leeway to search databases, go through household trash or use surveillance teams to scrutinize the lives of people who have attracted their attention." Right on the heels of the conclusion of the Thomas Drake case, in which we learned that the government has been spending billions to stockpile citizens' every text and email. (How incredible to go in one generation from being worried about the Reds taking over to seeing our own government adopt the Stasi style, right down to the Division of Garbage Analysis (and without even the paper trail of accountability)

No word on Select Lounge shooting

But lots more training for the BPD. Maybe they could just tell us....

Friday, June 10, 2011

Killer Keystone Kops

Gahiji Tshamba was convicted of manslaughter but acquitted of murder.

Former prison guard and gang member Alicia Simmons received a 37-month prison sentence for smuggling phones and drugs.

Two shootings, one death. The fatal shooting was in Park Heights, the non-fatal one was on Erdman Avenue in NE Baltimore.

18 months in prison for tutoring fraud.

Alleged Baltimore MS-13 member and murder suspect arrested in Minnesota.

Loma International Business Group is in trouble for running an immigration scam.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Gun rights advocates accuse city police of profiling.

Bad brothers

Three bad brothers have now been arrested for a double homicide in Pikesville. BaltoCo homicides are up to 13 for the year.

Burning car with a body in it in Laurel. No other details available yet.


The prosecution wrapped up its case against Gahiji Tshamba without calling key witnesses

Court of Appeals approves anonymous juries

Don't miss Fenton's excellent Sunday object lesson on the swift retribution of street justice

Not Baltimore, but can't stop thinking about this very upsetting story of slave labor in Iraq.

Sex offender can keep sick pay receieved whle in prison

Former DPW worker earned it, even though the IG concluded it was fraudulently obtained.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

84, 85, 86, 87

A flurry of recent city homicide victims were identified;

#84: Payton Rivers, 34
#85: Maurice Gray, 35
#86: John Kelly, 25
#87: Durran Banks, 25

As well as two previously unknown victims that were not disclosed by police: 27 year-old Anthony Sherman and 57 year-old Kevin Jones.

Baltimore states attorney Gregg Bernstein revealed his new division Friday. The "Major Investigations Unit" will investigate repeat violent offenders, and will be headed by Thiruvendran Vignarajah.

Police are still ISO missing firefighter recruit Rodney Goggins Jr.

An 80 year old woman is in the hospital after a pit bull visciously attacked her.

Police have arrested 23-year-old Anthon Lavar Diggs for the May 21st murder of Jalil Al-Salim.

An KFC robbery turns into a attempted murder in Harford County when a female employee is stabbed by a would be robber.

When you can't trust "e-gold," what can you trust? The U.S. Attorney's Office has seized over 19 million dollars and is looking to seize 8.6 million dollars from e-gold, Ltd.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Bernstein is holding a press conference at 4 today to "announce the formation of a new unit and to introduce the division’s chief."

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lawyers gone bad

Attorney Stanley Needleman has been charged with stealing a law textbook from a judicial clerk.

The trial of Gahiji Tshamba starts today. Two other police officers are prepared to testify that Tshamba appeared drunk when he put a dozen bullets into Tyrone Brown.

A shooting on E. Eager Street and a burnt body in Northeast Baltimore.

83 murders so far this year, and it looks like Lois Smyth has the dubious honor of being the second white Baltimore murder victim of 2011.

Police arrest two brothers in Pikesville double homicide.

First-degree murder conviction for the 2009 death of Kenneth Johnson at a family cookout. This looks like a rare case where city prosecutors are seeking life w/o parole.

Another burned kitten. Stories like that are really too depressing to comment on.

Looks like it is legal to take pictures of the Light Rail after all.

Yet another depressing story. Darian Kess was a promising wrestler in high school but then screwed up and started breaking the law. He cleaned up his act, got cancer and beat it, and then was stabbed to death in a home invasion.

School fighting

Teachers are getting their collective asses kicked in city schools, according to recent injury claims.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Goldbergian 80

At Liberty Heights & Eldorado aves, a man in an SUV is shot to death then mowed down a pedestrian, who survived with a broken leg.
Will we ever find out who was gunning for the driver and why? .. unlikely, but you never know...

Friday, May 27, 2011

Firefighter -v- trans

A Baltimore city firefighter who got into a physical altercation with a transsexual woman was awarded a nice chunk of change by the city despite the objections of CC President Jack Young


12-year old Sean Johnson died of his injuries on Thursday night, two days after he was shot.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

NS Sherlock

Report from the Urban Land Institute slams Mayor's pet development projects, agreeing with everyone but the mayor and her tax-break-crazed developer comrades that the West Side can't support large retail.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Page Croyder comes out of her shell to rail against Bernstein's prosecutors for letting Turtle the carjacker off easy

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kids these days

17-year-old Dashawn Brown stabbed to death in the 3100 block of Edmondson Ave (in a house? on the street?)

An undercover detective posing as a 14-year-old boy in Florida nets a BaltCounty children's entertainment magician in a sex sting.

.. and we're number 5! Crime is down, but not here as much as elsewhere.

So Appalled!

Have you seen these mind-boggling revelations about the extent of domestic spying?!basically every e-mail you ever sent is on a government server. Did we fight the cold war to be East Germany?! Puketifying! I surely hope there will be a vast and wide swath of citizens protesting at whatever Baltimore courthouse this will be in on June 13.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Speaking of training

The mayor's office wants to know if teaching city cops to bust someone in the Vegus nerve is worth the cash.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Snoop Pleads Not Guilty

She's too pretty to go to jail!

The guv pledges his support to legal protections for transgendered people; the Sun has related video

Marylandiana: a Cecil Calvert half dollar on sale at Who was that confiscated from, I wonder?

A sweet little missive

in the archives from September 13, 2007:
People make mistakes. Wheather their criminals or what they are human. And the comments affect the family. Let them do their time who are u to say anythang. To kia family my heart goes out to u for your lost. Things never shoulda turned out this way. Darrell is family and never will our backs by turned on him. Wish we could go back and change it. Both families are severly damaged.* missing you relly*
(I wonder why that particular archive page attracts memorials?)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Monday, May 16, 2011

Remember Stephen Pitcairn?

His alleged stabber Lavelva Merritt cut a deal with Bernstein & Co "for a total of about 15 years followed by three years' probation"

And Fenton Tweets, "Body found in the Inner Harbor last week identified as Wayne Paige, 25, of Pikesville, who went missing from Baltimore County on May 7."

Man shot to death

3:05 a.m. Saturday, Marble Hall Road in New Northwood, says Laura Vozzella(?)

Shooting: 1600 block Vincent Court. Adult male shot in the ankle, says police FB

Youth jail delayed, and Bernstein fires Jessamy's community coordinators

.. and $4.3 million in anonymous donations flowed into the 2010 state election cycle, reports Julie B. Hmm!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ha to the ha ha!

That Belinda!
Belinda Conaway's mutarded lawsuit against Adam Meister has hit the AP-- From the Fred News-Post:

Baltimore councilwoman sues blogger for libel
BALTIMORE (AP) — Baltimore Councilwoman Belinda Conaway is suing a political blogger and his publisher for $21 million for libel and defamation over a column that alleged she did not live in the city.

The suit filed Tuesday alleges an column by Adam Meister is meant to fool the public into thinking that Conaway lives in Baltimore County and force her out of office.

On election documents, Conaway lists a Baltimore City address used by several members of her politically active family.

Conaway’s attorney, Thomas Maronick, said Wednesday that the Randallstown home in Baltimore County is listed on tax records as a primary residence since Conaway and her husband file jointly and he lives there part-time. He said Conaway is seeking to correct the records.

Conaway said this could happen to anybody.

Meister said he backed up his allegations with documents and is honored to be sued over the matter.

Justin Jimenez, a spokesman for Denver-based, said the company has no comment and hasn’t been notified of the lawsuit.
Yes, it could happen to any lyin' tax cheat, Belinda Bear!
I hope the IRS makes an example out of you & you do get forced out of office-- though who would want that office? The seat is up for election this year? ...... any takers?

Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Boys are Back at It

A fatal shooting in Westport ended a 12-day homicide-free streak in the city. It also ends a streak of a week of almost all female stories on the blog.

E E Baltimore

Emma Eileen was the name of the woman who was found in the Jones Falls. She was 66 and the wife of "prominent" bishop Wilbert Baltimore of Anne Arundel county. Says a BCrime commentor, "She was forced to live with the shame of her husband's "double-life." She suffered pain and abuse at the hands of the individuals who supported her husband and covered for him. This looks like foul play to me...please do some digging into this case and the history of this family. Its better than a Lifetime movie."

.. no word on the owner of the bones in the Hampden basement

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Blogger Adam Meister says that a Sun reporter called to tell him that Belinda Conaway plans to sue him and for $10 million.. oh shiz, now it's $21 million! ... over this story about her tax credit. ha!
She must be getting political advice from Pat Jessamy, heh.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Thursday, May 5, 2011

It's Midwife day, hon

It's international midwife day, and birth activists from Baltimore and elsewhere are driving down en masse to the Alexandria courthouse this morning to support locally based midwife Karen Carr during motions of her manslaughter trial.
UPDATE: says ‎In Service to Women (Legal Defense Fund for Karen Carr, CPM):
"Today Karen Carr, CPM worked out a plea deal. She will have no jail time after already serving 6 days upon her arrest a few weeks ago. However, she has many fines to pay including the prosecution's costs. Please continue to help us with donations. We will give a total cost update soon. Thank you for your support."

An uptick in violent stabbings, including two fatal last week of 16 total stabbing fatalities so far this year.

Bernstein's first city case a 66.6% victory

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tuesday Roundup

Guilty pleas for the major leaders of the BGF in
Federal court the other day.

Two of the three Baltimore police officers charged with kidnapping and flase imprisonment are convicted...of misconduct.

Keep an eye out for Josetta Hill, a city woman wanted for a 2008 double homicide.

Police arrest James Cureton, 21 in the killing of innocent civilian Tanise Ervin back in March.

A teen in Hagerstown is sentenced for his part in a tragic shooting of
a toddler.

A bizarre case is unfolding in Jessup as a man, Identified as
26-year-old Najib Malik Abdullah is found dead in home next to his 5-year-old son.

Police academy shake-up?

Looks like the BDP is re-organizing the police academy.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Walk a mile in these...

Teen settles with parents of Christopher Jones for undisclosed sum - and
$150 shoes.

Two Baltimore police commanders were cleared in investigations of an abandoned vehicle and a "loaned" handgun.

Jersey Shore cast members rob Bel Air paintball store.

Masks? Dark clothing? If it can happen in Pittsburgh, it can happen here.

There may be no crime here, but somebody dumped 30 pet rats at a Hagerstown school. The big question - who owns 30 rats? Voluntarily, I mean. I lived in Mt. Vernon, so I had plenty of little grey buddies, but they didn't "come when called," thank Gawd...

Sanity and its discontents

"Person found dead in basement after fire in Southwest Baltimore"

Deener man who killed his landlord because he thought he was a warlock sent to mental hospital

Steven "JR" Blackwell accused of laundering money by buying winning lottery tickets, among other means

From the blog-o-sphere, the poignant "Phylicia Barnes and the Black Girl's Burden"

Two arrested for robbing rent-payers in Cockeysville

In other news, "Transgender rights in the spotlight in Maryland and Texas" (Texas is trying to revoke transgender marriage rights); in Towson, men raised money for RAINN by walking a mile in high heels; and Australia is banning porn featuring flat-chested women.

Need to dress more manlier? Police magazine reviews 2011's tactical pants collections.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Man shot to death in Brooklyn last night

The Ink recaps last week's 10 murders

More deets on the Monday night harbor teen thing (at least a hundred teens on the street, six people arrested, two teens stabbed-- but so totally not a riotous mob, mkay?)

Toted teen's relatives testified in trial yesterday

292 months for alleged heroin conspirator "Bun Rock"

Ten years for alleged crack/heroin dealer Robert Peterson, and 15 years for alleged gun-toting 5x con Marquis Battle (what, no fun nicknames?)

Two oldsters indicted for massive metal theft

Control yer effing dogs, people! 106 stitches and 12 staples for kindergartner shredded on city furlough day

Schools locked down in AAC on account of barricade situation (now "resolved")

Apparently we have tea partiers, and they're totally pissed about the in-state tuition thing

What the?! DC perv managed to get his pedophilia on while incarcerated in the federal penitentiary in Marion, Illinois

Monday, April 25, 2011

Riot downtown?

At the least "large groups" of teens that got "a little wild," said the Twitterers @juliemore, @justin_fenton, @baltoSpectator, with a juvenile stabbed in the side & bus-sized paddy wagons. Also a large blackout in on the East side.

Riddle me this...

Can a same-sex couple married elsewhere invoke spousal privilege in MD?

.. and no bail for McPsycho heffa Teonna Monae Brown. I assume it took four days after the beating to charge her because it took her that long to be identified, or is that naive?

in other news, the law firm that had signed on to defend DOMA has withdrawn, most likely fearing the backlash of having "unpopular clients"

The 4th circuit 4th Circuit affirmed that a posthumously conceived child can’t get benefits, here's the case

The City that Breeds notes a TDR update of the Jason-Zink-tip-pooling scandal

Charles Village follies

Courtesy of JHU security:
Below is a report from the April 25 JHU Security Daily Incident Report.
Armed Robbery – 2900 Blk. Wyman Park Drive (southwest side) – On April 24th at 1:18 AM, a junior undergraduate walking through a grassy area was approached by two males. One male was in possession of a dark colored handgun and demanded the victim’s property. The victim relinquished his wallet and backpack containing a Netbook computer. The suspects fled on foot north on Wyman Park Drive. Baltimore Police searched the area with negative results. There were no injuries and the investigation is continuing.  Security Bulletin SP#4 is forthcoming at .
Armed Robbery of Non-Affiliate – 2700 Blk. St. Paul St, northwest corner– On April 25th at 4:25 AM, a non-affiliated male was waiting at the MTA stop and was approached by two males. One male displayed a silver and black handgun and demanded money. The victim relinquished his wallet containing credit cards as well as his cell phone. The suspects were last seen fleeing east in the 100 block of east 27th St. Baltimore Police and campus officers searched the area with negative results. Investigation continuing. Security Bulletin SP#5 is forthcoming at .
Theft – 3200 Blk. N. Charles St.– Between April. 20th at 9:00 PM and April 21st at 3:00 AM, a laptop computer was taken from an undergraduate student’s unlocked room in the house. The student declined to have Baltimore Police notified. Investigation continuing.

Teonna Monae Brown

.. is the perfect subject for me to use as I try to figure out Photobucket
Teonna Monae
.. Gawker & the Smoking Gun are all over this story, reporting that Brown had been arrested before, for attacking a patron at the same restaurant, punching a mom in the face, hitting her with an umbrella, and yanking off her wig! WTF?!
(.. wonder if that is a plausible defense against hate-crime charges, that Brown had also attacked a brown-complexioned woman with a uterus in the same place.. she's an an equal-opportunity psychopath!)

And here's Vernon "Charm" Hackett, the winner who took credit for filming the attack on his Facebook page.

more comfortingly, here's Vicky L. Thoms, who tried to stop the attack

.. in other news, police say two of last week's murders may have been committed by one suspect

A Middle River man got 30 months for birth certificate/passport fraud

Saturday, April 23, 2011

A shooty spell

Five people shot in the last couple of days,

BCFDL734 tweeted *CUTTING* Box 13-19 unit block w Preston St adult male stabbed FIRE/EMS Units responding and treating

Friday, April 22, 2011

McD's beating victim a trans woman

The Bilerico blog reports that the person beaten at the Rosedale McDonalds was a man biological male transgendered woman.

Dumb love

Search of lawyer Stanley Needleman's office uncovered <$600,000.. in addition to the $120k they found at his house.

Testimony continued yesterday in the stranded-teen case with the second alleged victim taking the stand to describe how one officer laughed as the other threatened him.

Puke. In Carroll Co, Donald Previa found guilty of killing his girlfriend's 8-month-old baby. So tired of reading this same story over and over-- hey ladies, just because you're boning some guy does not mean he'll make a good babysitter!

Doug Gansler doesn't want you to drink Snoop Dogg's "Blast"

Essay by design professor/Bolton Hill resident Callie Neylan: "When You're in Love With a Broken City"

Not Baltimore but can't resist: "What's dumber than getting a tattoo on your ass of the Tasmanian Devil chugging a beer while peeling out in a hot rod? Getting a full chest piece that recreates that murder you committed"


Meet the guy who beat speeding tickets with photo time stamps & math skillz

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Phylicia Barnes = found

The Sun confirms that the body found yesterday is hers

uh oh

Jayne Miller reports that one of the bodies found in the Susquehanna has a tattoo similar to Phylicia Barnes'.

.. and Barnes' dad told a CBS affiliate in North Carolina that the body is hers.


A man shot to death "on the 14th floor of the Hanover Square building, a high-rise housing complex for seniors and the disabled, reports Liz F. Kay"

The Ink has last week's four murders

What to think of this story: Karen Carr, Baltimore midwife is being charged with involuntary manslaughter in VA after a baby she delivered died. Carr was not licensed to practice in VA, and her patient was 43, premiparous with a breech baby.

Bodies found yesterday near Conowingo Dam

MD makes strides towards transparency.. kind of

Oh puleeeze! Ruxton residents freak out what Sheppard Pratt proposes putting a halfway house in the hood. Because only poor people should have to live near one of those. And Federal Hill residents are challenging some liquor licenses.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Unid'd man, rear alley of the 500 block of Schroeder St.

DNA has linked Baltimore County's Nankisoor Ramnath, found guilty of murdering his wife in 2008, to the rape of a mentally challenged woman.

County police are ISO this flasher. Could someone please explain to me the appeal of flashing people/schoolgirls?

"An employee of a bail bonds shop on Eastern Avenue has been charged with shooting a man who was fleeing the store after getting into an argument over fake gold" .. do you think he cuts his own hair?

Fenton asks some questions of a cute 25-year-old Russian who gave money to SRB & O'M

& happy 4/20, stoners! Here's a pot story round-up from Mother Jones. And "duh" of the day, The American Independent asks "Is Big Pharma set to corner the American market on medical marijuana?" .. and I wonder how many people were arrested in Baltimore City for marijuana last year? Anybody know?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Monday, April 18, 2011

A Seven-Bullet Weekend

A 49-year-old man was shot in the back yesterday evening in the 5300 block of Wabash Ave.

A man involved in a car accident near Hanlon Park had been shot in the head, for a total of seven shootings in the city this weekend (accounted for so far)

The mom of stabbing victim Andre Volkman is pleading for information about the man and woman her son was seen arguing with near Lexington Market on April 8

Lede of the day: "Not long before police say Brittany Norwood stabbed and bludgeoned Jayna Murray to death last month inside the Lululemon Athletica store in downtown Bethesda’s high-end shopping district, the two were the perfect sales team."

Another legislative recap & political news rundown from the Maryland Reporter

The Daily Record editorial board (whomever that might be) is officially anti-DP

Page Croyder on how a judge found it legal for the daughter of a county councilman to bite an officer

Bernstein says he picked the shoeless-teenager case because the head of the police misconduct unit had retired. He's also been in office for 100 days now, and I have yet to get a single press release.

Women stabbed at Rockville Nordstrom awarded "nearly" $1.6 million

Eenteresting: The City That Breeds says a new site, AskFuzz, is Baltimore-based and lets readers ask questions of anonymous cops. They're also looking for cops to answer questions.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Unidentified man, Decker Avenue, 3:40 a.m.

Also a 19-year-old shot in the thigh soon after midnight

And three people shot Friday in Sandtown-Winchester

Dundalk man allegedly shot by his neighbor after allegedly parking in said neighbor's driveway by accident

A 16-year-old was arrested for the murder of Teon Dobbs in Landsdowne, spurring jiz readers to offer the world lots of enlightened & elevated philosophical discourse on the matter


So let me get this straight: the three cops that Bernstein is prosecuting will all be tried together, but two of the defendants are having a jury trial, and one (the only white one?) is having a bench trial. Never heard of such a thing & must agree with a commentor, if the point of the SA prosecuting a case is to show ASAs how it's done, why not pick something more typical? Or is the whole point just to show the world that Bernstein and the police aren't in bed together (in spite of the fact that he and the mayor's liaison to the police are literally in bed together)? Or is the whole case so bizarre and technical he feared some ASA would ef it up?

Friday, April 15, 2011

What did I miss?

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The city's 53rd murder victim of this year was a 24-year-old woman found shot in the head and chest behind apartment buildings in the NW.

One Syron Abdullah, aged 20, arrested for the murder of Jhoma Blackwell, and allegedly stealing and pawning her video game systems. Abdullah was also charged three years ago with raping a 13-year-old.

A triple shooting and crazy car chase Wednesday linked to a fight at Dundalk Middle School; the jizz has mug shots of the Camaro-driving superwinners Charles Robinson and Quincy Alford, and bonus video footage of Robinson's big fat hairy gut slopping out of his drawers.

Fenton reports that 1990s drug 'kingpin' 'Great Billy Guy' is in 'trouble' again.

Ten years for a 21-year-old who allegedly conspired to rob a drug dealer

Motions expected to continue today in that case Bernstein is trying.

The MD Gazette's take on General Assembly winners & losers.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Paging Maurice Levy

The law offices of Stanley H. Needleman were raided by the Baltimore PD and possibly the Federales this morning.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

.. in other news

Police say they are closing in on a suspect in the murder of Jhoma Blackwell.

Neighbors and Joan Floyd help keep the Nancy Schmidt case alive.

Police are ISO these brazen robbers, and arrested these.

Two traffic tickets for Jeannette Marie Walke, who mowed down cyclist Nathan Krasnopoler

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency issued cease-and-desist orders against eight mortgage bankers

The endless case of Lee Stephens

The Maryland Court of Appeals has rejected a pre-trial appeal by Lee Stephens. He is one of the two inmates accused of murdering Maryland House of Corrections CO David McGuinn in July 2006. No trial date is set, but it sounds like the judge is free to schedule one now that this appeal has been dismissed. Stephens's co-defendant still has a pre-trial appeal pending.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Uncharted lands

INteresting! The AP reports that Gregg Bernstein is going to try his first case this week, of three police officers accused of dropping off teenagers in the wilds of HoCo and the East side. (Wonder how 3 officers and 2 incidents = one case?)