Monday, September 10, 2012

Jackasses and Cockmonsters

The victim shot to death Saturday on Gold St was named as Maurice McCoy, 28.* Four other people were shot over the weekend. 

Baltimorean Haywood Trice, 25, was arrested and charged with first-degree murder for the stabbing death of Tee Bee's bouncer Tavares Jones during a brawl.

In the SW, a homeowner detained alleged burglar Javier Zegarra (right) until police could fetch him.

The Remington 7-11 was robbed, and some 10-year-old cars were stolen in the Northern

Want to hear Judge Bruce Lamdin being a sadistic, sneery jackass to a "young lady" whose husband allegedly stomped on her ribs and tried to burn their his house down two weeks before Christmas? Probably not, but the WaPo's got your audio (fast-forward to about 6:30) and it's a whole lot worse than reports made it sound, jeezum crow. Here, Women's Law Center, have some money. According to the WaPo, the only way for a judge to be removed is for the Senate to not confirm his reappointment.

via CP via FB
But hey, every once in a while sexism works in your favor, amirite, ladies? Lutherville mom/convicted drug distributor Jennifer Debois Dickerson, left, got sentenced to time served for selling an "AK-style machine gun" to an ATF agent. (Though on the other hand, if she was a dude the story probably wouldn't have made the papers.) (note she's also in the JIS as DuBois, DeBois is correct.)

Twenty-eight cars were vandalized in Catonsville

In the Ralston area of Pikesville a theft stole a Ford that was unlocked with a spare key in the glove box

A bunch of fast food joints and a vet's office were robbed during an Owings Mills spree

A victory for MD residents against crooked debt-collection agency Worldwide Asset Purchasing.

Quote of the day: "Upon reflection, he has his First Amendment rights." - Del. Emmet C. Burns Jr., in response to Chris Kluwe's epic "lustful cockmonster" rant in defense of Raven Brendon Ayanbadejo.

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Four shootings last night aka early this morning, including a fatal shooting in the 300 block of Gold Street.*

Correction: Rodney Pridget's alleged killers were members of the Black Guerilla Family,* not the Black Gorilla Family, Tyler Waldmann. (There is no Black Gorilla Family that I have heard of, though there is a Young Gorilla Family. Please make a note of it.)

Friday, September 7, 2012


A 36-year-old man was shot to death on the 1400 block of E. Holbrook *

Found stuff from the Internetwebs: Charm City Vacancy, Slumlord Watch's artsier cousin

In Severn, portly Paul Brooks was arrested after his 5-year-old son ingested his illegal methadone. (At least he called for help when his son stopped breathing?)

A Loch Raven High speed camera was creatively altered again

In Cockeysville it's neighbors v tubers in a zoning throwdown

A drug-suspect pursuit led cops from the Turf Motel in Laurel to a traffic jam on 95.
Also in Laurel, a skating coach is facing extradition and perv charges after allegedly groping an underage skater and sending her 500+ creepy texts.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Daily Dismal

One dead, another wounded in shootings Tuesday, bringing the toll up to 147.

A first-degree murder conviction for Timothy L. Kittrel for the death of Isaiah Roane, shot at a red light last year

Ugh, what a kick in the boobs: Justin Fenton Tweets that Larella Amos's* "one-year old son 'keeps asking for his mother. No one has figured out a way to tell him what happened.'" Amos was class president, an honor roll student and worked at the Essex branch of SunTrust.
Final toll for Labor Day weekend = six.

Other towns have the ding-dong-ditch, a woman in the 3400 block of Carlyle Ave got the ding-dong-shoot-you-in-the-face.*

"Baltimore police on Wednesday identified the two officers who fired their service weapons* at a man who'd allegedly threatened them with a gun Saturday as Detectives Christopher Icenroad and Donta Williams. ... Police also identified the man shot by the officers as Leontey Kiah, 36, whose last known address is the 4000 block of W. Rogers Avenue. Kiah sustained non-life-threatening injuries in the altercation with police."

Majestic Auto shop owners, brothers Hernan Alexis Moreno and Edwin Javier Mejia, got 33 months and two years, respectively, for their roles in that towing extortion scheme

In the Southeast, a man stabbed in the stomach for no discernible reason, a guy hit in the head with a shovel over spilled paint, a shop clerk attacked with a baseball bat by a customer whose credit card was declined.

A drunken party fight and a stolen bicycle in the JHU blotter

Abell Foundation report: only 27 percent of city cops live in the city. In related news, I'm dumber than 73% of city cops.

In happier news, the BPD Tweeted that Abdul Abdullah was located safe and unharmed.

Patch: "Three Charged in Attempted Stun Gun Puppy Robbery"

University Parkway burglar claimed he was fixing the plumbing

Greasy greedy geezer Rodney Getland pleaded guilty to swindling seniors in a sleazy mortgage scheme.

After 15 hours, a county jury found William Ward III and Frank Theodore Williams to be guilty as fyyyack of everything related to Rodney Pridget's untimely demise. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Strolling, cooking, deliberating

In the City Paper Bayard Woods writes about sex workers on the stroll in lower Charles Village (plus pictures by J.M. Giordano) while Ed Ericsson gets the neighbors' side of the story (screaming whores! used condoms on car hoods! napkins as toilet paper!)

After residents of the SW rallied with "We Are the 10,000" signs, Pistol Pete Welsh has a rather good idea for drug treatment centers: mandatory busing to reduce patient foot traffic.

A woman's Hyundai stolen at gunpoint in Homeland (or carjacked on York Road, depending on how you put it) plus the True Vine record store was burgled, and other assorted typical thefts in the Messenger blotter*

Dept. of supergeniuses: Jamel Robinson, 40, was arrested for an open warrant and got four years and eight months in the pen after he violated the terms of his car-rental agreement.

Not crime but do note that Charles Street from 25th to University Parkway is going to be under construction from today until infinity, so avoid it if you're driving...

Justin Trionfo
Teenagers Kahrl Retti, left, and Justin Trionfo were arrested trying to cook up some kind of stanky huffable substance were arrested in Loch Raven Heights. Trionfo also posted musings on Facebook about wanting to blow up Loch Raven and Parkville high schools. Trionfo's mom says jail is "where he needs to be right now." His mom adds that he idolizes the Columbine shooters. Superduper.

The jury deliberating the Towson Town Center murder case is still deliberating

A man in the SW was beaten and robbed of cigarettes and his prescription meds (English Consul = Landsdowne aka Baltimore Highlands*)

Police in Edgewood are ISO some tall old white man who set fire to the Denny's bathroom twice

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Indicted, amped, divorced

A 29-count indictment against Perry Hall High shooter Robert Wayne Gladden Jr.

Remember kid-hatin' Judge Bruce Lamdin and his bon mots for domestic violence victims and other dumbasses? Well get off the watermelon truck, get your head out of where it was previously and put down your cocktail, because his pie hole's gotten him in trouble again.

County takes care a bidniz, though, already an arrest in the fatal stabbing of Darryl Wilson Lovellette Jr., who was shanked near the Sinix bar in Essex early Saturday morning-- one Christopher Michael Wolfe (right), age 21

Michael K. Williams told the New Jersey Star-Ledger about all the coke he did while playing Omar, which he kinda sorta alluded to but didn't quite admit during his talk at Morgan State a couple of years ago.

In other media news, homicide victim #138, Lindale Carrington, appeared on an episode of Divorce Court in 2010.

141, 142, 143 ... 146

A man was found dead in his car this morning at around 7:30 a.m. in the 2900 block of West Cold Spring Lane.

Police are asking for help finding missing and suicidal Abdul Abdulla, 19, left, who was last seen Sunday on Elgin Ave.

Victim #141 was 22-year-old Larelle Amos of Leabars Court in Baltimore County, shot to death by a stray bullet on the Alameda during a yard party on Sunday.

Two men were shot this morning on Streeper Street, a man was shot to death on Beryl Avenue yesterday, and six more were shot but survived*: two on Boone St., one on Rutland Ave., two on South Eaton, one on Frankford.Whoops, hold up, Fenton Tweeted that victims on Boone St., South Eaton and one on Boone in Harwood have died, bringing the toll to 146 and a total of 11 people shot in 24 hours.

Fourteen years for 24-year-old crack dealer Edward Robinson

Well, that doesn't bode well: on the FB reader JM points out that in the year before our new chief Anthony Batts left his post in Oakland, homicides, other violent crimes and property crimes all went up. Batts attributed the spike to scant resources (natch). (Though note Oakland's homicide rate is still lower than ours: Oakland had 110 homicides in 2011 w a population of 396k, Baltimore had 196 with 619,000 people.)

Jury deliberations start today in the murder trial of Black Gorilla Gang members Frank "Chiclet Teeth" Williams (left) and William Ward III for the murder of Rodney Pridget outside the Nordstrom Rack in Towson Town Center.

The Patch has conveniently put links to all of the Baltimore metro crime blotters on one page. Stolen silverware! Purloined boots! Literally everything but the kitchen sink in Perry Hall! Oh, you crackheads are just the living end. And from the Southeast, another generous serving of a-hole boyfriends (what is it about the SE?): a guy left his kids in the car to go spray his girlfriend in the face with Mace®, a guy held a knife to his ex-ladyfriend's neck, a drunkard hit his gf in the face with a case of beer. And a female fiancee also brandished a knife at a guy.

Branden Barnes, 27, was arrested for robbing a cab driver in Hampden on Friday

A screaming fight involving a disrobing old man and thrown dentures led to a pot and PCP bust in Dundalk. Hey, a picture! Patch now has a rogue's gallery of select mug shots-- mixed feelings on this, as these people haven't been convicted, but hey, mug shots of the denture-flinging quinquagenarians, y'all (right)!

Police are ISO a white guy with a neck tattoo (and cheekbones to die for!) who's been robbing Fell's Point businesses. (Chris Rock: "Every neck tattoo should read 'I'm not getting the job, am I?'") He really looks like the guy who held his cougar girlfriend hostage... gotta dig up that picture.

Dirty, dirty, dirty: at the recent special 'emergency' legislative session, Red Maryland noted Patch's Bryan Sears spotted a member of the lobbying firm KO Public Affairs posing as a journalist. KO Public Affairs is a firm founded by a former O'Malley strategist and known for its shamelessly ethics-free astroturf campaigns to further the interests of clients like Owings Mills mall developers and speed camera profiteers. I am now so, like, no on 7, because if KO Public Affairs is involved you can bet your britches it means taxpayers are in for an assboning. Gotta go take a hot shower now!

Monday, September 3, 2012


A man was shot to death in the 1300 block of Lakewood Avenue at 1:46 Saturday morning, the victim was homicide #140ish

Another police-involved shooting, this one on Lorraine Ave Saturday night

A man delivering food was shot in the back on Clifton Park Terrace.

Cherry Hill's Cleoda Walker had "DEAD BITCH" spray-painted on the hood of her Saturn,* probably due to her involvement with the lawsuit against the Tenable Protection Agency. You'll recall Billy Murphy and Walker joined to sue the city re. the extralegal activities of the "security" firm. An employee due to testify against the firm also got a threatening note and had her tires slashed. Er, not really helping your cause there, Tenable Protection Agency.

After the recent dog-mauling, the Waverly Farmer's market is cracking down* on people tying up their animals on the periphery, and the Sun notes that the owner of the Rottwieler is one Omar McBee, not Omar McDee. If said Omar was born in 1971 and his middle name is Tremayne, he's also a sex offender who's been charged with failing to register (but has since complied) (left).


In the County on Saturday, Tavares Jones, the bouncer of TeeBee's Bar & Grill on Darlington Drive, was stabbed to death trying to break up a fight. And in Essex, Darryl Wilson Lovellette Jr., 25, was stabbed at or near Sinix Bar and died soonafter.

A clerk at the Speedy Mart on Hollins Ferry Road was shot during a robbery.

Jeff Hager on the bust at Victoria Spa on York Road: "Long before a website appeared advertising Chinese massage parlors in Timonium with happy endings, neighboring businesses already suspected the sad reality behind the services they had to offer." But don't worry, lonely mens, there are still plenty of other places offering sad reality ... and wait, does this mean a County cop got paid to get a squeezer? Eww

"Managing Partner Of Law Firm Gardens Behind Office"

And finally, if Ice Cube a/o Skinny Suge didn't convince you, this New Yorker piece on the use of confidential informants makes a powerful case for not turning state's evidence.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Latest nudes

County police shot a naked armed man at the Beltway Motel in Arbutus; in Edgewood a man stripped down to his boxers and threw money at "Deer Filed" elementary school. (In case you're wondering, you file deer under Cervidae, hyuk)

And four men were indicted in the city for murdering a witness. "Derius Duncan, 22, conspired with Keyon Beads, 30, Clifford Butler Jr., 21, and David Johnson, 23, to attempt to bribe and later to kill Ronald Givens, 55, who had been a potential witness in a firearms and narcotics case pending against Duncan in Baltimore City Circuit Court."

Bullets, knives, hands

A suspicious dead body was found on Rockrose Ave

Two shootings Monday night, in Barclay and Dru Hill,* on the 2200 block of Guilford Ave and near Pennsylvania Ave and Baker St., respectively.

Councilman Nick Mosby visited the 9-year-old who was shot Aug. 20* and says he's "progressing well." (Isn't it nice that district now has a councilperson who does stuff?)

The Patch has the backstory of the shooting of Rodney Pridget outside the Towson Nordstrom, courtesy of a snitch informant; apparently it was a gang hit, ordered by a higher-up in the Black Gorilla Family whose cousin Pridget had allegedly shot. Yesterday jurors got to see video of the last moments of Pridget's life, courtesy of Towson Town Center's 268+ cameras.

A dispute at a card game in Harwood led to a man being cut in the neck.

Yet ANOTHER inmate accidentally released from Central Booking, but he's back now.

Far-flung locales:
In AAC a woman dropped her keys at the MD Live Casino, the guy who found them, Daniel Lee Miller, 50, allegedly stole her car and burgled her house. (How did he know it was her car and her house?)

Muderous UVA lax brah George Hughely is pleading for a lesser sentence for the murder of Yeardley Love. Good luck with that, brah. If you wanted to not do time for murder should've killed her in Baltimore city. Brah.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Shooting, smoking & selling hot dogs

The CP has last week's seven murders, and notes last week we had the 11th police-involved shooting of the year

Van Smith has deets on "Operation Log Jam," the DEA investigation that led to the bust of the Dragon's Den smoke shop

And how did I miss the story of the courthouse hot-dog vendor who conspired with a cop to sell heroin?

Baltimorean Wade Coats and a Texan defendant got 45 years for conspiring to sell cocaine that they bought from the Mexican Las Zetas drug cartel. Here, have a picture of a leg in a tree. You're welcome.

Twenty years for Barry D. Lee, who was found to have violated his probation by dealing drugs whilst out of jail on probation for murder

Activists Sharon Black and Courtly Witherspoon, arrested at city hall protest, refuse to take a plea deal

From the counties:
Stepfather of school shooter Bobby Gladden, one Andrew E. Piper, was arrested yesterday on weapons and weed charges; said weapons and drugs were discovered while police searched the house for evidence related to the school shooting.

911 tapes following Rep. Don Dwyer's drunken boat wreck have been released. He's still not been charged with anything, apparently.

Remember the murder of 19-year-old Rodney Pridget last December at Towson Town Center? (Photo left from a Tweet) William Ward III, 44, and Frank Theodore Williams, 31, are on trial in Towson.

"Naked Suspect Shot By Police At Beltway Motel." Appropos of nothing, has anyone else noticed that PCP seems to be making a comeback? Or does it just seem that way b/c I've been reading Cat Marnell lately?)

In HarfCo, a grandma used OnStar to bust her carjacker*

Editorial note: the murder toll has been removed because it's too time-consuming to maintain. Murder lists are available on the City Paper web site.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

School shooter to be charged as an adult

Robert "Bobby" Wayne Gladden Jr., 15, will be charged as adult with attempted first-degree murder and assault in the Perry Hall High shooting. For what it's worth, Gladden's father has a criminal history on the JIS that includes assault with attempt to murder, battery, malicious destruction of property, theft, "marihuana" possession and "not marihuana" possession. County police say bullying was *not* an issue, and that Gladden had brought a disassembled 40-year-old shotgun, 27 rounds of ammo and a bottle of vodka to school on the bus that morning. His victim is out of surgery, still in critical condition, and apparently has Down syndrome.

Meanwhile, Gawker reports that the shooter's Facebook page status has been shared over a thousand times. And a picture. Says Gawker, "he looks like your standard Skrillex-listening mall-goth." Or rather a Rammstein-listening mall goth (guy on his Facebook cover = Till Lindemann-Rammstein, see below.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Barksdale dissed! Batts in!

Californian Anthony Batts, left, is expected to be named as new police chief,* report Sharper & Fenton -- the former Commissioner of Oakland, no less. Batts resigned his post there last October after only two years on the job (he beefed a month later, "the body politic looks at this police department as not a part of the city—that it’s the bad child that you’re putting on the side and beating.") By the time he left, he was the boss of only 651 officers. Prior to that he served in Long Beach for 27 years (the place where drama made it so hard to be Snoop Dogg and Sublime lived easily). After Oakland Batts will surely find Baltimore's boundless civic apathy a great relief (and we certainly know all about child-beating), but is he well-qualified to represent a staff of 4,250ish?

.. and police have ID'd the owner of the Rottweiler that mauled a woman near the Waverly farmer's market as Omar McDee of McKewin St., who, curiously, has no Internet footprint whatsoever. (But there's an Omar McGee with a long resume...)

Perry Hall School Shooting

[update: now that we know what the shooter looks like, who the heck is this guy?]

WBAL reports that a student shot another student in the back in the cafeteria; students say the shooter was a bullied loner who retaliated after food was thrown at him. WJZ reports teachers tackled the suspect and the 17-year-old victim is alive but in critical condition, the Sun is reporting the shooter is 15,* and the guy at the hardware store says he had a rifle. The streets around the high school are shut down and parents are advised to pick up their kids at the Perry Hall Shopping Center. Today was the first day of school for city and county public schools.


From Reddit, via a reader. Real? Photoshopped? What do you think?

In other news, three people shot Saturday.

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Fenton reports that 11 people have been killed over the past 9 days and the current homicide toll for this year is 139.* Sorry but I don't have the time to update our toll on the right, maybe TAB or another volunteer could pitch in? The death of the woman in Charles Village, Kristie Hufnagel, 41, has been ruled a homicide. You may recall her neighbor was living in her apartment with her body; police say she was asphyxiated. A victim on Thursday was ID'd as Terrance Gough, 26, who rapped under the name "Twitty Sparks" (video right). And yesterday Lindale Carrington was stabbed to death in the 600 block of Brisbane Road, Fenton says by his teenage daughter's boyfriend, WBAL reports Carrington was 33. Uhm, whut?

Early this morning police shot a man on Maisel St. after he shot at them, he's in stable condition.

This morning a woman was mauled by a Rottweiler-type dog near the Waverly Farmer's Market

Three career drug dealers, Marvin Jackson, Derick Fallin and Johnnie Davis, got 15 years in the federal hoosegow for racketeering and trying to kill an "Omar" who robbed them: "In 2008, two individuals stole $250,000 from one of the stash houses. After learning the identity of the robbers, Fallin entered into a conspiracy to murder them, initially for $10,000 and gradually increasing the bounty over time. Davis conspired with Fallin to look for and kill the robbers, but they were ultimately unsuccessful."

"Del. Dwyer's career hurt by boating accident, experts say*" One would hope! "Lawmaker who thinks gays a threat to children crashes boat into children." Doesn't sound like Dwyer could be removed from office even if he's charged and found guilty, though. We have that ballot measure to strip lawmakers of their office when found guilty of certain crimes (which Dwyer supported) coming up for vote in November, but he could only be charged with misdemeanors here, unless, heaven forbid, one of his victims should die.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Flying pigs, drunken skunks, grounded rats

Could've sworn a few years ago the police dept. was so broke they were thinking of getting rid of the helicopters. But now they've got four spankin' new ghettobirds-- actually they're ghetto oiseaux , assembled in Marignane, France with various parts made in China, Singapore and Australia.

Alleged pimp Daniel O'Brien Burton, left, was arrested in SC. "Police say they searched Burton and his car and found a total of $14,888.04, both on his person and hidden in a purple Hennessy box in his trunk."

Wouldn't ordinarily care about a boat crash in Anne Arundel county, but this particular boat was the Legislator, crashed by hardcore homohater Del. Don Dwyer, who was drunk as a mutharfrackin skunk with a .20 -- more than twice the legal limit. The crash injured six, including four children, one who suffered a fractured skull. Dwyer is perhaps best known for trying to impeach Doug Gansler when he said he'd recognize same-sex marriages performed elsewhere and chestnuts like "if a law's not in concert with the laws of nature and of nature of God, and I would hold that, therefore, it is no law at all."

Speaking of old chestnuts, sounds like home invaders are using that "BGE worker" ruse again. Needless to say, get a peephole, use it, and don't open the door for anyone you aren't expecting.

Mitchell Courthouse employees protested unsanitary conditions today, which included "a dead rodent that was trapped between a window and Plexiglas in the office area ... their complaints to remove the rat were ignored until protestors took action ... someone finally removed it and put it in an employee's nearby trash can."

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Diminished facilities

Two more murders, both of sexagenarians*: Fenton reports Sterling Parker, 61, and his wife agreed to babysit two small children; the kids' parents never returned and after a few weeks the Parkers called CPS. Parker was assaulted in the 1900 block of Walbook Ave on the 4th and died on the 20th. And 65-year-old Charles Canty was found suspiciously dead in his home in the 1700 block of N. Carey St.

Fifty years for double-murderer Isaac Truss, who also serves as illustration of why putting a defendant on the stand is usually not a good idea.*

The copious number of unarmed, mentally-ill people shot by police this year calls into question the quality of BPD training when it comes to dealing with the mentally ill*. Not to mention our country's abysmal lack of services for the tetched, but that's another story.

Speaking of those a few sandwiches short of a picnic, former Senator owner Tom Kiefaber says he got himself arrested so the media would pay attention to him*. Hey, it worked!

WBAL reports Lt. Chris Jones of the sex offense unit was suspended for "vague" reasons. Hrm.

PA accused killer John Gonce was arrested in the county after raping two girls, 12 and 14, and killing their pet cat.

One Sharon Caslow of Cockeysville has been indicted for manslaughter after leaving her elderly mother on the toilet for days

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Police Tweet that a man was shot to death in the 1700 block of North Carey Street.

Ten years for one Chauncey Harris for possessing a firearm, and here's an odd excerpt from the press release: "Baltimore City Police officers responded to a residence on Edgewood Street in Baltimore for a report of a rape, where they found Harris and a female. The report of rape was subsequently determined to be unfounded." I mean, if it was rape-y enough for her to call ... must have been one of those non-"legitimate rapes" we've heard so much about this week...

Kenyan Anastacia Olouch is supposedly coming back to Baltimore to face charges five years after being accused of elder abuse for beating on a 90-year-old man and fleeing the country.

Road Trippin

The BPD Tweeted: "Detectives make arrest in Bloom street triple shooting from Sunday which injured 9 year old boy. Donte White DOB 4/11/1989." They're also ISO a suspect in the car crash that killed Officer Morris in the PGC and have posted a picture (of a picture)

The Ink has last weeks' four murders

Vernon Evans: case closed, life spared (for now)

Bwhaha: the CP attempts to imagine the routes Rikki Spector must take to travel 53 miles to two events in her district. (Srsly, has no one mentioned this to the IRS? Do I need to call their cheater hotline myself?)

From last month but missed it: "Ex-marine brings his skills to the west Baltimore drug trade"

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Knowledge is Virtue, Y'all

# 131: man was shot to death* in the 3200 block of Walbrook Ave yesterday. And Tyrell "Buck" Martin was arrested for the murders of brothers Troy and Euclides Manly,* killed August 15. (Yes, Euclides.)

MD has dropped charges against a protestor who was pepper-sprayed in the face by Baltimore Police while handcuffed.

A man in Wilson Park was stabbed during a robbery

Charles Villager robbed of iPhone

Five years for a HoCo principal convicted of stealing credit cards from teachers.

In Anne Arundel County, a 38-year-old woman was held at gunpoint by her 19-year-old neck-tattoo'd ex-boyfriend Timothy Gray. Apparently all ended well after Gray was given a proper Tasering.

PNC bank inside the York Rd. Giant was robbed

The BBC (via the Brew): "Baltimore invites immigrants - no questions asked"

Oo, oo! Ballot questions!! Should the city borrow more money for museums and community colleges? Should convicted felons be removed from office? Should undocumented residents get in-state tuition? And do we care about the bar status of orphan's court judges?

Monday, August 20, 2012

Trikki Rikki

Oh, Rikki Spector. Not only does the septuagenarian councilwoman not live in her district (according to herself), she's also allegedly billing the city for the commute from her Harborview condo to her district and simultaneously deducting her mileage, and also claiming her house in her district as her primary residence for a Homestead Tax Credit. You may remember Rikki from such flapdoodles as the Case of the Missing Traffic Ticket and The Mold Horror.

Aquille You, Byotch!

Four injured in two shooting incidents over the weekend, Fenton reports that one of the victims was a nine-year-old boy* who was shot in the stomach and is in critical condition.

A man was shot to death by police after allegedly attacking them,* Fenton ID'd those involved in weekend police as Officer John Kosko, Officer Robert Persico, and 63 y/o Rudolph Bell.

Eighteen-year-old Kelvin Glasgow shot to death in the parking lot of the Catonsville Ramada after a 'fracas'

A traffic stop nabs phony-check-passer Keith McNeil

Remember "writer turned warrior" Matthew VanDyke, who went to Libya as a journalist, decided to become a gun-toting insurgent? Well, he's off to kill some more people for freedom, this time in Syria, and this time to make a film, he says.

Basketball phenom Aquille Carr was arrested for beating on his babymom; inquiring minds wonder if Seton Hall will revoke his scholarship (yeh, right!)

Three guys were arrested for stealing diesel fuel using Panera gift cards. How that might work I haven't a clue. Hey, thanks, Prashant Mali! I wish all news was delivered in a lilting accent.

Another floater

A suspicious corpse in Dundalk

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Lo Flo

An upsetting story online from a guy named Matt Fisher, whose sister was killed in a car accident in our fair city, then had her own insurance company, Progressive, hire a lawyer to represent the guy who hit her so as not to have to pay the claim. Tsk!

A woman's head found in Anne Arundel county was ID'd as belonging to missing person Jessica Lynn Lee, her death has been classified as a homicide.

Hall of famer Eddie Murray paid $358,151 to settle insider-trading accusations.

A car and copper pipes stolen in Overlea

Friday, August 17, 2012


A woman in the NE was killed in the 4200 block of Hamilton Avenue-- she was the mother of the suspect who killed two brothers* (127 & 127) in the 600 block of Linnard on Wednesday.

The 6th circuit has okayed warrantless mobile-phone GPS tracking.

Guys you should not date

Someone awesome vandalized a speed camera near Loch Raven high school by spray-painting the lens plus some choice commentary including "THieF go to Hell" and the f-bomb (pic at left from The City That Breeds).

The Baltimorean shot in Columbia in a police standoff August 9 was ID'd as Percy Holland of Preston Street; Holland broke into his girlfriend's house on Exeter street and kidnapped their daughter, fortunately neither the ex or daughter was harmed.

In Worser Waverly, two sisters took turns spraying Mace® brand oleoresin capsicum spray in the face of one of their husband's ex-girlfriends.

A would-be carjack victim crashed into parked cars like Wendy Kroy in the Last Seduction, plus stolen Marilyn Monroe dolls, a handicapped-parking placard, and oxycodone pills in the Guide Southern blotter; assault with a machete and another batch of horribly violent ex-boyfriends in the SE blotter, including a guy who rammed his ex's car, a guy who held a sword to his ex's neck and a guy who shot up his ex's house.

Timonium doc Daniel Alexander has had his license suspended under suspicion of running a "pill mill."

A man in Salisbury broke into a home, stripped off his clothes and baked a pot pie.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

128, 129

Two men, possibly brothers, shot to death on the 600 block of Linnard St.* in the SW last night. Reports Fenton, "officers were first called to the 600 block of Linnard St. about 9 p.m. for reports of shots fired but did not find anything suspicious. Later, around midnight, officers received a call from a man who said he was inside a home where people had been shot. When police arrived, the caller was gone and officers found the victims inside."

There's a surprise-- the 4th circuit is granting a new hearing on the "Crisis Pregnancy Center" ruling, voiding the decision in June that struck down the ordinance.

Accused killer cannibal Alex Kinyua has been judged so hypermegacraycray he can't even stand trial. And check out the nutty writings on his FB page -- shiz so bananas Frank Conaway Jr. could have written it.

147 years for 50(!)-year-old Aaron Graham, who went on a robbery spree of five businesses with the help of his 49-year-old getaway driver in February last year. Fast-food peons were pistol-whipped, various clerks were in threat of their lives and $1,163.53 was absconded with, but a quick-thinking employee of a shop on West Franklin Street took a video of Graham's getaway car; so ends this sorry tale.

And 27 years for Curtis Allen Thomas, who robbed Nephew's Pizza and has eight previous armed robbery convictions.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Code Elmo

Some Sketchy McSketchmeisters poking around my alley reminded me to remind readers near the Loyola and JHU Homewood campuses in Charles Village, Evergreen and environs that freshmen-orientation season is upon us-- Xmas morning for burglars and grifters on the take. In addition to the rote numnuts advice to not leave junk on your car's seats or totter off drunken and alone down a dark alley, I'll also add:

Get an etching pen. The carbide-tipped ones are cheap and you can use it to skritch your name and phone number on stuff like computers, game systems, TVs and the like. Might not keep stuff from getting stolen, but will help you recover the items later and make them less fence-able.

Consider leaving your car unlocked.
Maniacal zombies may smash your window anyway, but if it saves you one $300 window-repair assboning, it's worth it. Plus it'll be a continual reminder to never leave anything in your car you won't miss.

Don't stop to talk to anyone, ever.
Nice, right? But someone on the street who approaches you asking for the time, directions or some sob story is most likely trying to distract you so a buddy can jack you. If you encounter some street-stranger trying to get your attention, immediately take a 180 of your surroundings. If a robbery is imminent, throw your stuff one way and take off in the opposite direction.

Don't wear flip-flops. Sporting flip-flops on the sidewalks and alleys of downtown will give you that fresh-off-the-boat appeal. The only city residents you'll see in flip-flops around town are those far enough gone to not care if they bump toe with dog turds, broken glass, used condoms, chicken bones and barf. Unless you can plausibly cultivate that kind of aura, go for a closed-toe.

And finally, don't stereotype. Sure, statistically in this burg your robber is most likely to be a 20-something black guy, but watch someone's behavior, not their outward appearance. Muggings by white perps, pairs of girls and groups of teenagers happen as well. There was an instance of a guy breaking into cars while wearing a suit and carrying his gear in a briefcase. And it's also not true that walking on the street is necessarily more dangerous for women, actually men are more likely to be victims of violence perpetrated by a stranger. In other words, while a woman is be more likely to get her purse snatched on the sidewalk, a guy is more likely to be injured during the course of a robbery.

So, any other tips, readers?

Winging it

The Ink recounts last week's seven murders

David Simon claims the homicide clearance rate is way down since Bernstein took over and the CP agrees-- 2009 homicides led to an indictment 38% of the time under Jessamy, and in 2011 under Bernstein, 30% of homicides were resolved by indictment.

Balding fraudster Kenneth Koehler faces federal fraud charges in SE mortgage-scam scheme.

Oh, crackheads/hairron zombies, must you rob the children? Somebody stole laptops from the Community School in Remington, please contact the school if you have any spare laptops you could donate so some poor hapless teenagers can get their GEDs.

Van Smith writes about Baltimore's high-flying "potrepreneurs" and their "pricey reckoning," which included the loss of a plane, 46 local properties used for various potly functions, and, of course, lots of cash and doobage.

Two years after the Justice Dept. agreed to oversee the city jail, and not long after the Sun's teens-wallowing-in-poop story, * federal officials are on the scene.

Bizarro: The Mayor's taking a family vacation in California, and taxpayers will be shelling out $2,000 so she can have a security team with her on vacation. Says BPD's spokesflak, "She's very visible in the national media." That's weird, b/c the only national story I see mentioning her in the past month is this thing about the BFD's terlit paper ("A bathroom-related prank against Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is causing a hot rash on the city's political buttcheeks"). So why the vacation security? Rabid stalker? Smokin hot security swain? Ploy to avoid having to be alone with the family? Hrrrmmm...

Pooches screwed

Oh, for poop's sake. T. Mike Miller says the senate is at an impasse on the pit bull bill.* Scratch that, the Daily Record's Alex Pyles Tweeted "Senate will not bring up pit bull bill. It's dead." ...You'd think after serving up all that pork to the casino operators they'd feel obliged to chuck citizens a bone. Oh, and the Senate just approved the tax breaks for the casino operators and a bunch of other treats for them 32-14. And with that the 'special' 'emergency' session is over.

A vigil in Mt Vernon commemorated the murder of Alex Ulrich (a gay man, claims the Washington Blade) and shooting of his friend Larry Peterson attracted hundreds.* The community association VP compared the shooting to a "lightning strike." Fenton notes there have been more than 30 robberies in Mt. Vernon/Midtown so far this year.

Speaking of the Blade, the paper has published the name of every person who signed the anti-gay-marriage petition. It's been up for a while and never would have known had Fox News not used it to poke their base, but thanks for the tip, Jeff Barnd! Remember, folks, petitions are public record, and for good reason -- if you see your neighbor's name on there, ask them if it's legit.

Comment of the day year from Anonymous on "Pastor Convicted." Word, Tue Aug 14, 01:55:00 PM EDT.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Austerity for YOU

You may have gotten a new income tax increase, but the casino operators got their tax breaks last night. The bill passed the House 72-57 (or was it 71-58?) but still needs to get signed off on by the Senate.

Trespassing, murder, Marlo, mastitis

Local celebuttorney Billy Murphy (above in the ponytail) is filing a lawsuit alleging the police department outsourced policing to a private security firm, Tenable Protective Services, and went as far as to allow the firm to arrest residents (shouldn't the security guards also be charged for impersonating officers? Sheeit.)

A federal jury has convicted one Frank Marfo for counts related to a $1 million scheme to steal money orders out of rent deposit boxes, and his part in paying $2,000 to have co-conspirator-cum witness Isaiah Cortez Callaway murdered.

Police have released photos of the victims in the Mt. Vernon shootings in hopes of sourcing more information about the motives or perps. I guess there were no crime cameras around? (Caution, the WBAL link also activates a VERY LOUD ad.)

In the Sun, an opinion piece re. the City Circuit Court's unfriendliness to breastfeeding that will have you clutching your hooters in sympathy.

Rough night in the county, with a guy shot in Dundalk and two guys stabbed in Essex.

In the Southern, two arrested for road-raging then exchanging punches at the McDonald's drive-thru, a man stabbed by a line-cutter, a stolen "Shitzu" (like a shih tzu, only shittier). And in the SE, "A man told police that he agreed to give his ex-girlfriend $15 to perform a sex act. He said that during the act the two men she brought with her attacked him."

What the?! Former owner of the Senator, Tom Kiefaber, was arrested and charged with trespassing, harassment and littering after allegedly berating and threatening workers renovating the theater. Says Friends of the Senator Theater's Laura Perkins,
"He has been arrested under a trespassing charge for being on City public property (the sidewalk) outside of The Senator Theatre. 6 police cars were sent to arrest him. He never crossed the property line of the theatre and never went inside. There was no confrontation. He says the latest they can hold him is until tomorrow around this time. This is just plain harassment by political cronies who have broken all kinds of laws, using the City police force as their personal security force."
Kiefaber claims that all he did was illegally use the Dumpster. Oh the dramz!

Out in RowLAND Park, where sheds and garages are always on the thievery menu, an alert from the listserv:
Three incidents involving African-American teens confronting neighbors and stealing bikes in broad daylight in the last three days in the first blocks of St. Mary's and Church lanes (between Roland and Woodlawn and Woodlawn and Hawthorn). Please don't leave bikes or anything else of value unsecured and in sight, and please call 911 immediately if you see anything suspicious. One neighbor was threatened with a stick. Police are aware of all incidents and took three teens away in handcuffs Sunday. If you had two bikes stolen yesterday, please call the Northern District at (410) 396-2455.

So. Bitchin! Remember in the Wire when Marlo gives Maurice Levy the number for his personal 'burner'? Call the number (410-915-0909), get treated to Jamie Hector delivering some of Marlo's greatest lines.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Hot cop peddles revenge plot

The Urbanite notes a new Baltimore-cop novel, Eliot,a purportedly fictional revenge fantasy set in the Eastern district, written by Sergeant Michael A. Wood Jr. (l) and published via Amazon's self-publishing arm. Based on the three-page sample it looks a little testosterone-soaked and under-edited for my taste (unless there's a ton of sex in it, of course, but that seems unlikely). But perhaps you would enjoy a little of the old ultra-violence, dear reader:
"With my left knee pinning his nuts to the concrete, right knee pinning his left arm down, left hand holding his head up, and right hand crushing his esophagus, I look into his eyes, “Are you the one who took from me?” Emptiness. “Are you the one who did it?” Emptiness. I can see in his eyes that this fucker has no idea what I am talking about."

Lips together, teeth apart

Phylicia Barnes' accused killer Michael Johnson goes on trial today. (Expect today to be the first of many postponements)

But they're job creators! Luke Broadwater found $10 million of the city's unpaid water bills are owed by big business and major (non-tax-paying) nonprofits.

Chik-Fil-A H8trs vandalized a Fredneck location with glue, stickers and a rainbow flag.

UK's Daily Fail eulogizes De'Andre "Dukie" McCullough.

Speaking of fascist media, I'm always surprised at the appeal this blog and Baltimore crime issues apparently has to racist right-wing fascist types, eg this guy who constantly emails me with lead-ins like "the liberals are gonna HATE this!!" (yes, it's horrible to promote him in any way, but you should know what's out there, dear reader) (and why is "gay" in "quote marks?").

Speaking of big bidniz, how is it possible that our elected leaders could permit the prospective buyers of Sparrow's Point can remain un-public knowledge? (If you've ever wondered why Baltimore's demography is as it is, Sparrow's Point is why) Props to the Sun, who tracked down the bidder as one Thomas E. Roberts, a property developer in St. Louis, and to the Brew for staying on the original story like a dog-tick in August. Says commentor "An RG Creditor":
I just want to say that as an unsecured creditor, I have not received any information about this bankruptcy other than what I read on here. I have an attorney who I can't even afford since this has taken place. I still get no answers. There are so many small businesses that worked in the point and will now have to close. We will never get paid and lose our homes and everything we worked for because we can't pay our business loans and we don't have any work. We are not all rich because we have a little business. There are 1,000 to 5,000 creditors listed. I think it is just a way to push the debt away and quiet things down until after the election.... I have no say at all and I have an attorney!!!

So got my car broken into this morning in the 4600-block of Keswick. All that was taken was a tube of (used) Chanel lipstick. Ghosting party girls? Tranny crackheads? A gift for Mrs. Crackhead? The possibilities are fascinating! ... a neighbor says she also got her car broken into and they took only her chapstick. Maybe the crack pipe was giving them dry lips?

Saturday, August 11, 2012


Tweets Fenton, "Chase St homicide victim identified as Joseph Alexander Ulrich, known as Alex. From Smithsburg, was living in 900 block of N Calvert St." Ulrich was 41*. The owner of the Empire House Inn, Lawrence Peterson, was also shot in the chest in the incident.

A 68-year-old woman on Hickory Ave in Hampden was injured by a shard of metal after someone shot into her house at 3 in the afternoon.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Think of the invisible children!

Damn, domestic assailants! A Baltimorean who held a gun to his babymom's head and kidnapped their child was shot to death in Columbia.

Fifteen federal years for a cocaine dealer who helped bring product to MD from CA in a shipment of strawberries.

A teacher who taught at Towson's Carver Center for Arts and Technology was indicted for assault; he allegedly pointed a gun at workers removing trees near his Carney home.

Think of the (invisible) children! Five new speed cameras are up and running in the county, supposedly to protect schoolchildren. Never mind that the one "near" Stoneleigh school is actually five blocks away, or that the school is currently closed for renovations. According to the Patch, the county got an even worse deal than the city's 48%-of-revenue kickback, in 2010 paying the camera co. 81 cents of every dollar collected in camera revenue. Fun bonus fact: in D.C. in 2008 ACS, now a subsidiary of Xerox and operator of city and county cameras, was accused of vandalizing speed cameras by cutting wires after losing the contract to a competitor.

The MD political process has hit a new low with the "Special Session"-- an *emergency* meeting of the legislature in the middle of summer. And what's the emergency, you out-of-state readers might wonder? The state's poor preparedness for a natural disaster, terrorist attack or outbreak of infectious disease? The closing of fire stations or post offices? Schools that are falling apart? Ho, ho, ho. No, dear reader, the gambling industry is apparently having a money emergency and needs some tax breaks this minute*. One sliver of good's come out of it though, a senate panel has advanced nixing that goofy pit-bull law in favor of a bill that makes dog owners responsible for their own pets.

Thought-provoking Google ad of the day (from this page*): "Do you need to be on House Arrest? Inexpensive & No Ankle Bracelets" Can I take this ad to imply that if you're on house arrest you have to buy your own ankle bracelet? Notes the ad, "ShadowTrack has been helping individuals with their house arrest needs for over 10 years."

Thursday, August 9, 2012

City Surveillance Being... Useful

Believe it or not, city surveillance cameras do occasionally come in handy. Two men, Tyrell Brogden, 26, and James Pitts, 23 (Pictured Right and Far Right Respectively), were arrested and charged in the wrench beating death of 50-year-old Charles Johnson thanks in large part to city surveillance video that caught the entire crime unfolding.*

The honorable judge Barry G. Williams handed down a life plus 20 sentence to Anayah B. Miles, 33, for non-fatally shooting one of his baby-mama's pals. 

Homicide detectives are probing the "suspicious death" of a 3-month-old child, the family of whom are giving very conflicting reports as to what exactly happened to the baby boy.

Two seperate incidents have put two city criminals prematurely on the streets. 26-year-old Robert Aaron was accidentally released from a city courthouse Tuesday, while Deandre Scott, 28, is wanted after removing his ankle bracelet and absconding from home detention.

An alarming number of car larcenies continue to plague North Baltimore. 

A drug deal goes south (Shocking!), and ends with balding Dundalkian Thomas Schnople, 24 (Pictured Right), firing almost a half dozen shots at his drug dealers, missing the man but striking his car. 

A 2008 County murder case has finally been resolved, with 33-year-old Antoine Reed, Jr. being being convicted for the shooting death of Hunter's Crossing Apartments manager Milton Barnes.

The family of 17-year-old Christopher Brown feel the manslaughter charges against Officer James Laboard are not severe enough.

Finally, the latest Baltimore Guide Crime Blotter, this one recounting crimes in South Baltimore, includes a line cutter cutting someone, a stolen shitzu, and a “Boh Knows Football” paraphernalia caper.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

This is Baltimore. This is what's happening.

After a rash of killings, several recent homicide victims have been identified by The Sun.*

Fells Point's residents are on edge thanks to a string of armed robberies, including one that included the classic line "This is Baltimore. This is what's happening" followed by a pistol whipping.

A 25-year-old serial traffic infractor is in the hospital with a gunshot wound to the arm. Tavon Williams attempted to run down an officer while fleeing the Borgerding District Court Building. The officer has not been identified and Williams is recovering in the hospital.

Police have arrested face-tat-rocking Maurice Lonan, 26, (Pictured Right) for a triple shooting/home invasion in the 5500 block of Lothian Road that left 35-year-old Quinton Winder dead.

Afro has an interesting article regarding the still-unsolved February murder of 22-year-old Jerry Isaac, believed to have been killed after breaking up a fight.

Get caught with a .22, get 15 years in the federal pen. So was the fate of 36-year-old Joseph Bassett, a Baltimore resident with six prior drug convictions to his name.

Have you seen the man sketched to the right? Whomever he is, City popo say he's the man responsible for killing Lance "Tracey" Johnson (#105) on July 5. The BPD says Johnson was 40 years old and "a transgender."

City Paper has a more detailed account of the now federally convicted former wiener-lady Shanel Stallings, convicted of offering up mustard, relish and heroin to go along with her frankfurters.

A peaceful demonstration inside City Hall Monday night lead to the arrest of two protestors.

Drug trafficker Howard Drummond Jr., 26, was exiled for the next 12-plus years by federal authorities. Drummond has a long criminal past including a separate 10-year state sentence for similar charges, as well as having been previously charged alongside now 26-year-old Joel Ugah for the 2008 murder of Sandy Howard. Both men were eventually acquitted, and Ugah is now facing an August trial related to his own drug distribution charges. It is unknown whether the state and federal charges will run concurrently or consecutively.

A human head was found in Pasadena.

Finally, racist spree killer Wade Michael Page, the perpetrator of the Wisconsin Sikh Temple shooting had apparently been signed to local white supremacist record label "Label 56." Page at one point played a local racist music festival during his time with the label.