Monday, December 21, 2009

Canton attacker

A man offering to shovel snow for residents in Canton forces his way into a woman's home and sexually assaults her.


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Fenton tweets that the incidents on 1600 E. North and Williston and S. Wickham are apparently now homicides.
Two charged in murder of Ghanan immigrant in Leakin Park.

Snow barely slowed the pace of violence. Police Tweeted:

Shooting, Claremont/Dean, adult male shot about 10 hours ago from UberTwitter

Shooting - Wickham Rd/Williston, adult male shot. about 11 hours ago from UberTwitter

Shooting - S.Fulton Av / W.Pratt St-Adult male shot about 15 hours ago from UberTwitter

Shooting-1600 Blk Bakbury Ct-Adult male shot in the leg about 18 hours ago from UberTwitter

STABBING - 1600 E North Av. M/B/ stabbed multiple times, transported to Hopkins. 8:30 AM Dec 19th from UberTwitter

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ervin Convicted in Roland Park Rape

Reports the SAO:
Roger ErvinA Baltimore jury today convicted Roger Len Ervin, [pictured right] 48, of the 3100 block of Oakley Avenue of first-degree rape, third-degree sex offense, two separate counts of first-degree assault, armed robbery, use of handgun in crime of violence, wear/carry/transport handgun, first-degree burglary and conspiracy to commit robbery and burglary. Jurors heard three days of testimony and deliberated approximately one hour before reaching its verdict.

On August 23, 2007 Ervin broke into the victim’s Roland Park home and raped her. He also burglaized the home and robbed the victim of personal possession while pointing a gun at her. Police recovered DNA from the victim and eventually identified Ervin with a DNA search of the Combined Offender Data Index System (CODIS) in March 2008.

Judge John Howard ordered a pre-sentence investigation and scheduled sentencing for February 12, 2010. If given the maximum sentence on all counts, Ervin faces a possible prison term of life plus 118 years.
Links here and here from the Examiner in August of 2007.
Guess the 2nd guy is still out there somewhere

Purple City Dipset?

Darnell "Ronnell" WilliamsHermann claims Darnell Williams (right), a member of the Purple City "Dip Set" (presumably the drug clique, not the rap group) was arrested and charged with two rapes

More on yesterday's shootout in Brooklyn, the alleged shooter, Michael S. Guest, has died

Judge Motz compares West Baltimore to "bombed-out Beirut" but says city's suit against Wells Fargo is "silly"

Criminal charges are pending against a 20-year-old drunk who mowed down a 62-year-old man and kept going. And county police are ISO a driver who killed a woman this morning on Eastern Avenue.

An MTA employee is charged with stealing $400K of fares

Monday, December 14, 2009

Officer-involved shooting

This would be the 23nd police-involved shooting this year.


the family of Byron Matthews, #22, point out that the victim had no criminal record and was a father of twins

And the victim of shooting #21, Michael Blake Jr., and his 16-year-old accomplice, were officially charged with the attempted robbery of Hampden Discount Liquors. Blake was shot by "hero" Officer Adam Braskich

All in the Family

CP: "there's more going on than meets the eye" in the case of 21-year-old former prison guard Lynae Chapman, charged with procuring a cell phone for her incarcerated BGF babydaddy-to-be.

Friday morning, "Shawn Michael Green, a former federal fugitive accused by the feds of drug trafficking and money laundering, pleaded guilty to drug dealing and being involved in a conspiracy to distribute cocaine. The plea agreement also outlines Green's involvement in a fraud scheme, along with his mother Yolanda Crawley, in which the two used false documents to defraud mortgage companies."

Media Blabber: Sounds like the Washington Times may be shutting down, or at least downsizing Father's propaganda-making significantly
(via DCRTV)

Sick of it all...

Police say Union Square president Chris Taylor's behavoir before he was arrested induced vomiting in a victim, but friends and neighbors say he's never made anyone sick.

Meanwhile, a bill to corral the city's controversial parking penalties will finally get a hearing

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mother of slain teen dies

The mother of the 17-year old girl beaten to death last week died Tuesday evening. Both mother and daughter were beaten to death by 32-year old William Jones last week.

30 Years for Murder of Three-Year-Old

From the SAO (warning: deeply depressing)
At a hearing today Judge Charles G. Bernstein sentenced Phillip Queen, 29, of the 100 block of Conley Drive to two concurrent 30 year prison terms. Queen pled guilty June 30, 2009 to second-degree murder and child abuse resulting in death.

On June 8, 2007 Queen caused the death of Jabari Stocks, 3, while babysitting him at the house they shared in the 900 block of Patapsco Avenue. The mother was working that night. Queen called the mother while she was at work that night advising her that Jabari was not breathing and was unresponsive. Queen said that Jabari had choked. The mother left work and rushed home to take Jabari to Harbor Hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

An autopsy was performed and the cause of death was ruled homicide by trauma to the brain with force. Testimony would have shown that Queen took a disliking to Stokes, calling him spoiled and that eventually, June 8, 2007, he hit Jabari in a way in which his head was slammed into an object, severing neurons in his brain. Felony Family Violence Division Chief Julie Drake and Assistant State’s Attorney Kelly Burrell prosecuted this case.

Small fires and minor strangling

Nine days in Charles Village, from the benefits district and JHU security. Thanks Buz!
Note that the 300 block of E. University continues to be targeted, even without Donald D. Rice. As Buz says, "their bench is deep!"
Robbery (Armed-Multiple Victims) –2000 blk. Maryland Ave. 12/4/09 10:00pm
The Victims were in a vehicle, at which time they were approached by the suspect who asked them if they had the time. The suspect then pulled out a silver revolver and demanded money from the victims. Both victims showed the suspect that they had no money, at which time the suspect took several personal items from the victims and ordered them to drive away. 
Armed Robbery (Commercial) – 2000 blk. Maryland Ave. 12/4/09 8:00 pm 
Property Taken: Cell Phones, $800, Skull Caps
2 suspects entered the business wearing ski masks and armed with handguns. One suspect jumped over the counter and pointed a revolver. Suspect two pointed a black semi-automatic handgun at the owner and forced him to the ground. The suspect then took above listed property and fled the location N/B ON Maryland Ave. 
Robbery (Unarmed) – 3300 blk. Greenmount Ave 12/4/09 8:30pm
Property Taken: $20
The victim was waiting on the bus-stop with his $20 in his hand waiting to board the bus. At which time he was approached by unknown suspects (No Descriptions Given) knocked the victim to the ground, removed the $20 from his hand, and fled W/B ON 33RD Street.
Armed Robbery - 2100 blk. Charles Street 11/30/09 3:00 am   
Property Taken: Cell Phone, Wallet, Credit Cards and Keys
The victim had just left the bar when he was approached by 2 suspects (No Descriptions Given). The suspects asked the victim if he knew where they could get some weed. The victim stated “no” at which time the suspects pulled out handguns and stated “don’t move, I’m going to bust your ass”. The victim gave up the listed property to the suspects. The suspects fled in an unknown direction.

Armed Robbery - 2400 blk. Charles Street 11/30/09 7:50 pm 
Property Taken: Cell Phone, Wallet, Credit Cards, SS Cards, Insurance Card
The victim was walking when the suspect approached and put him a headlock and stated “don’t f*cking move, I’ll blow your f*cking brains out, give me everything in your pockets. The victim complied, the suspect fled W/B on 24th Street
Attempted Robbery (Unarmed) – 100 blk. W. 25TH Street 11/30/09 6:45 pm
No Property Taken: Attempt
The victim was walking on the street when she was approached by two suspects. The suspects began to physically assault her, one suspect tried to take the victims purse. The victim resisted, the suspects then abandoned their efforts to rob the victim and fled W/B on 25th Street. 
Attempted Robbery (Unarmed) – 2800 blk. Maryland Ave. 12/2/09 10:45 am
No Property Taken
The suspect approached the victim on a bike. The suspect asked the victim for a cigarette, the victim stated “no”. The suspect then choked the victim, the victim fought back. The suspect fled on his bike.
Armed Robbery (Commercial) – 2400 blk. Charles Street 11/23/09 3:50 pm- 9:00 am
Property Taken: $150
The suspect entered the store and began ordering food. The suspect then placed his hand in his pocket implying that he had a gun and stated “give me all the money now”. The employee complied and opened the register and gave the suspect the money. The suspect then fled S/B on Charles Street. 
Burglary (Commercial) – 2000 blk. Maryland Ave. 12/2/09 9:30 pm – 9:00 am
Property Taken: Unknown
An unknown suspect broke the front window to gain entry. The suspect moved the items around inside the church and fled w/o removing any property.  
Stolen Auto – 2200 blk. Calvert Street 11/29/09 7:15 pm Property Taken: 2001 Volvo S60 MD Tag 48755CC
Larceny from Auto – 2200 blk. Guilford Ave. 12/5/09 7:19 pm – 6:29 am Property Taken: 7” monitor screen for back-up camera
Larceny from Auto – 400 blk. E. 23RD Street 12/5/09 5:00 pm – 8:30 am Property Taken: Debit Card, SS Card, Credit Card, Health Ins. Card

On Campus

Theft from Building – Update – Arrest – 3003 N. Charles St. (suite 300) – On Dec. 2nd at 3:00 PM, after an investigation by JHU Security and the Baltimore City Police, a graduate school alumnus working as a casual employee of CSOS, was arrested on a warrant for this offense. 

Theft from Building – Latrobe Hall Room 1 – Between Nov. 25th and Nov. 30th a JHU graduate student reported that person(s) unknown entered through an unlocked rear door inside room1, due to a faulty lock, and removed a laptop and power cord from the middle desk in the room.  This incident was reported on Dec.2nd at 12:01 PM.  Investigation continuing.   

Off Campus  

Theft –From Building – 3100 Wyman Park Drive (Room 170A) – On Nov. 30th between 10:00 AM and 1:45 PM, a Baltimore City Police Officer and a Campus Officer responded for a JHMI employee who reported that her cell phone, Bluetooth, social security card and two debit cards were removed from her purse, that was in an unsecured break room. All cards were cancelled.  Investigation continuing.  
Fire – PJ’s Pub, Charles Apts., 3333 N. Charles St. – Dec. 4th at 12:22 AM, Fire Department, campus officers and building maintenance responded for a report of smoke at the building’s rear basement area. The building was evacuated. The smoke was found to be coming from inside a men’s room bathroom wall at PJ’s Pub. The Fire Department opened the wall and extinguished a small fire. No injuries.   
ARREST – Robbery (Strong Arm) – Charles Village Pub, 3100 Blk. St. Paul St. – Dec. 7th at 1:38 AM, an off-duty Baltimore Police officer arrested a male suspect who attempted to steal a purse from a chair in the Charles Village Pub.  The purse’s owner observed the suspect remove the purse from the chair and struggled with him to retain it.  Campus officers assisted in detaining the suspect until the arrival of Baltimore Police. Recovered from inside the suspect’s automobile was other stolen property, including a purse stolen earlier from the Charles Village Pub at 9:55 PM on Dec. 6t h . Medics treated the arrested person for hand and face abrasions. All parties involved are non-affiliates.  Investigation continuing.  
Armed Robbery of Non-Affiliate – 3000 Blk. St. Paul St. (east side) – On Dec. 6th at 1:45 AM, a non-affiliate walking alone was approached from the rear by an unknown male who grabbed her, held a hard object against her back and threatened her. The suspect took her purse and struck her in the head with the object in his hand. The suspect fled on foot, last seen running west on E. 30th Street. The victim was treated at Union Memorial for injuries. Baltimore Police and campus officers searched the area with negative results. Investigation continuing. (The incident was reported to Baltimore Police at 1:56 AM).  

Burglary (Private Residence) & Assault – 300 Blk. E. University Parkway – On Dec. 4th at 6:50 PM, a senior undergraduate returning home and going upstairs encountered an unknown male, carrying a bag, coming down from the 3rd floor. The male pushed the student backwards, ran into a 2nd floor room and exited through the window. A lap top computer, wallet and two bottles of cologne had been taken from rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Entry had been gained by removing an air conditioner from a 2nd floor porch window. Baltimore Police and campus officers searched the area with negative results. Investigation continuing.  
Theft from Auto – Evergreen House parking lot, 4545 N. Charles St. – On Dec. 6th at approximately 1:20 PM, the passenger side window was broken on a non-affiliate’s parked vehicle while the owner was in the building. A purse containing cash, cell phone and credit card was taken. The credit card was subsequently used. Investigation continuing. 

We'll all go together when we go...

Why are politicians rallying around Conviction Dixon? Maybe because without "developers," those fund-raising dinners would be awfully quiet.

Dixon watch

Dixon ducks out of speech at JHU, staff said she didn't have time to write speech.

Going Rogue

DR: "The Baltimore Board of Estimates will be asked to approve a $225,000 payment to settle a federal civil rights lawsuit brought against the city police department by 17 people who accused the East Side Special Enforcement Team of “rogue” police work."

"Wikipedia search voids murder conviction"

"Maryland State Police say new reporting requirements for pawnbrokers and precious metal dealers have led to the recovery of more than $50,000 worth of stolen goods in the first month."

Remember the tale of Shirley Worcester, 58, killed by a stray bullet in Middle River? The gunman, 26-year-old Warren Yates got 75 years (in the county, of course). Yates was apparently chasing a guy who gave him a fake bankroll for a trash bag full of doobage.

Monday, December 7, 2009

An animal-control officer was shot while sitting in his van last Monday

WTF? Ravens linebacker's babymom says he knocked her down, spilled bleach on her and his son

Family of murder victim Shantel Brown is hoping witnesses will come forward

The widow of Officer Norman Stamp has filed a $10 million wrongful death lawsuit against the city, Stamp was Tazered and shot in a bar fight last year.

Arrest of Union Square community president

The president of the Union Square Community Association is not pleased with his recent arrest, police say he intefered with an investigation, he says being handcuffed and taked to Central booking has "shattered" his sense of security.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hi Haters

Sun poll: most Baltimoreans think Dixon should leave office, though nearly a third of those polled would vote for her if she ran again.

and a pair grows on Calvert St!
Rodricks: "I don't think our city can afford a bad-news mayor for any length of time"
Rosen: "people are comparing Baltimore with tainted places such as Detroit"

Shooting, Beating at Downtown Sheraton

Three Two adults were seriously injured early this morning at a birthday party at the Sheraton hotel, 101 West Fayette Street, police Tweet that arrests are "forthcoming" and there will be a press conference today at 2:30 pm.

Update: more details

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Havoc in Hampden

SpotCrime reports a man shot in the head in the 3600 block of Elm Avenue... right by the Wine Source. Looks like the guy was fleeing the scene after being shot by an off-duty officer at the Hampden Discount Liquors on Falls Road, one of a pair of suspects who'd already robbed two other places in the past hour!

Friday, December 4, 2009

20 years for crazed, tazed shooter

From the SAO:
At a hearing today, Judge John A. Howard sentenced Christina Rather, 22, of the 1500 block of Mountmor Court to seven concurrent 20 year prison terms. Rather pled guilty August 11, 2009 to seven counts of attempted first-degree murder.

Judge Howard sentenced Rather under terms of the state-recommended plea agreement.

On November 16, 2008, at 9:32 PM Baltimore Police receive a call of an armed person discharging a weapon at 327 West Lorraine Avenue. When officers arrive, they observed Rather running out the front door carrying a black handgun in her right hand. The officers withdrew their service weapons and told the defendant to drop her gun and when she refused, taszered her. Police interviewed several occupants of the house and it was reported that Rather was involved in a relationship with one of the occupants, but that the relationship was over. Rather went to this location to talk about this relationship and knocked on the door. When the occupants would not let her in, she then kicked open the door causing damage to the door and frame. Rather eventually became enraged and retrieved a handgun from her car.

The occupants of the house, totaling seven people, hid in the basement. Inside the house were two teenagers and a six-year old. Hatcher fired a bullet breaking a basement window and gained entry to the house. Family members scattered throughout the house while Rather tried shooting at them, only to have the gun malfunction. One of the occupants was able to grab a candlestick holder and struck Rather. The fight ensued out the front door where until police officers arrived.

Police recovered a black Ruger 9mm handgun along with five 9mm cartridges.

Dixon gets mixed holiday greeting

A mixed chorus of "boos and cheers" greeted our recenlty convicted Mayor at the annual Mt. Vernon holiday ligthing fest.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The graft that keeps on grifting

Baltimore Lead Inspector Pleads Guilty to Falsifying Lead Inspection Certificates

Girls gone too wild?

A Girls Gone Wild tour bus, lots of liqour, and some topless girls at Bourbon street last September has lead to liquor board charges against the downtown nightclub.

"Double Life" for Killing of 17-Year-Old

At a hearing Wednesday, Judge David W. Young sentenced Jamar Anderson, 20, of the 3000 block of Glenmore Avenue to two consecutive life in prison terms plus 20 years. A city jury convicted Anderson October 14, 2009 of first-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder and use of a handgun in the commission of a crime of violence.

Judge Young sentenced Anderson to life in prison for the murder and attempted murder counts and 20 years in prison for the handgun count. Details:
On August 7, 2008 just after midnight Anderson fatally shot John Person, 17, in the 2900 block of Garrison Boulevard. Testimony showed that Anderson fired at least 10 shots at two victims. Police found Person lying across a threshold of an apartment suffering from a gunshot wound to his back. As a result of his injury, Person fell into a coma and succumbed to his injuries nine days later at University of Maryland Shock Trauma Hospital. The intended victim, Alethea Hawkins, was uninjured. According to testimony at trial Anderson was attempting to break into a house on that block earlier the previous day when he was interrupted by Hawkins, who called 911. Anderson told Hawkins he was going to come back to shoot and kill her.

Some nerve!

dixon statement
She'll also be lighting the Washington Monument tonight and riding in the Christmas Parade on Sunday.
If you're going to dig in, might as well go balls-out!

Mayor to Step Down at 3 p.m.?!

WBAL Tweets "Mayor Sheila Dixon says she will make a statement at 3pm about the recent jury verdict in her theft trial. Hear it on AM 1090 WBAL"

... JZ will cover it also and notes "Her office says she will not take media questions after the 3 p.m. news conference."
Some nerve!

.. WBAL TV is also planning to cover what they're calling an "announcement" live on the TV and the Internets.
Is Steala "Conviction" Dixon going to do the right thing?!

Post-Conviction and Living in Limbo

After the conviction, the tide of public opinion has turned against Dixon, but the establishment has assumed a buffalo stance to stand by their woman. City Council members are refusing to comment (or stepping on themselves to backtrack), and future Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake told the Sun she is making no preparations to become mayor.

Meanwhile, the Sun editorial pages demand an explanation but, a la Zaiafanice Lipscomb, can't bring themselves to change the locks.

But look on the bright side: They said a Baltimore city jury would never have the cojones to convict, and They were wrong. And as the CP's Nose notes, Baltimore has never been a city of laws, it has a long tradition of graft. Instead of the conviction being a "sad day for Baltimore," maybe it's a jolly sign that the grease isn't overtaking the gears.

More Dixoniana:
Judge Sweeney finds nothing wrong with jurors being Facebook friends

Baltimore Brew has "10 Questions We Wish Sheila Dixon Would Answer"


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JZ reports that the woman was a double-amputee and the 17-year-old took care of her.

The Sun reports that the 32-year-old suspect lived with them and barricaded himself in a nearby house after the murder.

Scofflaws strike back

Those pesky, ever mouting penalties heaped on top of city parking tickets may come to end, if JHU grad student Jason Howard has his way.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


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Tweets the BPD: "Homicide - 4700 Glenarm Av-Adult male found."

A boy and his dog

WTF?! "A 9-year-old boy was shot in the left hand in West Baltimore Tuesday night after three men kicked in the front door of his house and opened fire on the boy and a dog" ... the boy was trying to protect his grandmother.

The Ink covers last week's five murders

Mondawmin MVA employee pleads guilty to making fake IDs

Former crime lab employee gives Peter Hermann the what-for re. his suggestion dropsy drug bags be fingerprinted
This picture is incredible-- like Dixon aged 20 years overnight!

More on the legal confusion surrounding who, what when and even if the mayor will be removed from office (not to mention who's going to pay for those hot$hot attorneys!)

Sun: "Mayor Dixon owes Baltimore an explanation" ... a little late for that, don't you think?

ps., who do you think dominated TV coverage of the verdict?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Convicted Mayor Won't Leave Office, Speak to Press

The Maryland state constitution is straightforward: "The Mayor shall, on conviction in a Court of Law, of wilful neglect of duty, or misbehavior in office, be removed from office by the Governor of the State."

But what if the Governor won't remove said mayor? And what if all of city government from the solicitor to the city council decided in a secret closed-door meeting that the definition of "conviction" was not really a finding in a court of law but instead a state "effective upon sentencing"?

Are her decisions legally binding? Can she get anything done when she could (theoretically) be sent to jail any day now? And who will be riding in the back of the convertible in the Hampden "Mayor's Christmas Parade" next Sunday?
Arnold Weiner?!

More on the Mayor

and she's not stepping down

Holy S@*T!! Mayor Convicted

of one count of misappropriation!
The count is punishable by a fine of up to 5 years in prison, and the state constitution requires that she be removed from office, but Dixon told reporters she does not plan to step down.
So who's mayor now?!

JZ's got their videos up, including interviews with two chatty jurors.

Is Today the Day?

Bykowicz tweets, "Judge is about to instruct the jury that they can return a partial verdict."

Monday, November 30, 2009

Dixon -v- Rohrbaugh

What the hell did Rohrbaugh and Dixon chat about in court today? Maybe, "is this jury nuts?"

More bad news

Looks like November just got deadlier
Headline of the Day: "Tweets Is Watching — Street Gangs Using Twitter"

Is nothing sacred?

On Hampden's 34th street, scammers work the crowd, claiming to be collecting donations

Deadly November

Fenton Tweets, "Just like last year, November has been the deadliest month in Baltimore this year, with 24 homicides (23, officially)"
Wonder why?
UPDATE: full story

Our dropsy's acting up

In the NW, Jewish "watchers" "gold standard" of community crime-prevention groups

Hermann on Baltimore's many cases of "dropsy"

What a deal! You can get legal advice for $10 at the Hollywood Diner

And the smokin, hair-braidin' no-law-dictionary havin' Dixon jury is back to the grind

SCOTUS: Detainee photos to stay under wraps; Ford still on the hook for liability claims

8 grand in the hole

Former Towson student travels from Texas to ask a city judge to relieve her of an $8000 parking ticket debt. City council hearing to cap the fees scheduled for next week.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Glen H. Footman, 52, died after being shot 14 months ago in Mt Vernon. His father told Peter Hermann that police were "were very up front with us in saying that the chance of this ever being solved is practically nil."

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Local youth leader shot dead while walking his dog this morning. The victim has been identified as 21-year-old Angelo Dangerfield.

In more news that many will find disappointing; Suite Ultralounge will be officially padlocked starting today.

One time Terrell Allen conspirator Andre Kirby was given a 15 year federal sentence on a gun violation.

What is this, 3rd grade?

Jean Marbella claims a Dixon juror gave another juror a new hairstyle in the deliberation room.

Dissing the jury...

Dixon defense: jury confused. Judge: not.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dixon = Grim

The mayor had a "grim" expression on her face after the jury failed to deliver a verdict Tuesday

Beans and Dread:

A long-planned homeless center’s expansion got underway last week. Then, a Beans and Bread employee stabbed a client. | Baltimore City Paper
Charges were dropped today against city police officer accused of stealing money from a drug dealer
WA coroner reports that former Raven Tony Fein died of "acute opiate intoxication"

Oh, the suspense!

Will today be the day those jurors reach a verdict? Local celebutorney Warren Brown told Fox 45 he "suspects the Mayor will be convicted on at least one count"

Stay of eviction

Will the Mayor save Lakechia Rodriguez, a disabled woman who is facing eviction from her brooklyn homes apartment for drug charges that were later dropped?


View Larger Map
Brandon J. Benjamin, 22, shot in the face at 3100 McElderry St.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Plug tunin

Tune in to Slumlord Watch on WYPR's Midday with Dan Rodricks tomorrow from 1-2

No verdict for Dixon...yet

updates from the Dixon trial, says one juror, I need a smoke.

But I'm an ossifer!

Arthur C. Campbell, 39, was arrested after waving a gun outside of the Angel Inn in O'Donnell Heights, claiming to be a police officer; police found three unregistered, loaded handguns in his car.

Dang, bitches!

Police use pepper spray to break up a girl fight at Overlea HS

Two women were stabbed outside of Club International in West Baltimore, and two more claimed to be stabbed on Wellham St.

Three men were stabbed at around 2:30 this morning at the corner of Curley & Monument Streets

Dixon jurors say they're making "great progress"

Ugh, this law.
Disclaimer: This site offers links to local crime-related news stories, occasionally peppered with snarky commentary. It does not contain original-source reporting. This site usually can't tell you why Foxtrot was circling your block or why there were a bunch of cop cars at a given intersection. This site does not contain pictures of puppehs or kittehs or Levi Johnson in the shower. Etc etc etc etc, whatevs, I already bitched about this last week.

Hermann says a cop might lose his job over Del. Jon Cardin's dingbat boat proposal.

Jailed doctors

Two doctors jailed for leading a protest against insurance company talk about doing hard time in CB. Meanwhile, will the city finally cap parking ticket penalites????

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Police shoot robbery suspect

City police shoot a suspect after a car chase from the county goes into the city, WMAR reports the suspects are suspected in the murder of 52-year-old Brian Meise, killed in a Catonsville convenience-store robbery.

In Catonsville, a man carjacked and shot

A woman drove her car into the harbor at Fell's Point's Pier 5 and died

Gun-wielding road-rager arrested
on 95 inner loop

Who's your daddy?

daddy?NYTimes mag on DNA testing and the messy legalities of fatherhood

Dixon trial judge uses roastmaster skills, cookies to keep jury on task

"out of the thousands of drug addicts who either live in or flock to Baltimore (Black and impoverished) and the seemingly endless string of death that such a condition brings about, two white addicts are deserving of compassionate and humanized coverage, while the rest are consigned to irrelevance and anonymity."

Friday, November 20, 2009

Like father like son...

Black Guerrilla Family member Marlow Bates sentenced to 46 months in federal prison. If you may remember, his father, also named Marlow was a notorious Drug Kingpin in the 80's who is still serving out a life sentence in state prison.

And on the subject of Gangs...
Apparently Maryland has the Latin Kings nowadays, as 19 alleged members were indicted federally. From what I read, despite being a major MD gang the local Kings could not manage to actually kill anybody, try as they might.

In murder news;
Two more victims have been identified:
Carron Spruiel, 25, was the man murdered November 15 on Garrison Blvd.

Lykeisha Freeman, 35, was the woman found murdered in the vicinity of all the rapes on November 17 on 900 East Eager St.

Also in the news...
Police rescue a kidnapped 17 yr. old and possibly stopped a would be murder on Wenesday.

And finally...
Trouble in the suburbs, not even street wise New Yorkers are safe on the mean streets of Rodgers Forge.
Dixon has an odd encounter at Mitchell Couthouse. Meanwhile, more on the applause at her trial.

Woman murdered at funeral home

All lit up now on Twitpic
Virginia McGahee (or McGhee), 34, murdered at funeral for murdered boyfriend
Funeral director: war at home has made us master embalmers

Police address sex assaults: "If you live in East Baltimore and you have to be out walking overnight, to a bus stop or anywhere else, police say they will literally come to your home and escort you to where you are going."

Teen's lawyer: my client was just hanging around neo-Nazi for the beer

Dixon jury continues deliberations today, Fox tweets that the juror with all the questions is the white guy

Northern-district sergeant's son busted with half-pound(!) of giggleweed

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pigtown drama continues

Activists working to throw johns out of their neighborhood get a brick through a car window.

Police manslaughter trial to begin tomorrow

edwardhuntThe manslaughter trial of Thomas Sanders III, 39, a police officer in the Northeast District, is scheduled to begin 2:00PM tomorrow before Judge Wanda K. Heard. The Baltimore City Grand Jury returned a two-count indictment charging Sanders with voluntary and involuntary manslaughter on July 15, 2008, alleging Sanders shot Edward Lamont Hunt, 27, right, on January 30, 2008 at the Hamilton Park Shopping Center at 2300 E. Northern Parkway. Sanders told detectives that he feared for his life, Hunt was unarmed and witnesses claim he was shot in the back while walking away. Sanders was one of the last officers involved in a shooting to be publicly named before the BPD changed its public-information policy; the shooting evoked a FBI investigation.
Hunt's family has retained attorney A. Dwight Pettit, who the Examiner reported won the largest single police excessive-force lawsuit in Maryland history in 2004.
Sanders was represented at his arraignment by police-union attorney Henry L. Belsky.

Judges, hairstylists agree: mayor to be acquitted

Buz sez 3 out of 4 judges agree no jury in town would convict our mayor. Jury's got the case now, so we shall see.

More dispatches from Pigtown

The drama in Pigtown continues, a dog put to sleep, real estate investment gone sour, and man allowing prostitutes to shoot up in his house who says he's misunderstood.
A 17-year-old rescued from a hostage situation in an abandoned house in the SW yesterday

Last week's nine homicides in the Ink


View Larger Map
Police are holding a "town hall" meeting at 6 p.m. at the Knox Presbyterian Church on 1300 North Eden St. to discuss the nine sexual assaults in the city. Police say there are at least two attackers, and the woman found behind a convenience store on East Eager Street was murdered.

31-year-old Christopher Parr received a life sentence for the rape and robbery of a 62-year-old woman at a Brooklyn Park laundromat.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The man shot to death during a convenience- store robbery in Catonsville was ID'd as Brian Michael Meise, 52. The killer is still at large, and it sounds like County police don't have a lot of info to work with.

The defense rested this morning in the Dixon trial, and WBAL's David Collins has some of the dirt the jury won't hear-- such as the gift cards being put in individual gift bags.

Is shopping a crime?

I.V. Editor Regina Holmes adds her perspective to the mix.


Why was Jason Mattison's aunt hanging around with a(n alleged) murderer? What was Jason doing there? And why did it take more than a week for anyone to properly spell the victim's last name?

Police wonder if a woman whose body was found in the 900 block of East Eager Street was a victim of the bus-stop rapist

Monday, November 16, 2009

Guilty pleas for adult abuse

From the SAO:
Moments before jury selection was about to begin, and with 100 potential jurors in the courtroom ready to begin voir dire, (a preliminary screening process for potential jurors) Sharon Jones, 26, of the 400 block of W. Franklin Avenue and Tia Sewell, 27, of the 5100 block of Darien Road pled guilty to first-degree vulnerable adult abuse.

Judge David Ross ordered a pre-sentence investigation and scheduled sentencing for December 28, 2009. Under terms of the plea agreement, announced in open court, Jones and Sewell will face a cap of no more than six years in prison at sentencing. The state will argue for the full six years.

Sharon Jones and Tia Sewell admitted to the negligent care of their mother, April Montford, 40. Ms. Montford sustained severe injuries to her lower abdomen and legs resulting in bed sores, gangrenous open wounds and dehydration. She died March 14, 2008. The medical examiner ruled Montford’s death a homicide as a result of a 1985 gunshot wound. That gunshot wound left her a paraplegic.

Jones and Sewell each posted $75,000 bail in March 2008 and remain released pending sentencing. Assistant State’s Attorney Kelly Burrell of the Felony Family Violence Division prosecuted this case.

20 years for drugs, 7 years for murder of baby

From the SAO:
Today the Honorable Judge Wanda Keys Heard sentenced Freddie Jackson, 47, of the 1500 block of N. Montford Street to 20 years in prison for distribution of heroin and 20 years for possession with intent to distribute heroin to be served concurrently.

A Baltimore city jury convicted Jackson on May 1, 2009 based on the following facts of the case: On July 1, 2008 at 4:30 PM in the 2500 block of East Biddle Street, undercover detectives observed Jackson conduct three suspected narcotics transactions. Officers observed Jackson selling suspected CDS from a nearby “ground stash.” When officers stopped Jackson they recovered the stash and found it to contain five gel caps of heroin and $268 in cash were on his person. At the time of these events, Jackson had a total of 10 prior controlled dangerous substance and battery convictions. He was on probation following his release from prison in March 2008 for a 2001 conviction for child abuse resulting in the death of his eight month old son in case number 100167020. Jackson is backing up 18 years in the pending violation of probation.

What are they thinking?

This abortion-disclaimer bill thing is just weird. How could that stand up to any kind of legal challenge, requiring a business to post services it doesn't provide? Prohibiting the dispersal of false medical information would make sense, or requiring a center to clearly identify its religious affiliation, maybe. But a disclaimer?
And why is Planned Parenthood worried about abortion access in Baltimore city? It's not exactly South Dakota.
All very odd.


The mayor's trial resumes, with testimony from a housing authority employee who pleaded guilty this year to stealing cards from her honor's trove, and developer Patrick Turner, who bought cards, he says, as a charitable gift for the "children of Baltimore," but never got a thank-you note. (What about a receipt so he could write off the donation?)

Hermann: "Sad tableaux play out in court"

Have you seen Damon Dameo Gray, 17 "recently released from jail on an unrelated crime ... wanted for the attempted murder of a 17-year-old on October 21"


The battle rages on in Pigtown as residents take on prostitutes, johns, drug dealers and even each other.


A violent weekend leaves the city at 201 murders, victims at the 1900 block of E. Lanvale St., the 2900 block of Garrison Blvd., and a 45-year-old man in a wheelchair shot in a home invasion in West Baltimore.

Teacher of Jason Madison/ Mattison, killed by Dante/ Donte Parrish, writes a letter to Peter Hermann