Saturday, October 22, 2005

October 22

Jerome Green III, 19, died of complications from his stab wounds he got on October 12 in Randallstown. Donnie Paul Jackson, 22, and Andre P. Holmes, 22, have been arrested. And A 14-year-old Steve McKnight was stabbed Thursday during a robbery.

A man was found dead on a burned boat at Mears Point Marina on Kent Island.

Ten video game stores in the area have been robbed since May.

The state is continuing to investigate the liquor board.

Bank robbery, pot smoking and a purse snatched outside Marley Station Mall in the Capital Police Beat.

Thieves broke into the White Marsh Giant twice on the same day to steal cigarettes.

A pair of Jewish lesbian moms joined the lawsuit on same-sex marraige in Maryland. Whatever happened with that case, anyway?

Friday, October 21, 2005

October 21

Hakim Jordan-El, 20, and Christopher Giles have been arrested for the murders of Howard Thacker and Dante Rodney Thacker in Owings Mills.

The narcotics and murder trial of Asmar Rashad Holland, 17, is scheduled to begin 9:30 Monday morning before Judge John M. Glynn. A Baltimore City Grand Jury indicted Holland February 26, 2004 for first-degree murder. Court documents allege that on December 1, 2003 Holland shot and killed Earl Ross, 39, at his home in the 600 block of Bartlett Street. A Baltimore City Grand Jury also indicted Holland March 15, 2004 on possession with intent to distribute, unlawful possession, possession with intent to manufacture heroin.

The trial of criminal genius Gregory A. Alston, 20, is scheduled for 9:30 Monday morning before Judge Wanda K. Heard. A Baltimore City Grand Jury indicted Alston June 16 with two counts of carjacking, two counts of robbery with a deadly weapon, two counts of second-degree assault, one count of theft under $500, one count of theft over $500, one count of car theft and one count of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. If convicted on all counts, Alston could receive a maximum prison sentence of 144 years. From the AP archive:
A suspect takes a car at gunpoint and drives it around for two weeks before the owner spots the car and has it towed. The thief then calls police to report "his" car stolen.

Those events seemed so improbable that Baltimore police detective Gregory Jenkins felt compelled to end his report of the incident with the admonition, "Again, this really happened."

"Another detective told me, 'Greg, you had to make this up,'" the detective told The (Baltimore) Sun.

Police charged Gregory Alston, 20, Tuesday with armed robbery, possession of a stolen car and a handgun violation.

Police say the carjacking occurred about 10:30 p.m. on April 20 when two women reported that a man armed with a silver handgun and wearing a black bandanna approached them while they were parked on a street in northeast Baltimore. The women said the gunman ordered them out of their car and sped off.

Tuesday, one of the women spotted the stolen car in front of an apartment building about a half-mile from where it had been taken.

She called police who towed it to the department's Northeast District station.

Two hours later, a man called police and reported the car stolen.

Officers brought the man back to the station for questioning. At first, police said, he insisted he had bought the car for $1,700 on March 11. Eventually, he confessed to the robbery.

Why did he report it stolen?

The suspect told police he had left his wallet in the car.

A man changing clothes in the back seat of his Buick was shot in the arm by assailants. Also in the blotter, car thieves with remarkably bad taste.

In Howard County, the medical examiner has ruled the death of Juan Miguel Gonzales, 50, a homicide, and Wayne Holder, 32, got life for shooting Bruce Solomon, 34, over drug money.

In PG County, a teacher who was attacked by a baseball-bat wielding student is back in the classroom.

palumboYvette Cade's family is asking for the dismissal of Judge Richard Palumbo (left). But really now, would that be fair? After all, Judge Robert E. Cahill gave a guy a year and half for shooting his wife to death, and has more than 15 complaints against him, yet was appointed bollingerto the Circuit Court by Ehrlich. And then there's notorious old Bollinger, right, still around in spite of giving a guy probation for rape and calling sex with a passed-out teenager "the dream of a lot of males."

Thursday, October 20, 2005

October 20

Antonio Williamson, age 16, Sean Howard, 17, and Percy Johnson, 17 were sentenced today. For shooting two teenagers on October 21, 2004 in front of Thurgood Marshall High School, Howard and Johnson got 45 years each: 25 years for first-degree assault and 20 years consecutive for use of an handgun in the commission of a crime of violence. Judge Glynn sentenced Antonio Williamson to 15 years: two concurrent 10-year sentences for two second-degree assaults and one consecutive five-year sentence for reckless endangerment.

Following a double shooting of a 30-year-old man and a 16-year-old boy in East Baltimore, the murder count is up to 219.

Corey McMillon, 28, is scheduled for a first-degree murder arraignment 9:30 a.m. Friday, October 21 before Judge John P. Miller in connection with the shooting death of Jamel Jermaine St. Clair, 17 (left). Jamel St. ClairMcMillon was indicted on September 26 for first-degree murder, handgun on person, and handgun used in commission of a felony and crime of violence. He was also indicted on several other counts, including robbery deadly weapon, first-degree and second-degree assault, and additional handgun violations. Court documents allege that on April 1 McMillon fatally shot St. Clair in the 2000 block of East North Avenue. McMillon approached St. Clair and started to go through his pockets. When St. Clair attempted to run, McMillon pulled out a gun and shot him multiple times. McMillon is currently in the city jail awaiting trial on a double shooting. Jamel left behind a girlfriend, Shyeva Cornish, who is pregnant with his child.

Police believe that 18-year-old Christopher Gilesin is responsible for the murders of Howard Thacker Jr. and his nephew Dante Thacker at the Village Mill Court apartments in Owings Mills on October 1.

An 80-page 30-count indictment for racketeering, fraud and so on following a two-year federal investigation into the dealings of ex-state senator Thomas L. Bromwell, his wife Mary Pat and Kent Co. President W. David Stoffregen.

Remingtonians Amanda Johnson, 23, and Clyde Meadows, 26, are the first in Baltimore to be charged with felony witness intimidation. They each face 20 years. The allegedly threatened witness identified Timothy Meadows and Kenneth George as the men who shot 21-year-old Paige Boyd during an argument June 25 on Miles Avenue in Remington.

Burglary, robbery and a teenager shot twice in Parkville by a man in an Acura.

Police Captain Don Roby to Dundalk residents: kids in big t-shirts calling themselves 'the Crew' are not a gang.

Taye Willie Lynn, 19, pled guilty in Anne Arundel County Circuit Court to two counts of arson for setting his parents' house on fire in Arnold. The lawyers agree the fire was "a cry for help" -- he thought his parents loved his brother more. As punishment, he's being sent home with his parents.

Also in AA County an officer shot a pit bull after it attacked him. Scary: "[Officer] Heinecke then shot the dog in the face and the animal retreated temporarily before it attacked again."

Interesting trivia: in 1919, the population of Baltimore was 770k+, greater than it is today. There were 842 police officers (today there are about 3,000) and the total homicides for the year = 21.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

October 19

The Ink reports five murders this week, bringing the total to 214.

A 32-year-old man was shot three times in the chest in front of Woodington Market in Southwest Baltimore.

More on the shooting death of Kenneth Brian Kertesz. A source believes that the shooter, Michael Wayne Baxter, mistakenly believed his girlfriend was having an affair with the victim.

By now everybody knows about the Egyptian store owner and the thing about the tunnels. As of last night the FBI had found no evidence to corroborate the threat, though four people were arrested on immigration charges at businesses with Middle Eastern connections.

It's rare that the news makes one feel actually, physically queasy, but today's pervert roundup might just: A Cecil County middle school teacher has been arrested for "inappropriately touching" the thigh of an 11-year-old student. A 62-year-old Carroll County jail guard and the county's 2004 Correctional Officer of the Year was charged yesterday with sexually assaulting a minor. And a 20-year-old nursing home employee sexually attacked a 90-year-old resident.

Stolen cars, things stolen from cars and a pizza delivery guy robbed by a man named Eqhosa Ehigiamysoe in the blotter.

A doctor in Potomac, Pradeep Srivastava is accused of evading $16 million worth of taxes.

In the TDR Law Summary, insurance fraud, a federal civil rights inquiry into the Sept. 30 shooting of Dany W. Rosales, and Ehrlich's Zen koan: "If people don't feel safe, we don't have a state. We don't have a culture or society."

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

October 18

A man was shot in the stomach in Woodlawn.

GeezLouise-- HoCo Police captain Tara Nelson is in trouble after trying to run her husband and his motorcycle over with her car, and on a separate occassion, holding a gun to his head. She should've talked to Kevin Clark's wife, who threw a phone at her husband's head and got him fired.

Speaking of, I wonder what happened to Stanford Franklin, the police officer fired for pointing out that the Organized Crime Divison had more cars than it could effectively use.

Isn't it ironic? Alfredo Contreras fled to Maryland to escape Hurricane Rita, only to be shot to death while trying to break up a fight.

A jury has been seated in the trial for the murder of Marylander Melvin Burns, killed 13 years ago in Oklahoma City. A DNA match implicated one Terrence Gage. And in Charles County, police are seeking the public's help to solve the 1973 murder of George Allan MacDonald.

Here's a list of Baltimore massage parlors that offer happy endings. Notes a 'reporter': "the hype about getting busted by cops is, IMHO, overblown. Hardly ever see them." (Don't forget to tip.)

How nice, a new local newspaper, the Baltimore Examiner! The company is based in Denver and intends to rake in most of its ad $ via inserted supplemental sections (watch out, Pennysaver). However, most of us will never get a chance to read it, as it will be distributed mostly in "affluent"* neighborhoods.

*Usually defined in the ad world as households with <$100k annual income and <$500k in net worth-- currently about 10 percent of MD residents.

Monday, October 17, 2005

October 17

The murder trial of Aaron Bell, 18; Derrick Davis, 18; Xavier Lewis, 18, and James Robinson, 19, will begin tomorrow at 9:30 a.m. before Judge John M. Glynn. The Grand Jury indicted the defendants March 28 for first-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder and assault counts in connection with a homicide that occurred on February 23. Court documents allege that the defendants shot and killed Reginald Gray, 18, while he was a passenger in a car. Three other victims in the car also sustained injuries in the shooting.

The Court of Special Appeals confirmed Jovan House's first-degree murder conviction in the shooting death of police detective Thomas Gary Newman. Newman was shot nine times outside of Joe's Tavern in Dundalk in retaliation for testifying in a previous case against a defendant, Andre Travers, who shot him in the neck.

Theodore Bratis, 26, of Dundalk, has been arrested and charged with first-degree murder in the Friday night stabbing death of Gregory Takacs, 20.

In the blotter, Dyron Hardnett, 27, was stabbed in the face but drove himself to the hospital, and a woman in Dundalk was shot in the face in a "domestic incident."

An officer in the North Point Precinct fatally mowed down a teenager on a bicycle.

Edward J. Stresewski, 32, of Baltimore was indicted in Stafford County VA for possession of burglary tools, possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute, conspiracy, two counts of fraudulent use of identification, attempted burglary and tampering with a vending machine.

Attn CV muggers: now that the hubub about the Ensler and Trinh murders has died down, Hopkins van service will now stop running at 10 p.m., effectively stranding any students caught out late at night. However, Captain George Kibler said, "If we've got a young lady out there by herself, we'll get her." Perhaps the Captain is unaware that statistically men are significantly more likely to be victims of violent crime than women, and more likely to be assaulted by strangers in public places. Or maybe he's just sexist.
Not only are skirts no good at being mugged, you can't even trust em with the laundry: Pamela Y. Hoffler-Riddick, 44, a mother of two and former edcation official who was employed in Baltimore, PG, MoCo and Virginia has pled guilty to five counts of money laundering for a $20 million drug ring. She faces 100 years, with time off for perfect makeup, flawless skin and a remorseful headshot to die for. Photo left, Bill O'Leary, WashPost.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

October 16

Three Marylanders were killed in Iraq when their Humvee was rear-ended, including Brian Connor, a 32-year-old city firefighter and grandfather. Thirty-three Marylanders have now died in "Operation Iraqi Freedom."

Dos hombres mataron a una mujer en el condado de Somerset.

A man stabbed to death in Dundalk Friday night was identified as 20-year-old Gregory Joseph Takacs.

Butterfingers! A 25 year-old gang member and murder defendant was mistakenly released in PG County.

Enviro-crime that makes you go hmm: traces of pharmaceuticals in the runoff from the Blue Plains sewage treatment plant, which serves VA and DC as well as Montgomery and PG counties, has created mutant fish and bivavles with "bizarre sexual traits".

Speaking of MoCo, a 17-year-old employee of Jerry's Subs was stabbed during a robbery attempt.

So MoCo isn't perfect, but overall the county's crime is down 12 percent and it has excellent schools, and the powers that be are supposedly adding police and correctional officers. And Silver Spring has been cleaned up (nowhere near the challenge of Baltimore City, but it's something). Because of that, this site is endorsing Doug Duncan for dem. candidate/governor. BTW does anyone know-- if O'Malley loses the gubernatorial thing, will he still be mayor? Or will we be electing a new mayor at the same time? And if so, who's running?