Saturday, July 8, 2006

July 8

David Simon: Wire character Lt. Charles Marimow is not based on Sun editor Bill Marimow. Meanwhile the empire of the Sun is setting in Moscow and Johannesburg.

Tyrone Beane, now 21 and surely one of the most horrible citizens the city has ever endured, is again set to go on trial on Monday for killing Taharka McCoy.

Judge Glynn gave Robert Williams 50 days for knowingly giving his girlfriend HIV.

Damn, is Puerto Rico that bad?

On Thursday morning, a stalker broke into a 34-year-old woman's home in Roland Park and raped her.

Apparently misunderstanding the meaning of "Get In On It!", Joaquin Deshaun Leycock fell into a Howard County pond while running from police. Unfortunately for him, he doesn't know how to swim.

The family that preys together stays together. At least until two of them get released from jail.

Two homicide victims from May, Aaron Wilson and Steven Wallace, killed each other in a gun battle. (#136 and #137?)

Convicted felon Andre Mills was sentenced to 5 1/2 years for possessing ammunition. Apparently, the assualt rifle, two 9mm handguns, .357 handgun, or 12 gauge shotgun that cops found weren't relevant to sentencing.

Thanks to the anonymous comment yesterday regarding the sentencing of Itchy Man and Bam. (Sun and Examiner links.)

A Frostburg pharmacist was arrested for dispensing Oxycontin, Oxycodone, and Percocet in exchange for cash and/or sexual favors.

The principal of Govans Elementary was asked to retire after writing a letter in support of a teacher who was found with 5 pounds of cocaine in his trunk.

In the Blotter: two robberies (including two teens who robbed a 33-year-old woman near Baltimore St. and Charles), five thefts, and seven burglaries.

Friday, July 7, 2006

July 7

At a bail review hearing today for Kemoni Sterrette, 15, charged with the first-degree murder of Justice Georgie, Judge Nathan Braverman reduced his bail from no bail to $250,000. As of 3:30 p.m., the defendant had not posted bail was being held at the Baltimore City Detention Center.

Assistant State's Attorney Julius Silvestri, a 31-year veteran of the Baltimore City State's Attorney's Office, was named Juvenile Master this week to the Baltimore City Circuit Court Juvenile Division. Master Silvestri will take the bench July 31.

Police believe that the home invasions, carjackings and robberies in the northern of late are the work of one do(o)-ragged individual (wonder if all victims described the same wrist tattoos?).

The Sun's new columnist debuted today, uses "I" 42 times, calls Bmorians "provincial," compares self to Meg Ryan, speculates movie will be made about her life.

Back to vacation!

Thursday, July 6, 2006

July 6

Two unidentified men were stabbed, one fatally (#135), as they tried to break up a fight in Northeast Baltimore.

As mentioned in yesterday's comments: at 11:50 on Tuesday, a 34-year-old woman was abducted in Charles Village, forced to drive to an ATM, withdraw $500, and give it to the robber, who then stole her car and left her downtown.

More info on Darrell Jett, the man who drove himself to Roland Park after being shot several miles away.

Anne Arundel police used beanbags to quiet a violent and suicidal man.

An 18-year-old Harford County gang member got life in prison for killing 20-year-old Brandon Jacob Clayton Gregory last year.

The mother of the three children murdered in 2004 testified in support of her belief that the two suspects are not guilty.

In the Blotter, we have two shootings, an arrest for a shooting, an attempted stabbing, a beating, and an armed robbery. Get In On It!

Eric Lamont Clark was sentenced in federal court to 10 years for his role in a 2005 carjacking. He was acquitted of murder in an unrelated 2002 case.

The PSC: Defenders of the Maryland Constitution and Protectors of the People.

A 55-year-old man is suspected in 10 bank robberies.

Breaking News! Politicians lie in their campaign ads!

A con-artist in Baltimore County is taking deposits for home improvements then not doing the work.

A Pomeranian-napper stole a $1,600 hypoglycemic puppy from The Mall in Columbia. And in related crime news, a mall pet store in Columbia was charging $1,600 for a hypoglycemic Pomeranian puppy. (FYI, pet store puppies are often abused and inhumanely bred. Use a reputable breeder, or support the Maryland SPCA or the Baltimore Animal Shelter. This concludes your daily public service announcement from Baltimore Crime.)

Wednesday, July 5, 2006

July 5

Luis Jabree Santiago, 17, was shot to death yesterday morning on a footpath in Middle River.

A teenager was arrested for beating 42-year-old Tariku Yukon Dembi to death as he walked to work in Catonsville last month.

A man was shot in the head in Northeast Baltimore last night, and then drove himself to the corner of Cold Spring Ln. and Roland Ave., where police found him. The print edition of the Sun erroneously reported he died.

And in today's "why it's safe to be a criminal in Baltimore" section: an Edgewood man sitting at his dinner table was hit in the leg by a stray bullet, but neither of the two men shooting at each other were hit. Harford County police are looking for information, which makes me assume that both shooters got away.

The APG soldier/carjacker was hit with multiple charges yesterday, and the victim remains in serious condition at Shock Trauma.

The BPD is recruiting in Puerto Rico to "increase the number of Spanish-speaking officers and fill the department's depleted ranks at a time when better-paying jobs and military service are luring potential hires elsewhere."

A 27-year-old registered sex offender was arrested for hitting on a 15-year-old girl.

Harrassment and restraining orders at the HoCo Elections Board.

A homeless man was charged with burglarizing the Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Harford County.

Tuesday, July 4, 2006

July 4

The body found near Pikesville has been tentatively ID'd as a 26-year-old (or 29 according to the Sun) murder victim.

The mother of the three kids who were murdered in 2004 was the first to testify in the retrial of the murder case.

Greg Doda pleaded guilty to criminally negligent homicide for the snowboarding accident that killed Heather Donahue.

In the "why is this only mentioned on the WBAL News Radio web site" department: A Harford county man may lose his leg after his car (and 5-year-old son) were carjacked by an 18-year-old soldier from APG.

Rodney Bethea is competent to stand trial for holding a police employee hostage.

Defense attorneys are spending "more time attacking our officers than defending their clients".

They're watching you drink chardonnay on the mean streets of Federal Hill.

Drinking and smoking dope with teenagers in Carroll County is a no-no.

Potty pyros are loose in Carroll County.

Monday, July 3, 2006

July 3

The weekend's murders are neatly tied up in the Sun's Metro Digest: an unidentified man (#134) was shot to death yesterday in South Baltimore's Cherry Hill neighborhood, and 22-year-old James Maurice Coates was fatally shot in Annapolis early Saturday morning. (WBAL offers 37 additional words about Coates' death.)

Yesterday's Metro Digest featured a triple homicide in PG County (which might be related to MS13) and the decomposed body of an unidentified man under a bridge in Pikesville. (WBAL nearly tripled their coverage of this one with a whopping 84 word story.)

This swell guy not only beats women, he kills kittens too.

Testimony is scheduled to begin today in the re-trial of Adan Canela and Policarpio Espinoza, the two men accused of murdering three children in May, 2004.

There's a riot goin' on.

Graffiti "artists" even less talented than Oricl have defaced a war memorial in Medfield.

You know you live in Baltimore when you have to read this headline three times before you understand there were no crackpipes or hookers involved: "Crack Found In Shuttle Fuel Tank"