Friday, July 26, 2013

Mom needs some new wigs

She's #1! According to, SRB is America's worst mayor. Her "reign has been characterized by a lack of vision, bungled projects, and ineptitude. She has presided over sweeping cuts to parks and after school activities, tax breaks for a big box superblock development, and straight-up cronyism." Owch. (Thnx, anonymous reader). While on the subject, the state is also up there in the rankings for most segregated public schools.

New charges in the jail-corruption mess against corrections officers Sean Graves and Clarissa Clayton, Clayton's boyfriend Parker, inmate Michael Gordon and ne'er-do-well city resident Garnett Logan.

Have you seen these armed, dangerous convenience-store robbers?

A man was robbed at gunpoint in Woordbourne-McCabe

14 people were indicted for conspiracy to distribute hairron

A car dealer pleaded guilty to hiding $2.1 million in earnings.

HoCo bandit
Four people have been arrested in that craycray Little Italy mob attack.

A drunk killed a tractor-trailer driver on Russell St., she's been arrested.

A bewigged bandit struck in HoCo. Wig ladies just love banks!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Frisk the children!

Good news! Police arrested Dante Woods for the murder of Donte Stephens in Rodger's Forge. "Donte Stephens was gunned down in Rodgers Forge last week because he had told the suspect days earlier that he wasn't allowed to do laundry at the house,* according to charging documents."

Capone Chase, "Public Enemy No. 1," was arrested for the July 15 murder of Ramon Rodriguez,* a murder that was reportedly "for Trayvon" but instead turned out to be for Black Guerrilla Family.

Lawmakers including Del. Keiffer Mitchell Jr. toured the City Detention Center, Gary Maynard is now allegedly working there now.*
Davonte Tyron Ronald Muse
Davonte Muse is wanted for burglaries in Guilford and "police have stepped up foot patrols in the neighborhood and told officers to stop and ask any juvenile walking around the neighborhood for identification." What? How illegal is that?!

A robber made off with $265 worth of Newports from the Charles Village CVS
Trial for alleged Remington killer Benny Davis is scheduled to start tomorrow (and likely to be postponed, but you never know).

SRB defended her million-something contract with financial consultants and blahblahblah.

Pregnant woman, why u make Ocean City police beat u up? (In case you were also nosy wondering, the alleged perps are from Freetown, Sierra Leone via Woodbridge, VA.)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pulled by dreads

The man shot to death in a Dodge in Rodger's Forge has been ID'd as one Donte Antonio Stephens, and residents, apparently unaccustomed to getting no information from the police, are adorably pouting and stomping their feet about it.* FWIW, the JIS shows that Stephens had been charged with rape and assault (though charges were dismissed).

Less adorably, the family of Tyrone Antonio West, DOB 5/69, pulled out of his car by his dreads, pepper sprayed and somehow brought to death, are sobbing and appealing for witnesses.* Is there video footage? One would think there would be a ton around the metro station, what with all those Homeland Security grants. The family has retained A. Dwight Pettit, so a lawsuit is sure TK. Audio and video reports on the CP site.

A masked man stabbed a woman in the stomach on Greenspring Ave.

Well here's some crazy shit, disbarred former attorney and petty thief* Stanley Needleman is now  implicated in the murder-for-hire of Robert Long, carried out by Dead Man Inc., which benefited client Jose Joaquin Morales Jr.

ha! SRB's financial advisers have won a $460, 942 new contract.

Video of man attacked by a mob on Exeter Street in Little Italy

Three murders last week detailed in the Ink

A West Baltimore raid seized dozens of guns

Girl-on-girl face punching, robbers in a minivan and a carjacking on Fayette and Caroline in the Baltimore Guide blotter.

Brace yourself, the gun nuts are coming. A juvenile court master wants state legislators to crack down on illegal toy guns.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Punishment cake

Tyrone West, 44, was allegedly beaten to death by police after a traffic stop in NE Baltimore at Kelway and Kitmore last Thursday. A cause of death hasn't been released, but witnesses say they saw an officer punch West while he was unconscious;* police said he had narcotics and noted he has been arrested previously for resisting arrest.*

Men killed in the intentionally set fire at DaVinci's on Park Avenue were ID'd as George Scarborough, 48, and Ali Poushangi, 49.* The arson ended four days of no murders or shootings*(?!)

 A man/suspect was shot in the foot by an MTA officer at the bus stop by Mondawmin Mall.

Snitching lands Stop Fucking Snitching star Sherman "Goose" Kemp in jail until 2035, when he'll be 56. Of all SFS conspirators, says Van Smith, "Kemp might take the cake for attracting punishment."

"A federal jury today convicted Daren Kareem Gadsden, aka “D,” age 36, of Upper Marlboro, Maryland, on charges related to a conspiracy to steal almost $1.4 million from a Housing Authority of Baltimore City bank account"

Bold daytime robberies in Roland Park

Ten years for a Reiserstown man who dealt the Kate Moss

County firefighter got 195 months in federal prison for collecting depictions of little boys' privacy areas

Monday, July 22, 2013

Party at the laundromat

Homicide in the 1700 block of N. Bond
Breyon Cason

Breyon Cason, 22, was charged as an accessory to the murder of one-year-old Carter Scott*, and for falsely reporting her car was stolen.

Man shot multiple times in the NW*

Mothers of Murdered Sons and Daughters* :(

Correction: Patterson Park beating of Hispanic man not for Trayvon.

meanwhile local wacktivists be infighting

Akim Austin
Man with chinstrap beard arrested for a handgun violation

Police say a fire that killed two at 847 Park Avenue in Midtown was intentionally set*

Latest Liquor Board hijinx: a license granted to a laundromat

The Paschall family crime ring dealt opiates at Jessup and "used a forklift at Crazy Ray's junkyard in Baltimore to stack up cars next to a balcony at the business... then climbed up the pile and stole a safe"

A robber with a brick took $21 in Abell
Michael Myers

In HarfCo, man named Michael Myers, hair feathered like the wings of a magnificent bird, got drunk, stole a tractor and a snowblower and led police on a thrilling chase. Speaking of HarfCo, the man accused of fracturing the skull of Matthew Fortese at Camden Yards are due in court today.

Woman stole a wallet from a victim in a wheelchair, "Party" is a verb at the Patch