Friday, August 28, 2009

The streets are just a tad safer now...

"Bulldozer Driver Given Double Life plus 100 for kidnapping a young couple"

"Meanwhile two more TTP bloods given hefty sentences by federal court today"

The arrest of a Raven

IV editor Regina Holmes opines on the arrest of Baltimore Raven Tony Fein

State Court VS. Federal Court...Which is better?

Serial robber Served only 4 years of a 21 year sentence in state.

Meanwhile, a man gets 19 years from the feds on a gun charge after he crashed his bike into a curb and fled police on foot.

And the winner is...

...and speaking of grandmothers and drivers...

"Woman, 82, Leads Trooper On Chase, Rams Cruiser"

"Deputy Sheriff Harry L. Neisser says it's not uncommon for people to vent anger at a judge, but officials can't remember the last time there was a serious threat against a judge."

Media Blabber

Tribune bondholders: Zell's a fraudster

Happy Friday...

Shooting at 2200 McCullough.

Del. Cardin pays $300 for his wedding proposal stunt and writes a letter of apology.

Teen who killer her grandmother denied transfer to juvenile justice...

...while the teen driver in the Odenton firebombing gets probation.

Man found stabbed, critically wounded in Glen Burnie; woman arrested.

Gang vandalism at a church possibly related to funeral of victim.

And Mayor Dixon isn't happy with the comparisons between Bawlmer and Madchester. No, wait, it was all a hoax!!!.

Not crime related, but did you see that the Brass Elephant is closing?!?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Tweet goes on...

SHOOTING: 1000 Dundalk Ave. Adult Male Shot Police Investigating
about 3 hours ago from API

"I love young boys -- plain and simple."

The murder on Velvet Valley Way has a new twist.

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Hey, it's a guest post!

22 days, 17 robberies. Industrious!

"Police Seek Peeper in Baltimore County."

A shooting in Belair-Edison.

Governor's proposed budget cuts include $21 million in police aid.

143 144

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Unid'd man, yesterday afternoon, Liberty Heights & Garrison

.. and Gerrod Finch is back on the toll

Headline of the day: "Alleged drug lord tired of police attention"

"Man acquitted in fatal shooting of boy, 14"

"City police arrest 3 men in separate gang rape cases"

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