Saturday, March 31, 2012


Man, 59, 900 block of Valley Street near Latrobe Homes

Another man armed with a "knifelike weapon" shot by police! This guy was on Callow Avenue.

Gregg Bernstein is going to try another case-- this one = murder.

Prosecutors say they won't seek the death penalty* against the alleged killers of Cherrie Gammon. Why that would have even been on the table I'm not sure, was there a videotaped confession or DNA evidence?

What the fark? Three nine-year-olds and an eight-year-old were arrested at Morrell Park Elementary/Middle School and taken away in handcuffs. As IV posted, Keith Daniels interviewed the adorable little members of the Killer Hit Squad gang, one of whom allegedly held a kid's head underwater and threatened to drown him. "I didn't aggravate no one or assault no one," says little Mackenna, adding, "I was taught to hit somebody back when they hit me, so I did." More from the Sun

In Germantown, an abortion clinic landlord serves up Revenge Lite™ on protestors. More from the WaPo

Friday, March 30, 2012

Hit Squad speaks out

10 year-old members of the "Hit Squad" talk about treatment at juvie


A woman was sexually assaulted in the Pen Lucy neighborhood last night

Not Baltimore but... can you imagine having your job be to look at child pornography all day? Gah! I wonder what Julie Drake does to not go insane. Related: child sex offender George H. Jones Jr. was convicted Wednesday for attacking his 10-year-old stepdaughter.

The man shot by police on Cold Spring Lane was not wielding a knife, but a "knifelike object." He's been identified as Sheron Jackson, 21, and for the first time in years the BPD has identified the officer: Michael Gordon, 25.

Testimony has begun in the re-trial of the Johnson twins, accused of setting a pit bull terrier on fire.

A 15th suspect has pleaded guilty to fraud and identity theft charges in a scheme that stole credit card numbers from people who owed money to the Johns Hopkins School of Business. Here's a business question, who has to suck up that $880,000?

A decade in prison for a NJ guy who brought cocaine bricks to MD in a rental car.

Tweeted by Fenton: a court opinion defines "rough ride."

Yeah, I know I already blogged this story about the House passing a bill that will retroactively make the no-bid contracts for the $tate Center projects legal. But I am still pissed off so I'm posting it again.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

March 28

The man shot and killed by police yesterday has been id'd as 21-year-old Sheron Jackson.

Freshly convicted wife-murderer Michael T. Harrod, 43, faces life in prison when he's sentenced later this year.

Two crafty-but-bumbling robbers are accused of macing employees of various retail establishments. Dominick Williams, 25 and Anthony Allen Johnson, age 18, face a bevy of charges.

A guilty plea by Kimberly Smedley, the woman who made headlines for illegally injecting silicone into various women's derrieres.

This is a message to all of Baltimore's most hardened litter bugs: watch your ass, there are cameras everywhere.

A once convicted murderer has been charged with, get this, murder. 32-year-old Dundalk resident Jason Hamel has been charged with the 2008 killing of Keyva Bluitt during what is believed to be a drug deal gone bad. Back in 1998 Hamel killed his "friend" Billy Joe Ace during a supposed drunken accident. *

28-year-old Robert Garner has been was sentenced to 60 years in prison for his role as the hit man in the murder of Dundalk bar owner Lee Martin.

A Dundalk resident was stabbed on Liberty Parkway Wednesday morning.

A ranking city police officer is apparently in hot water.

Baltimore resident Romanda Young, 41, was stabbed to death in Anne Arundel County.

Be on the lookout this County serial burglar.*

Police are still trying to find a sporadic Towson bank robber. (Pictured Right) I'm not sure whats more of a travesty, his crimes or his choice in headwear... oh ho ho, I'm feeling catty today.*

The most recent crime blotter has an assortment of miscellaneous crimes including folks crying over spilled oil, stolen snickers bars, and lots of drunken assaults.
This weeks Murder Ink recounts the bloodiest week this year.

In a peculiar incident, a truck crashed into a home in Pikesville causing a fire that damaged several homes.

Finally, 10 years in the Federal clink for armed career drug dealer Robert Sanderlin, age 27.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

40, 41

Man, 6200 block of Pioneer Drive. And a five-month-old abused infant has also been added to the toll. Eighteen-year-old Myron Evans has been charged in the infant's death.

A man is in critical condition after police shot him for threatening to stab his mother.

Isn't that speshil? The House has approved a law that seems to serve no other purpose beyond killing lawsuits against the overpriced, underno-bid sweetheart State Center project.

Dang: the U.S. ranks 5th in the world when it comes to executing people, after China, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq.