Friday, November 18, 2011

Things unfair

A "life" sentence for Michael Wiggins, accused of stabbing Marine Corps Private Darius Ray to death at a party last year.

Remember Veronica Williams, killed by her husband in front of the Eastside Court on North Avenue after taking out a restraining order? Her mother is now suing the BPD and seeking punitive damages for due process violations, conspiracy and wrongful death, claiming that Cleaven Williams' police buddies shielded him from arrest, even texting him to let him know they were on the way to arrest him.

So the government largely dropped its spying case against whistle-blowers Thomas Drake and John K. Wiebe, NSA employees who exposed waste, fraud, and the fact that, ps., government contractors are monitoring all of your email. Now the defendants want their computers back, the FBI refuses to return them, and Drake is working at an Apple store. Sigh.

Well that sucks: a homeowner says police raided the wrong house (his)

Check out this dick, Christopher Scott. His girlfriend dumped him, so he allegedly got back at her by posting their sex tape on the Internet. Then when police went to his house to investigate they also found kiddie porn. Allegedly. Charming. Now he's free on bail, so don't date his stank ass.

The second trial for accused dog-burning twins Travers and Tremayne Johnson is set to begin today.

Oh, Doug Gansler, have you nothing better to do than dilute Four Loko?

Good for the Daily Record, editorializing against the lack of accountability and transparency when it comes to the sketchball tax credits for city developers.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

$10.4 million?!

So the city is going to tax your every bottle of pop, yet "The city's budget office revealed at an investigative hearing Tuesday that it has spent $10.4 million over the past three years — an average of about $3.5 million annually — defending the Baltimore Police Department against lawsuits."
"... payments to outside counsel defending city officers from suits have increased. The city spent about $700,000 last budget cycle on private attorneys, an increase from the approximately $350,000 it spent on such costs in 2010 and the $485,000 it spent in 2009." "Police officials testified Tuesday that they have instituted better training for officers, which has reduced brutality complaints"... which much be a recent thing, as the Sun and an independent review board have found that the police have been ignoring their own protocols on training for several years now.
Pants on fire!

Life x 4

Murderous crack dealer Antonio "Mack" Hall, 31, has been sentenced to four life sentences for shooting to death federal witness Kareem Guest in September of 2009, as well as shooting a police informant and killing another crack dealer, Martie Williams, in March of 2009.

The life sentences are adding up for Baltimore drug dealers. 36-year-old Johnny Butler has been sentenced to two life sentences for murdering Sintia Mesa back in 2007. Butler had already been sentenced to life in federal prison back in 2010 for leading a violent drug organization.

Two city rapes from last week are believed to be related. Accordig to police, both incidents involved similar circumstances.

Yet again the Goodwill store on Joppa Rd. in Towson has been robbed. This is the third robbery of a Baltimore County Goodwill in the last week.

Prominent Baltimore Hispanic group Casa de Maryland are trying to get Mayor Rawlings-Blake to stay true to her word and end racial profiling.

County police have released sketches of two of the four men who kidnapped and raped a 15-year-old in Woodlawn.

Police are on the lookout for the man responsible for the robbery of a Towson Wells Fargo. (Suspect Pictured Right)

A statewide manhunt is on for a man responsible for a series of bank robberies ranging from Baltimore County to Cecil County and just about everywhere in-between.

Finally, two more Baltimore police officers haveplead guilty for taking part in the "Majestic Towing" extortion scheme. 31-year-old Leonel Rodriguez and 32-year-old Rodney Cintron face up to 25 years when sentenced next year.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bmore staycation for city officials

The high flying, resort loving Baltimore city pension board may have taken their last ethically challenged trip to a beach front resort - a nice win f0r beleaguered city taxpayers.

Putting the Firearms in Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

The sounds of gunfire and crunching metal filled Patapsco and Magnolia avenues after an ATF agent fired shots during a raid Monday. One ATF agent was injured and is currently recovering. Details are still minimal at the moment.

Police have made an arrest in the killing of Marquis Jones. 19-year-old Antwon Lee has been arrested and charged with first degree murder.

Another arrest of a police impersonator has been made. An unidentied young male was arrested by Baltimore county police after pulling over people in the White Marsh Mall parking lot.

The trial in the infamous "robocall" case has been postponed after Judge Charles J. Peters was forced to rescue himself from the case.

Two defendants in a "rent-to-own" scheme have been convicted in federal court. 42-year-old Lamondes Dorian Williams faces 600 years in prison when sentenced while co-defendant Erica Brown, 29, faces up to 180 years.

Finally, this weeks Murder Ink has this weeks murders, including one that I was not aware of, Kevin Lofland Jr., 18, who was shot along with a surviving victim at the 2200 block of Aiken St.

Monday, November 14, 2011


A man shot to death this morning in the 1700 block of Moreland Avenue near Presbury Street, and #178 was actually a woman, found in a house in the 2600 block of Kentucky Avenue with a gunshot wound to her head.

Bealefeld talks to "60 Minutes" about Tazers. Apparently he's against them. What I didn't know was they have darts that actually shoot out and embed in someone's flesh... eeew. Says one of the weapon's designers, "The idea of using electricity to incapacitate at its core is, frankly, a beautiful and simplistic idea." Said FHBIII, "I'm not a huge fan."

Well, that ain't kosher: the police officers in charge of enforcing gambling laws are on the payroll of the Cordish Company, according to documents found by das Capital.

In other business news, the WaPo reports that MS-13 is diversifying its holdings to include pimping now.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Werdesheim case delayed

Jill Carter Tweets: "Werdesheim "Shomrim" assault trial continued in advance from 2moro 11/14 to 2/1/2012"
... more on that case


A man shot to death on Pennsylvania Ave. UPDATE: He was ID'd as Darren Robertson, 20. Justin Fenton Tweeted that he was shot in the face.

... Bmore fun fact: until the 60s, sources say, Pennsylvania Ave was Baltimore's "center for black life and culture"