Friday, August 15, 2008

12 Shootings This Week

Mapped by spotcrime.
"A woman's body was found this morning under a bridge by a jogger in Herring Run Park in Northeast Baltimore, city police said."

Starved toddler's grandma: I called DSS and "They said I am probably just making it up"
Sharee Carter
A 15-year-old girl with a wacky weave, left, was arrested for two stabbing attacks that injured three people.

Sex offender Rodney Elmore Joseph was charged with the murder and rape of Chontrell Sample in Cherry Hill a year after DNA linked him to the crime.

Watch out Willie Don!! Somebody burgled a 95-year-old woman's apartment at the Charlestown retirement community.

Brent Jones and the A. Meister went to a police administrative meeting re. Linden liquors and came away with two rather different takes.

Why do people send us this stuff?!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Enquiring Minds Wanna Know

So I finally got around to filling out CP's Best of Baltimore poll.
OBviously this is the best blog*, and the metal transsexual in front of the train station is the best eyesore, but what about the rest? What did you guys pick for Best Scandal? Best TV newsperson? Best print journalist?

* Actually i think Anger Hangover is the best... but who doesn't want to go to that party?!

Life + 18 for Philip Airey Murder

From the SA's Office:
Judge John Addison Howard sentenced Michael Martin, 28, of the 200 block of Allwood Road to life plus 18 years in prison for the murder of Philip Airey. A Baltimore jury convicted Martin May 23, 2008 of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit assault and wear/carry a dangerous weapon. Judge Howard sentenced Airey to life in prison for the murder count, 15-years, consecutive, for the conspiracy count and three-years, concurrent, for the dangerous weapon count.

On June 20, 2007 Anne Arundel County Fire Department responded to the scene of a car fire in a field next to an off ramp leading to West Nursery Road off of I-295. The firefighters noticed the 1993 Geo Prizm gas cap was missing, license plates were missing and the area around the car was burned. When fire officials popped the trunk they found decomposed remains of a body later identified as Philip Calvin Airey Jr., 36.

Statement of facts. Philip Airey’s mother reported him missing on June 19, 2007. She last saw her son on June 18 just before he left to meet Tracy Asbury at a local bar. According to witness statements, Airey arrived alone, ordered two drinks before Asbury showed up at the bar. The two were observed by witnesses having drinks and playing pool together for several hours before Asbury left the bar alone at midnight. Asbury was observed on her cell phone as she left the bar. Cell phone records revealed that Asbury was calling Michael Martin and Robert Speake. Airey ordered his last drink after Asbury left at 12:07 a.m. Cell phone records indicate Asbury made several cell phone calls to Airey between 12:40 and 12:42 a.m. Shortly after that time Airey arrived at the house on Pennington Avenue. According to witnesses, upon his entrance to the house, he was met with fists, kicks and punches in the living room. The fight moved into the basement where he was further assaulted and ultimately stabbed to death. Witnesses at the house at the time of the assault gave statements that they saw Michael Martin, Tracy Asbury and Robert Speake assault Airey and later saw a body wrapped in a blanket and a sleeping bag in the basement of the house. Another witness gave a statement that the next day, in the early morning, he saw Philip Airey’s Prizm in the alley and that Tracy Asbury was standing next to the vehicle and the trunk of the car was open. Witnesses gave statements that Asbury had spoken openly about an elaborate plan to assault Airey over the course of several weeks.

Speake, 19, pled guilty April 7, 2008 to second-degree murder, conspiracy to commit first-degree assault and use of a deadly weapon (knife) with intent to injure. Under terms of the plea agreement Speake was to testify truthfully in the Martin trial. Today, Judge Howard sentenced Speake to 58-years in prison, suspend all but 43-years.

Asbury, 38, pled guilty May 14, 2008 to second-degree murder and conspiracy to assault. Under terms of the plea agreement, Asbury was to testify truthfully in the Martin trial. Today, Judge Howard sentenced Asbury to 55-years in prison, suspend all but 33-years, and five-years probation.

Assistant State’s Attorney Theresa Shaffer of the Homicide Division prosecuted this case.

August 14

Vernon Paige, who was shot yesterday, has now died.

Okay, let me get this straight. The state's Public Defender... is calling on our State's Attorney... to review cases conducted by a former State's Attorney... that is now a Public Defender? This is a level of idiocy so high that it could only happen in Baltimore Government.
(Also see CP's "Why did Ronald Hinton's lawyers not see documents that could have exonerated their client?")

A 15 year old girl's been arrested for two stabbings last May.

Mayor Dixon swears that she is trying to crack down hard on the slayings of prostitutes that have been happening. Good to know she's working hard at something.
(Also see "Love of heroin greater than fear of danger for Baltimore sex worker" and prostitute murder map from Spotcrime)

Some would call it sad, some here would call it poetic justice: A man suspected of selling drugs on his bike was hit by a car.

We'll soon know the fate of Linden Bar and Liquors.

It wouldn't be Baltimore if a few people didn't get shot or burgled, so here's the blotter. Go go gadget nonfatal offense!

- The Cynic
Really? MD is one of the few states that specifies at what age children can be left home alone.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Local Drunk Driver Makes Good

Michael Phelps has become the Olympic-medal-winningest Marylander busted for DUI!

August 12

County police are investigating a suspiciously dead body found in the parking lot of the Excape {sic} Nightclub in the 10000-block of Pulaski Highway.

And Sunday night, a fight at a kid's 11th birthday party led to a shooting death in Harford County. "I guess he [Kevin Sorrick, 36] just snapped," said the alleged killer's gf Yvonne.

Another county What The?! A stolen truck crashed into a Hereford home, killing a sleeping woman

was the city really quieter than the 'burbs this weekend?

"Baltimore police told Federal Hill residents last night that they will maintain their increased presence in the community indefinitely, continuing the nightly patrols in the aftermath of two killings that shook up the neighborhood in June." (begging the question, where will their non-presence be maintained as a result?)

Four more to be charged in cult toddler-in-suitcase death

Sad: Veteran county officer responded to Parkville murder/suicide, had stroke, died.

Torts from TDR's Brendan Kearney:
Former CareFirst CEO William L. Jews is suing the insurance commissioner in federal court to get his full $18 million termination package back.

"A lawsuit accusing Maryland of second-class treatment of its historically black colleges and universities is unlikely to be resolved without trial, an attorney for the state conceded" yesterday.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Brothers Get Life+20 for Murder of Singer

From the SA's office:
At a hearing today, Judge Roger Brown sentenced Donte Lamont Tyner, 24, of the 3700 block of Brownbrook Court and his brother Tavon Tyner, 21, of the 2500 block of W. Lanvale Street to life in prison plus 20-years for the first-degree murder of Darrell Artis. Details:On April 3, 2008, a Baltimore City jury, found the brothers guilty of first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit firs -degree murder, use of a handgun in the commission of a crime of violence, and wear, carry, transport a handgun.

On September 7, 2006, the victim, Darrell Artis age 26 of the 6300 block of Pioneer Drive was killed in the 7100 block of McClean Boulevard following an argument. The two brothers accused Artis of singing louder than others who were rapping. According to witness testimony, the two began shooting. Mr. Artis was shot 17 times by the Tyner brothers, who struck every major organ in Mr. Artis’ body.

At the sentencing, Darrell Artis’ grandmother described him as a light to their family and that he brought joy to the family through his musical talents.
Update from Margaret Burns:
"Please note for clarification of sentence:

Both Donte and Tavon Tyner were sentenced to double life sentences (concurrent) on the counts of First-Degree Murder and Conspiracy to Commit Murder and 20-Years Consecutive -- 1st Five Years Without Parole, on the count of Use of a Handgun in the Commissioenr of a Crime of Violence."

Monday 2008

This, we don't see everyday here: A woman who goes by the name of Princess Marie (and is allegedly in a cult) has been charged with the starvation death of her child.

It wouldn't be Harm City if we didn't have some gunsmoke...

Plenty of nonfatal offenses happened this weekend, according to the Blotter. But hey, if it didn't result in someone dying, then not such a big deal right? I mean, the victims can just buy new things...

Stephen Janis and Luke Broadwater do two fine jobs in discussing the William Brown case as seen by the possible victims, and the aftermath in the community he was from.

Adam Meister discusses the oddity that is Frank Conaway, Jr. I've had a chance to meet him and his very humorous father in the past. I gotta say, Frank Jr. came across as pretty stuck up - which was kind of shocking for a guy that's a clerk working for daddy turned politician/chauffeur. Sheesh. Frank Sr., Mary, Belinda, and Frank Jr. Take that, Kennedys!

Oh, and before I forget: Free Kwame!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

August 10

George Blaine, 30, was shot to death yesterday morning in the 1700 block of N. Bradford St., no suspects.

PCP, heroin and iced-tea rage in the blotter.

"City police attempted in 1999 to fire officer who is now chief of force that protects state buildings"