Friday, November 9, 2012


The body of Joshua Boone, 26, was found in a wooded area in the Frankfurt neighborhood near the 5100 block of Goodnow Road.

And down in Laurel, a rap duo lay down some tracks in a recording studio... then robbed the studio. 

No fool like an old fool

The best revenge, as they say, is getting over it. The worst revenge might be Randall Martin Jr.,'s -- pouring gasoline on your ex- girlfriend's door, setting her house on fire, then fleeing to the home you share with your wife, forcing her to barricade with you for hours. Fortunately, everyone but the ex's pet survived.

Antonio Johnson, 52, left, was arrested for stabbing his neighbor Deb Simon to death in Pigtown.

A toddler was found wandering alone on Belair Road
Police are ISO one Lucresha Mints, right, for attempted murder, call 911 if you see her. Also, it's 2012 and Band-Aids for grownups still only come in pink, what's up with that?

It's a mystery as to why the city school police union voted 'no confidence' in their chief

Police and friends are searching for Kevin Donnelly, 77, a sculptor who suffers from dementia.

The city has awarded a new speed camera contract* - Xerox is out and Brekford is in. At least those million$ are going to a MD company, right?

So Jesse Jackson was here yesterday, protesting the youth jail.* Yes, we should be spending money on education, but at the moment these kid perps are sleeping in poo and getting the tar and teeth beaten out of them in the grownup prison-- what would Jesse Jackson and anti-youth-jail people have us do with them, I wonder? "I said 'hell no' to the jail and 'hell yes' to opportunity for our youth," Young said. So you want we should send a 16-year-old murderer to come to your house to fold your damn underpants* then? If funding education is important to Jack Young, why has he had nothing to say about the outrageous waste and fraud* uncovered in the school system in the recent audit (and the audit before that)? Bitchin is easy, fixin is hard... 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cheery Pinwheels

So a camera captured an image of Tyrone Alson, 19, left, shooting his "girlfriend" Tashawna Jones in the back of the mf'in head* while she was standing on the gd'd street at 26th and Guilford at 5 o'fcknclock p.m. Yet "Court records show Alston was charged Oct. 20 with drug-related charges, but was released on his own recognizance as police built the murder case against him." Yes, kids, he was out and about, free as a jaybird for 11 days. Did the SAO not give homicide permission to arrest him? And even if that's the case, why was he not held on the drug charges? .. just when one thinks one is sufficiently grizzled and cynical enough not to be shocked by what goes down in this town... gahhh! (And what's with the "900"tattooed on his forehead?)

Campbell left, Waller right
Remember Kenyon Waller and William Campbell, arrested on October 1 after being tied to three* off-the-street abductions, robberies and sexual assaults? The pair has now been tied to crimes against 11 victims. Though unlike Tyrone Alson they have been in jail for the past month, at least.

A car stolen this morning with a 7-year-old in it in the 5900 block of Fairwood Ave in the NE -- the driver (presumably dad) left the boy in the car to drop off another child at daycare, he was dropped off at a bus stop. The car, a silver 2004 Ford Explorer, license tag No. 828M506, is still missing, call 911 if you see it. And, er, don't leave your kid(s) in the car with the car unlocked and the keys in the ignition, for fuck's sake.

Police have turned over their evidence in the case of Anthony Anderson's homicide to the SAO*

This Pigtown crime map shows various malfeasances as cheery pinwheels

Sheila Dixon has been charged with a probation violation for being behind $13k on her mandated charitable contributions (woman hain't got no job, how is she supposed to pay?)

Batts gets officially sworn in today, also also Jesse Jackson (Sr) will be in town to form a soul and kosher coalition against the new youth jail. (How I wish there was a better-quality clip of this) (also apropos of nothing Baltimore or crime, quality article on Jesse Jr. in the NYMag this week)

The FBI is working on a new biometric facial recognition mobile app, say they're two years away

The MD Divorce Lawyer Blog helpfully posts a guide for same-sex couples on how to get married in MD. I'm sure the law offices of Silverman, Thompson, Slutkin and White wish all of our newly minted fiancees many months of married bliss... followed by several years of protracted bickering over every piece of flatware in the house. (I kid! I kid!)

Monday, November 5, 2012

Let's get stoned and watch the alligator

187: Lawrence Thomas, victim of a home-invasion robbery at 3125 Artaban Place

32-year-old John Mason is in the hospital with a fractured skull after being stomped in the middle of his head in the middle of the day in the middle of downtown* by five men during what police say was an attempted robbery.

A mysteriously un-alive male body was found in Middle Branch Park in S Baltimore near Waterview Ave and Cherry Hill Road, Fenton Tweets "Woman who says she knows victim said he and girlfriend have been living in these woods since the summer in a makeshift campground.."

Headline of the day: "Police seize drugs, alligator in drug bust," the alligator's owner is allegedly one Michael Bolden, a member of Dead Man Inc.; police also found "approximately 159 grams of kind bud marijuana." (is that a technical term?) 

Delaware online helpfully lists the Delmarva denizens in the Boy Scouts' "perversion files." And isn't it so interesting that the two of the most visibly, stridently anti-gay organizations in the U.S., the Catholic Church and the Boy Scouts, were also both the most insistent against any/all evidence that gay people = child molesters, while simultaneously working overtime to protect actual child molesters? 

Sunday, November 4, 2012


Terrence Seale, 29, 1200 block of Linworth Avenue, in addition to murder of Erwin Daniels on Lakewood Ave makes for two homicide vitcims (so far) this weekend. There were also five other shooting victims, including three 20-something men shot within six minutes of each other* this weekend. Also to add to the toll: Dewey Hampton, 47, died 10/31, and Anthony Diggs, shot in 2001 but ruled a homicide in the past week.* Diggs may have been paralyzed from the waist down, but he didn't let his disability get in the way of his dreams: in 2008 he supplied a gun to some stickup men, and after the robbery drove them away in his modified Cadillac.

What the?! According to the Brew, should question 7 pass, the SRB administration is primed to fork over $6 million in community development money to Casear's Entertainment Group/ Harrahs Casino. Said Mary Pat Fannon (previously semi-famous as the recipient of one of Sheila Dixon's gift cards, now a policy advisor for the mayor's office), "This is not a $6 million give-a-away as insinuated by the [Baltimore Brew], but a recommended reimbursement." Ba-dum-tssshh!

After a six-week federal trial, Daniel McIntosh was convicted of "con­spir­ing to dis­trib­ute and pos­sess­ing with intent to dis­trib­ute 100 kilo­grams or more but less than 1,000 kilo­grams of mar­i­juana" which Van Smith reports earns him a mandatory minimum of 10 years in prison, but not the mandatory life sentence he would have gotten if he'd been convicted of more than 1,000 kilos. McIntosh is former co-owner of the now-closed Sonar and Talking Head clubs and (still open) McCabe's restaurant in Hampden, and also allegedly part of a massive pot-dealing conspiracy. VS notes in comments, "The pilot, Keegan Leahy, was also convicted of some charges, acquitted of others. He was found guilty of conspiracy to distribute and possession with intent to distribute less than 50 kilograms of pot, and interstate travel to promote crime, and not guilty of money-laundering counts. He faces a maximum five-year sentence, but, without prior convictions, will likely get on the low end of that."

The Sun's Kevin Rector has more details in the tale of David Kwiatowski, the medical technician who traveled around the country infecting people with Hepatitis C* -- apparently Kwiatowski was an addict  who stole syringes of fentanyl and then replaced the stolen needles with ones he'd used to inject his Hep-C-infected self with. (fentanyl = hardcore pain medication, main ingredient in epidurals)

Against questions 4 & 6: Rob Siobhani. For questions 4 & 6: Nike®, PayPal® and Nordstrom®.