Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Details on 19

Relative gets stabbed by abusive boyfriend trying to save his aunt.

Lawyers, Lasers, Cell-Phone Jammers

QTD: "I ... have a great contract. Bless the lawyers." - FHB III

Cell-phone jamming technology will be tested today at Cumberland. The Senate passed the Safe Prisons Communication Act in October and is likely to pass the House; the bill requires that blocking technology not interfere with communications outside of the prison. More on the debate here, and info on how cell phone jamming works

"New Lasers Fight Crime, Martians"

And behold: the Ink with no murders.


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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Copping a plea

New details on how a policer supervisor's attempt to help a drug deal turned out badly
Sixty-one-year-old accused stalker shot by police kills himself in jail

Wins in Tort Court

Baltimore jury awards single mom $821K from Wal-Mart in false-arrest suit

"A Reisterstown teenager internationally known for never having aged past infancy has been awarded $250,000 after a Baltimore city jury found she was inappropriately restrained at Johns Hopkins Hospital"

Cultists go on Trial

Poor Ben Nuckols, getting to cover the case of the nutjobs accused of starving little Javon Thompson. Jury selection has begun, with Queen Antoinette and Trevia Williams representing themselves, in spite of ample evidence that they're thorough and complete lunatics.
More from JZ

And in Rockville, trial also begins for the Calvert County woman accused of killing her daughters and storing their bodies in a freezer.

Down in A-town

Facebook harassment, foreclosure mediation and some guy's sperm problem among subjects of bills in the hopper at the State House. A fab roundup of coverage from the MD Reporter.


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Our murder-free week came to a close with the shooting death of 21-year-old man in the 3200 block of Woodland Avenue. No motives, suspects, arrests, etc.

Cop in hot water

A police supervisor in charge of wire taps has been transferred and is under investigation for testifying on behalf of a drug suspect.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Luncheon to be Held for Alleged War Criminal

The Baltimore Chapter of the Federalist Society will host torture memo scribe, author and essayist John Yoo this Thursday, Feb. 18 noon at Miles & Stockbridge.
The event is open to the public but you must RSVP to Brian Fish*

*former prosecutor best known on this blog for making the case against "DJ Tommy."