Saturday, October 26, 2013

Persons deserving of your sympathies

- Lance-Trenton Maurice Allen, 21, shot to death in the back on Friday on N. Bentalou Street. Also Keith X. Holly Jr., 24, who was killed Thursday* and acquitted of murder charges last December, and also the family of murder victim James Ingram.*
Nelson B. Clifford

- The victims of Nelson Bernard Clifford, who has beat sex assault charges four times now,* even though DNA linked him to the crimes and the last victim alleges he'd broken into her house and raped her while she was sleeping. Oh, and he has yet another trial coming up.

Preston Scott
- The kids molested and photographed by Preston Lamont Scott II, a Slimeresque creep who volunteered with the Millersville Fire Department, coordinating teen dances.

- Overworked, underpaid Spanish teacher Maria Quintana, attacked by a student at the Liberation Diploma Plus Academy. (WTF kind of school name is that?)

- The girl who had her skull fractured and the boy who had his arm broken by Don Dwyer's boozed boating, and the Anne Arundel County inmate who has to spend the next 30 weekends with him.

- The Severn High's employee, likely making minimum wage, who got a gun stuck in his/her face.

- Reporter Audrey Hudson of the Washington Times, who had her home raided and personal files-- including notes about confidential sources-- seized by armed Homeland Security agents asking if she was the same Audrey Hudson who wrote "Air marshal stories." Hudson had previously revealed that the air marshals had lied to Congress after 9/11 regarding the number of flights it was protecting.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Grownups Gone AWOL

Durrell "Smoke" Gaskins, 25, was stabbed to death reportedly as he tried to break up a fight* amongst Forest Park HS students.

Gwendolyn Johnson, 24, was shot to death in the housing projects of old Latrobe.*

Nelson B. Clifford
Nelson B Clifford, sex offender extrordinaire, once again is claiming that the sex he had* with a stranger after he broke into her apartment was consensual.

Andre "Redrum" Roach, of the Bloods Roaches, has pleaded guilty to racketeering, of the federal kind of racketeering,* and so shall now make his home in Cumberland or thereabouts for thirty years henceforth.

Letting a bunch of private-school teenage twats trash a beach house* is surely mind-bogglingly boneheaded for anyone over the age of 22. Buuuut it must be said, if the O'Malley administration put half as much effort into transparency for citizens and reporters as they are putting in to ferret out the deets on Doug Gansler, perhaps our fair state would not be such a D-minus, and perhaps state officials such as Doug Gansler would think twice before making extremely poor life decisions. I so hope news sources will start covering Heather Mizeur's campaign in any kind of way, because with a year to go I am already sick as a tray of Jell-o shots of hearing about these dudebros riding their douche canoes down Mt. Shitsandwich. 

And here, have a bonus numbnuts: Matthew Mitchell, 30, a drunk dad who drove with his 4-month-old on his lap and wrecked his car, putting the baby in the hospital. I hate you all and Im going to take a nap now.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Implied, Expressed, Informed

Gabrielle Smith
One of the weekend's homicide victims was ID'd as Latreshia Gowdy, 32, who reportedly lost a fight she allegedly started with her ex-husband's new lady friend,* Gabrielle Smith. WBAL reports the two women are former BFFs, Smith is now charged in Gowdy's murder.

Steven Wayne Pearson, 57, a former firefighter and Marine who was robbed and beaten in December of last year on McCullough St., has died of his injuries.*
Natafre Green

The woman found shot to death in the PT Cruiser was ID'd as Natafre Green, 30, Cham found her photo on (Harbor High class of 2002); the man shot on Monroe Street was ID'd as Daryl Darrell Fletcher, 27.

Remember Nelson Clifford? The accused rapist was linked by DNA to three different sexual assaults, yet convinced three different juries that the sex was consensual, including the case when Clifford allegedly broke into the victim's apartment through the window, and one where he stole $60 from the victim. He's now facing a fourth trial next month.*

Lawyers: the vj pix taken by Towson gynecologist John Yacoub were taken consensually*  before, during and after vaginoplasty. Yes, vaginoplasty. It's a thing.

Towson's getting seedier: a store on W. Pennsylvania Ave was robbed of $2,500.

Monday, October 21, 2013

The dead, the drunk and the bald

Dammit, Baltimore! Things were going so well. But four homicides this weekend,* bringing the toll to 185. Thomas Carter, 22, and also two women, one stabbed in the stomach and one shot to death in a moving PT Cruiser in Shipley Hill, and a man shot to death in the 1800 block of West Lafayette.
Marvin Hutton

Marvin Hutton was arrested for the murder of Ronn Williams on September 24.

Time for rehab, Joshua Osterholt. Driving drunk with pot and kids in the car,* tsk! Though why this is a feature story is a bit puzzling, surely drunk drivers transporting at least one of those kinds of cargo are pulled over at least once a day. But have some token shame. Shame!

Bon mots du jour: "church members clean up human feces from the back alley almost daily."

While we await the naming of public enemy #5, the City Paper has helpfully organized enemies 1-4 into a chart.

David B. Simon
Media blabber: word on the street is last week there was a major shakeup at the Daily Record, with editor David B. Simon (no, not that David Simon) delivering stinging rebukes at a editorial meeting and quitting after a mere 10 months of working there, followed by the walkout of the two-person art department, leaving long-suffering managing editor Barbara Grizincic to manage the mess. To maintain the paper's quota of bald dudes, former Sun and Patch reporter Bryan P. Sears has now joined the turbulent tabloid as a government reporter.