Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Boys are Back at It

A fatal shooting in Westport ended a 12-day homicide-free streak in the city. It also ends a streak of a week of almost all female stories on the blog.

E E Baltimore

Emma Eileen was the name of the woman who was found in the Jones Falls. She was 66 and the wife of "prominent" bishop Wilbert Baltimore of Anne Arundel county. Says a BCrime commentor, "She was forced to live with the shame of her husband's "double-life." She suffered pain and abuse at the hands of the individuals who supported her husband and covered for him. This looks like foul play to me...please do some digging into this case and the history of this family. Its better than a Lifetime movie."

.. no word on the owner of the bones in the Hampden basement

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Blogger Adam Meister says that a Sun reporter called to tell him that Belinda Conaway plans to sue him and for $10 million.. oh shiz, now it's $21 million! ... over this story about her tax credit. ha!
She must be getting political advice from Pat Jessamy, heh.