Saturday, August 30, 2008

# 145

An unidentified man was found shot to death this morning in East Baltimore in the 900 block of Valley Street. No suspects, no motive.

... and the owner of car-repair shop Joe's Garage shot a would-be robber to death. No word on if the owner will face charges.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Murder suspect Demetrius Smith was let out on $350k bail after being arrested for shooting a witness execution-style in the head, then was arrested for shooting a man during a robbery. Page Croyder's got some choice words for Judge Braverman.

Drugs in the film industry? Get outta here!

Speaking of the CP, this is the last day to vote for BOBs.

Brandon Grimes Guilty of 1st-Degree Murder

From the SA's Office:
A Baltimore City jury convicted Brandon Grimes, 23, of the 800 block of Cator Ave. today of first-degree murder, use of a handgun in the commission of a crime of violence and wear/carry/transport a handgun. The two-week trial ended yesterday and the jury deliberated approximately four hours over two days before reaching its verdict.

Judge Timothy J. Doory ordered a pre-sentence investigation be completed and scheduled sentencing for October 21, 2008.

In the early morning hours of January 9, 2007 Brandon Grimes fatally shot Baltimore Police Detective Troy Lamont Chesley, Sr. in the 4500 block of Fairfax Rd. as Chesley was returning home from his shift.

Assistant State’s Attorney Kevin Wiggins of the Homicide Division prosecuted this case.
More from the Sun's crime blog and Melissa Harris.

A 22-year-old man was shot to death on the West side.

The death of Ankush Gupta, found in the Harbor, is considered "suspicious."

Officer Tommy Sanders III pleaded not guilty this morning in the death of Edward Lamont Hunt.

What the?! A stadium employee was kidnapped!

Don't miss Page Croyder's blog at the Center for Emerging Media.

13 Shootings This Week

... mapped by Spotcrime.

And girl-on-girl robbery action on St. Paul Street.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Correction: Jayne Miller is Not a Biter

Van Smith of the CP tells us that Jayne has been on the Tillman tip for a while. Unlike Lori Barrett, she is not a biter. We hear she's also quit smoking! Yay Jayne!
BCrime regrets the error.

ps., right before the CP's article appeared, Lori Barrett went "on vacation" and hasn't been heard from since.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"Die Bitch Die"

Yike, Baltimore John Watch reports that a working girl was attacked by a tall, skinny man with "calcium deposits" on his face.

Media Blabber

WBAL= total biters!
Not long after the City Paper published court documents re. the Tillman raids, the NBC affiliate is patting itself on the back for "obtaining" them.
I guess clicking on a .pdf is strenuous if you smoke as much as Jayne Miller does!
Here's much more on the Tillman antics from the News Hole.

Also a biter: Lori Barrett of "b"

Don't miss CP's story from last week on the Sun's miseries.

Will Brandon Grimes go free again? "A city crime lab employee left his own DNA on the pistol police say Brandon Grimes used to kill an off-duty Baltimore police officer, according to testimony during Grimes' murder trial this morning." And also, ew.

In Rockville, "Ex-Teacher Charged With Giving Students Cocaine"!
It's a hell of a drug!

The new "Baltimore Crime Beat" column is on the arrest in the 1986 murder of wino Charlie Neeper

A guy who had his azz beat by county police after they accused him of stealing his own car is suing for $850k

Baltimore City Councilwoman Rochelle “Rikki” Spector (5th District) got a lucky break when the officer who issued her that disappearing traffic ticket somehow never got a summons.

Busy-handed octogenarian urologist survives plane crash, gets busted with doobage


A 16 year old boy suffered from a nonfatal offense when he was shot last night in Northeast Baltimore.

Who will test the testers? Apparently the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors/Laboratory Accreditation Board will.

In a twist of irony beyond hilarity, Anthony P. Wallnofer wrote the rule he's accused of allegedly breaking. You'd figure he'd have been smart enough to draft a loophole...

Daily Blotter, where it notes $30 worth of soft drinks stolen in Pikesville. What, tap water wasn't good enough for you?

Anna Ditkoff tracks the murders in Baltimore as few others can do, noting two from this past week in the process.


Ink: former professional boxer Eddie VanKirk, 45, was shot by a crackhead on November 19 of last year and died on June 22 of this year; his death has been ruled a homicide.