Friday, August 16, 2013

OoooooOoo Yeh

Police have in custody three juveniles they believe are responsible for the recent rash of phone-jackings and occasional shootings in the Northern, reports the Patch's Adam Bednar. But where are the mugshots? I need mugshots and nicknames, ppl! ... oh, right, they're juveniles. But the Deuce says one is being charged as an adult! So we get one mugshot! Bring me his head.
Tide Point

In other real estate news, Harbor Point developer Michael Beatty is buying his own city-issued bonds* at a discount, using the interest he's saving to pay for a construction loan. Points out Douglas Miles of BUILD Baltimore: "If [Beatty] can afford to buy $35 million worth of bonds, he could have afforded to invest in the project and reduce the TIF."
Update: Even Rodricks* is peeved about this. (But how is the bond scandal good public relations?)

... so what do you think about Hampden Merchants wanting the local methadone clinic to close*? Sounds like NIMBYism to me, especially considering most of the addicts are from Hampden. That clinic is probably the only thing keeping the merchants from being targeted more .. and the reason rents on the Avenue are still so cheap.

Make a little, break a little

An 86-year-old man was strangled to death* in his apartment at the Weinburg Place senior center by Pimlico, he's victim #145.

Michael Smoot, shot three different times in the 90's, was added to 2013's toll.

Yes, that was Cory Bowman who shot himself yesterday. The Sun reports that there have been eight domestic homicides this year.*  Indeed, why don't domestic abusers have ankle monitors (and/or shock collars)?

Two shootings in a year for officer Charles Mewshaw.*

It's been robbery-crazy in the Southeast part of town, even by the standards of the Southeast part of town. Also please help this guy find his bikes. ... a terrific map of all 2013 robberies by Cham.  I would not have expected Belair and Harford Roads to be such hotbeds.

A car that crashed into a house and a Catonsville robbery at gunpoint in the Patch's compilation of top news of the week.
Damon Pitts

Handgun violations bad, hairdo, A+, Damon Pitts. Other handgun violators include Tony Jackson, Keith Deminds Jr. (what's the C for?), Maurice Snowden (any relation to Carl?), Carvell Jones (any relation to CookiePuss?), James Powers, Chris Tomlin, Takuma Tate, Commie Williams (commie?)... wait, speaking of commies, is it really kosher to post photos of these guys when they haven't been convicted? Well, click according to thine own conscience...

WTF, why did George Walter Carlisle II call in a fake hostage situation?

D'oh! AAC purse snatcher snatches purse of woman he knows. Also in AAC, a little boy beaten up for his bike on Disney Road, the perps transmogrified into a donkey and a toad, respectively.

Chief judge of the Foreign Intellegence Surveillance Court: we don't police shit for shit. Obvz not, given the recent revelation that the NSA violated its own BS privacy rules at least 2,776 times.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

'I'm going after you'

Maybe he was talking to the booger.

"You're done.. I'll make sure you're through... I'm going after you." 

BGF prison babydaddy? Jilted swain? Tony Soprano?
That would be Steve Kearney, former director of policy and communications for Martin O'Malley, now a shadowy henchman for the Harbor Point project, threatening Carl Stokes in front of two witnesses. Wow. And yes, it's *that* Steve Kearney of KO Public Affairs fame, who toiled in the shadows to bring us astroturf for assreamings such as speed cameras, State Center and casinos. Interesting how Steve's picture appears nowhere but for the Brew's photo of his flabby jowls whilst he apparently picks his nose and/or eats his boogers at the Harbor Point vote.

Two street robberies at 6 a.m.? Were the robbers up early to make it to Zumba class? The victims were victimized at Huntington and W. 30th and at Wyman Park Drive, respectively ("the robbers shoved or tripped him, knocking his glasses off") by three young black males in a silver four-door-car. There was also a robbery in the 3600 block of Greenway (Guilford) Monday. If connected to the other recent street robberies this would be the sixth and seventh robberies by the same group.  And here's #8-something from this morning (so they robbed a guy at 6 a.m. in a silver car, stole the Volvo and went back to robbing?):
Time: 8:47 AM

Summary: A JHU affiliate was walking east in the 200 block of Wyman Park Drive (North side of street) when approached by several juveniles. Two of the juveniles were walking ahead of the victim while a third grabbed the victim from behind and pulled the victim to the ground taking her purse. The suspects then took off running towards Remington Ave. Witnesses to the incident reported observing the suspects entering a vehicle that BPD indicated was reported stolen and used in a previous robbery in Baltimore. Victim had abrasions on her legs and was treated at the scene by Baltimore City medics. BPD and Campus Security canvassed the area for suspects/suspect vehicle with negative results.

Suspect Info:
Suspect #1- B/M, juvenile, wearing a polo shirt with blue/white/green stripes, no further description

Suspect #2– B/M, juvenile, wearing white jeans, no further description

Suspect #3 – B/M, juvenile, no further description

Suspect #4 – B/M, juvenile, no further description

Suspect’s Vehicle – Brown or Gold Volvo – Maryland Tag # 2BC2237
Also a robbery and a bloody assault of a 62-year-old woman in Little Italy yesterday in the wee hours. The victim of the 40th St. shooting has been ID'd as Zebadiah Drinkwater,* employee of Chesapeake Systems. A page has been set up to collect donations for his medical expenses. Get well soon!

Murder suspect Cory Bowman may have shot himself in the head in the Perkins Homes yesterday.* He's suspected of killing Victoria Glover in front of his own son. Glover had a protective order against him since he attacked her with a knife after she asked him to go to church with her in February.

And speaking of the Constellation Energy Group: "Strip club promotion causes scare* at downtown office tower" - dumbass titty club put sand in their party invitations. Scores should partner with the Liquid Lapdance people for giveaways (NSFW).

Foreclosures in the city have tripled since this time last year, reporteth Bloomberg. TIL MD has the second-highest foreclosure rate in the county, right after Florida. Dayum.

"Trial begins for Baltimore detective accused of lying about shooting himself*"

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Devil Exchanges iPhone for Soul
At Crossroads

A man shot in the upper torso in Roland Park (yes, technically 40th and Roland is Roland Park on the north side-- it's where four neighborhoods meet: Hoes Heights to the West, Keswick to the East and Hampden to the South). According to a police source the victim was robbed for his cell phone and either hesitated or resisted, so robbers shot him.

The morning/night before at 1:44 a.m. a man was shot to death in the 500 block of Tunbridge Road, on the mid-Govans side.
Leon Harvey

One Leon Harvey, 54, was arrested after being shot by police while robbing a house with his nephew in Woodlawn.

He's bayuck-- AFJMacArthur reports on a police-involved shooting in the 3400 block of Old Frederick Road in the Carroll neighborhood.

Police say the shooting of Victoria Vernetta Glover in front of her son in Parkville yesterday was not random, duh, and gabby neighbors/ journalists report that the victim was recently divorced and soon to be in court to seek some kind of child custody/support order or modification. So no shit, police now have some questions for now-ex husband Cory Shirell Bowman, 38.

A teenaged jogger was robbed at gunpoint of her iPod in Towson, and in Glen Burnie a man was robbed while pumping gas.

What the?! Baltimore City Housing Authority has paid $6.8 million in years-old judgements against it, which may affect the availablility of housing vouchers for 700 families.

Media blabber: don't miss NYT's story behind the story of Edward Snowden's whistleleaking.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Androids for inmates

Following CBS Evening News' story on Carol Ott and her Slumlord Watch last week, the Sun's Ian Duncan wrote about* Nether Baltimore's Wall Hunter project to paint murals on said slum properties. Today in the CP Ed Ericson Jr. stone-cold busts Ian Duncan, Justin George and Carrie Wells not doing their homework checking Rochkind's lawyer Danny Stenger's claim that Rochkind didn't control the property at 4727 Old York Road (... but if he did, added the lawyer, the Exodus-themed mural would be a "hate crime.") Looking forward to that correction. And y'know, really, the mural project is gifting these slum bums with valuable works of art. If Rochkind had any sense of money (or sweet irony) he'd remove the mural and donate it to a museum for a write-off ... or sell it to Bank of America or Wells Fargo to install in the lobby of their corporate HQ, hyuk.

Justin George tweeted that Jennifer Owens,* "corrections officer accused of smuggling drugs into Baltimore jail & having relations with BGF gang leader, pleads guilty ... To one count of racketeering conspiracy. Sentencing is in January." Notable "J.O." quote from the CP“I understand you stressed out, cuz you locked up, ok, but I am too. You locked up, and I’m fucking pregnant again. Like really, who the fuck does that? Only my dumb ass do shit like that, for real. I can accept that I fucked up. I know I did, but I did that shit cuz I wanted to. I don’t regret it.”  That makes two BGF perps who have taken pleas so far, 23 to go.

A woman was shot to death in Parkville while putting her 3-year-old in the car.
Brekford's speed cameras are up, so why hasn't the city turned them on yet?* Waiting for Harbor Point rage to dissipate first?

Doug "Androids for inmates*" Gansler gets even less appealing, now claiming Anthony Brown is running on his African-Americanness. FWIW Brown's parents are Swiss and Jamaican.

MoCo PoPo ISO victims of pervy old music teacherSilver Spring Elementary School teacher Lawrence Wesley Joynes, he's been charged with sexually abusing 14 girls so far.

Karla Porter's jury still deliberating guilty guilty guilty guilty guilty, of first-degree murder and = five other related counts.

Matthew VanDyke's Syria short copped some pixels on the Business Insider site

Monday, August 12, 2013

you assholes!

Harbor Point approved.*
Now including $95 million of federal highway funds.
$88 million enterprise tax credits (including $44 million tax reimbursements from the state)
$24 brownfield credits (even though the site was cleared for building in 1997)
$95 million federal highway funds for bridges and roads
$13 million utilities
$2 million Crossroads Academy $$
$266 million
$174 million interest on $107 million loan
$440 million
+ $200 million in lost in state education funding

$596 million cost to taxpayers.

Nothng better to do with that money

After nine days without a homicide, a fatal shooting at the NY Fried Chicken* and W. Baltimore and SCarey street was the 142nd homicide of 2013.

Gilman dog sculpture stolen. Also, Gilman 5th graders have so much money they have nothing better to do with it than buy a $550 cement greyhound.* Local rival gangs likely to blame include the Lakers, the Mawrtians, the Quakers and the Roland Park Smurfs.

Down in AAC, good guys chased down and tackled a guy who snatched a woman's purse from the JC Penney shoe department at the mall.

Well duh. A NY judge found that the city's stop-and-frisk policy violates rights.

Eric Holder suggests he may do away with mandatory sentences for nonviolent drug offenses.

Thanks for the tax dollars, bitchezz!!
Why the waffling on Harbor Point, Sun? Their own poll shows 73% of their readers are against the $393+ million project.
"Will Harbor Point be good for the city?" I guess if by "the city" you mean the 1% of assholes who don't mind paying to park for the privilege of shopping next to some office complex, maybe, but aren't they already served by Harbor East?
     "Somewhat secretive nature of the process"? Oh, so those secret closed-door meetings were only somewhat illegal? But "future such discussions will now be public." And why would one think that? Future developers now understand that there are no real consequences to breaking open meetings laws.
     Harbor Point is an in-your-face assraping of city taxpayers the likes of which this city has never seen before, and our children and children's children will be paying for it long after the project goes the way of West side redevelopment, the city-owned Hilton, the revival of SoWeBo, the Metro to nowhere, and well, every other city project since the Schaefer years. It's not their first time at the rodeo; the Sun's editors know even if 99.9% of citizens are against it the city council is going to pass their bill anyway.* So why so much milquetoast, Sun? Afraid Michael Beatty will use some of his billions to sue? Second reading of the bill is tonight, BYOPeanuts, or if you're trying to purge to lose weight The City That Breeds will be streaming it live.