Saturday, July 19, 2008


#113: "An unidentified man was shot to death Friday night in Northwest Baltimore, according to city police ... found with a gunshot wound to the upper body about 11:20 p.m. in the 5000 block of Pembridge Ave. near Pimlico Race Course ..."

The most recent female strangling victim (#107) was ID'd. "Friends" and police "departmental reports" (?) claim Brenda Hatfield, 45, had been selling certain skills on the open market. Her family denies it, though, and Hatfield has no drug or prostitution charges on her record.

Matthew Haarhoff, who allegedly helped his mom set her "boyfriend"'s body on fire, is now trying to make a new start.

The NYT has a criminal-justice series running, "American Exception," examining "commonplace aspects of the American justice system that are virtually unique in the world."
The "Baltimore Exception" would be whole other series,
"Abated by arrest"
gag orders for retiring police officers,
and, of course, a lady Mayor who's going to get indicted!

Friday, July 18, 2008

For-Her Firearms

The News Hole just featured the press release of a .38 gun which is painted hot pink - perfect for that special lady of yours. It's an exquisite piece...

Friday Morning

The jury's still out on the case of Darnell Edmonds, accused of murdering Kenneth Morrell, who was accused of murdering Darnell's Brother Keyyon Makins. This is the second trial after Edmonds first ended in a mistrial.

In a fit of irony, Sherman Kemp - a purveyor of the 'Stop Snitching' culture - essentially snitched on himself when he pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute cocaine and gun possession, among other charges.

The US Attorney's Office scored another win when
they clinktified Terrance Gray, who conspired to steal cocaine from a drug dealer. He was sentenced to 15 years. Go, Hot Rod!

Jean Marbella notes an extremely interesting legal theory raised by some penitentiary-bound Baltimoreans. Take that, Clarence Darrow!

Well, it turns out that the fifth woman who was strangled was also a prostitute.

As many of you probably know, The police have, in the past spied on groups they dubbed suspicious. But... as recently as 2006? The Sun investigates spying done by the State Police on peace and anti-death penalty groups.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sirlilar Jewelle "Juelz," Stokes, 19, was charged with attempted murder in the shooting of a 18-year-old Ashley Davis at Robert E. Lee yesterday.
"Prostitute Self Defense Class"

Taking it to the Streets

... like the Doobie Brothers!
We hear there's to be a rally against newspaper layoffs today at noon in front of the Sun building on Calvert Street.

There will also be an anti-Marty-Burns rally at the farmer's market on Sunday.

They don't call this city Mobtown for nothing!

The Story that Refuses to Die

A listener of "The Ron Smith Show" opines that racism twines its way through the Sowers case.
(Thanx Vic)

Speaking of twining racism, it's interesting how when Jessie Jackson drops two "n" bombs, the press won't print or repeat the quote.

Thursday Morning

Lamont E. Brown, Baltimore's newest alleged criminal mastermind, was charged for the series of attempted bank robberies from monday evening. One has to wonder what would have happened had that time been spent applying for jobs. Oh Dan Rodricks, where were you?

Sampson Asby of West Baltimore was arrested for the death of his girlfriend Patrice L. Marable (#111) on July 6th. With a record of more than two dozen cases dating back to 1998 one can't help but wonder how the police knew. And if you don't believe me, check for yourself here.

Antonio R. Jackson - who gave the gun to the person who ended up shooting and paralyzing William "Tippa" Thomas - apologized to William yesterday in court while being sentenced for the offense. In other news scientists are working feverishly to correlate apologies and recovery from paralysis.

A State Trooper was wounded during an altercation in which a man attempted to enter the Mondawmin MVA after hours. I know people who would get aggressive after being in there during regular hours. Also, anyone who is trying to deliberately enter that place is clearly not right.

A study by Johns Hopkins' School of Public Health has found correlations between the neighborhoods of Baltimore and the health of its inhabitants, saying that poorer and more violent neighborhoods are prone to health issues such as stroke, and heart attacks. In other news someone, somewhere just said, "Well, duh..."

Two more people suffered nonfatal shootings near Clifton Park last night, this time a 14 and 15 year old boy.

The State's Attorney's office dropped murder charges against Lewis K. Lucas yesterday, citing that they were unable to find their only witness. Fortunately he already is facing a hefty 20 year sentence... which is suspended... although he now is serving five years... D'oh!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Holy gunsmoke, Batman!

As reported by the good people at The Baltimore Sun, a man who attempted to burgle a Park Heights home was shot in the back and died. Margaret Burns of the State's Attorney's office did comment on this matter, indicating that they will wait for the police homicide investigation to conclude before deciding whether or not to pursue criminal charges.

Shot in the Park, but Who's to Blame?

Update: The partially-clothed teenaged female found at the Mt. Washington RoFo at the crack of dawn was shot in Robert E. Lee Park and had walked to the store for help. She is in critical condition at Sinai.

Last night was "a violent night in Baltimore City after five shootings and one beating in less 12 hours."

Did you know? There's only one full-time overnight news videographer in town, and his name is Pete O'Neal.
"... having joggers find dead bodies is a more effective and vastly more cost-efficient crime fighting alternative than using local law enforcement."

Wednesday Morning

This just in: A woman was found shot in front of the Mt. Washington Royal Farms this morning. Police are looking for suspects.

Most loyal viewers have probably seen this in the comments section already but Councilman Jim Kraft has joined the calls for Margaret Burns, spokesperson for Patricia Jessamy, to be canned for her "sleeping baby" remarks.

Five Schools in The - former - City That Reads have been labeled "Persistently Dangerous" by the Maryland state school board. Its worth noting that the entire state of Maryland has five schools which has this designation, so do the math. But, to show you that behind every cloud there's a silver lining, five were removed!

D'oh, Kevin Clark's case was dismissed in the Baltimore City Circuit Court
. His lawyers intend to appeal.

Extremely interesting case: James Owens was convicted of first degree murder years ago and recently was given a new trial. However, the Judge overseeing the case has allowed the confession from years ago to remain as evidence. There's even more to it than that. Another fine writeup by Luke Broadwater.

Police have captured a man they believe shot an Anne Arundel County Police officer yesterday

Anna Ditkoff notes six murders that happened this past week, making her count 112 total.

In my Inbox

"This email is being sent out to about 200 employees in the office of
the Baltimore State's Attorney. I am what they call an examiner for and I want to know your opinions on the Margaret Burns situation. Feel free to email me from your personal email account if you have to. I have included some pertinent links below my signature. If any of you could encourage State's Attorney Patricia Jessamy to give a statement about this issue it would be helpful. Is any one in your office concerned about the impact of this situation on the reputation of your office? The refusal to comment seems to only add fuel to the fire and anger more citizens of Baltimore on a daily basis. It appears that your office thinks this situation will go away if you do not address it but in the last 24 hours the Daily Record, WMAR, WBFF, WBAL radio, and the Baltimore Sun have joined me in covering this issue. Councilman Kraft has gone on record as a supporter of the dismissal of Ms. Burns and this further reinforces the image of you going against the will of the citizens of Baltimore (the same people you are supposed to represent). This could soon turn in to a political
nightmare if your office and leader continue to maintain a stubborn silence. I look forward to hearing from you.

Adam Meister

WBAL Radio Coverage:

The Daily Record:

WMAR Coverage:

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Another big weed bust in the city! That's like, 600 pounds in a month!
(Wonder what percentage that is of how much passes thru town?)

Officer Indicted for Manslaughter

The Grand Jury has indicted Thomas Sanders, 37, a police officer in the Northeast District, on a two-count indictment charging him with voluntary and involuntary manslaughter. An arraignment is scheduled for August 29, 2008 before the Honorable W. Michel Pierson. The state alleges that Sanders shot Edward Hunt, 27, of Aquarius Court, in the back at about noon on January 30, 2008 at the Hamilton Park Shopping Center. Officer Sanders is expected to turn himself in to authorities.


"At the Uneasy Intersection of Bloggers and the Law"
An AACounty officer shot in the city (not fatally)

Tuesday Morning (Not as thrilling as the store, but...)

Chuck described this incident better than I ever could: Stabby Cabbie. I must confess it made my morning to read that.

Some 23 year old was indicted for the murder of Effrem Kearney, #9 of the year.

Robbers targeted two downtown banks yesterday, successfully robbing the Provident bank on Lexington Street and falling short at the M&T bank on Pratt Street. The police are still looking for suspects. Oh well, if at first you don't succeed ...

Orlando Gilyard got nine years in Federal Prison for Bangin'. So far the US attorney's office has 48 people with either indictments or pending cases. I suggest that we rename US Attorney Rod Rosenstein "Hot Rod".

Within the next 24 hours we should know if the case of Kevin Clark - Baltimore's former top cop - will go forward.

Lt. Terrence McLarney - Law School graduate and respected veteran - has taken over one of the hardest jobs in Baltimore, commander of the BPD Homicide Unit.

Not a crime story, but... Belinda Conaway, Legislative Scholar connected with such groundbreaking resolutions as a statue for a dead horse, has now made calls to shift Baltimore's government to a four day work week. At this pace she'll be mayor by 2011.

Citing a lack of evidence, the State's Attorney's office has dropped charges against Carolyn Redd, charged with murdering her mother in February 2007. She should be freed today, while Lawrence Page - Redd's boyfriend who is connected with the murder - has a postponed trial until October.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday evening

Being in this blog is like being in the Godfather or the Crips or something. I retire, you throw me a big fancy retirement party (thanks for coming out, y'all), and four days later I'm reading shit in the media and blogging about it. I get out, and they pull me back in. Sigh.

With that said, Baltimore Cynic is my new hero. And if you didn't read Sean's comments a few days ago, you really should. Keep it up, Sean.

Over the weekend, 27-year-old Eric Little got into a booze-fueled spat with his 17-year-old brother, Calvin Ray. Eric 'fessed up to stabbing Calvin, then the cops told him Calvin was dead. It's not often that I feel much sympathy for killers in this town, but something tells me that Little had no real intention of hurting his little brother. It's a rough case no matter whose perspective you view it from.

The last paragraph of the link above has 30 words on a double shooting on Braddish Ave. in West Baltimore that left one man dead. (I'm not sure whether or not you saw this one, Cynic; finding bodies in the city's media is kind of like finding eggs at an Easter egg hunt. It's tricky at first, but after a year or two, you learn all the good hiding places.)

WMAR actually wrote something semi-comprehensive about the two teens who were (allegedly) tortured for (allegedly) ripping off Christopher Johnson's PS3. Why teenagers being beaten, burned, and sodomized over a video game system isn't front page material is completely beyond me.

Media Blabber

TDR: "Even though at least 34 journalists at The Sun have applied for buyout packages, the paper will still need to lay off employees to achieve its goal of eliminating 60 newsroom jobs by August."

The Wally Jay reviewed Cop in the Hood by sociologist and former BPD officer Peter Moskos.

Saratoga Street is not about to drop Sleeping-Babygate (you can't call one of their reporters a liar and expect them to drop it)!

Monday, and the Forecast is bleak

As reported by Sir Galt, there was a double shooting in Clifton Park yesterday which left one person dead, and another injured.

As if that isn't bad enough, City police are reporting three nonfatal shootings throughout Baltimore as well from that day. Interesting that they would describe a shooting in such a pleasant, euphemistic way.

Local Firefighters pulled the body of a young woman from the Inner Harbor today.

In response to what can only be described as idiocy and inefficiency squared, Mayor Dixon recommended upgrades to the City Courts' computer system. I wonder if Dale Clark is busy?

In response to placing his client in Supermax instead of psychiatric care, an attorney for Kevin Johns intends to appeal to the Court of Special Appeals.

It isn't technically a crime, but darn it, it should be: The NAACP is investigating Lexington Market because of its policy that clients must purchase food in order to purchase booze. Another fine piece of work of the Baltimore NAACP - how is their paper murder tally going anyway?

Sgt. Robert Smith, who was falsely accused of a sex offense and removed on duty, is now back on the job... with perks! Perhaps the NAACP should get that attorney to investigate their miscarriage of justice.

The Baltimore Sun discusses the BPD's efforts to put away the 960 most dangerous offenders in the City, as well as the problems that the Judiciary sees with it..
And... discuss!