Thursday, August 30, 2012

Latest nudes

County police shot a naked armed man at the Beltway Motel in Arbutus; in Edgewood a man stripped down to his boxers and threw money at "Deer Filed" elementary school. (In case you're wondering, you file deer under Cervidae, hyuk)

And four men were indicted in the city for murdering a witness. "Derius Duncan, 22, conspired with Keyon Beads, 30, Clifford Butler Jr., 21, and David Johnson, 23, to attempt to bribe and later to kill Ronald Givens, 55, who had been a potential witness in a firearms and narcotics case pending against Duncan in Baltimore City Circuit Court."

Bullets, knives, hands

A suspicious dead body was found on Rockrose Ave

Two shootings Monday night, in Barclay and Dru Hill,* on the 2200 block of Guilford Ave and near Pennsylvania Ave and Baker St., respectively.

Councilman Nick Mosby visited the 9-year-old who was shot Aug. 20* and says he's "progressing well." (Isn't it nice that district now has a councilperson who does stuff?)

The Patch has the backstory of the shooting of Rodney Pridget outside the Towson Nordstrom, courtesy of a snitch informant; apparently it was a gang hit, ordered by a higher-up in the Black Gorilla Family whose cousin Pridget had allegedly shot. Yesterday jurors got to see video of the last moments of Pridget's life, courtesy of Towson Town Center's 268+ cameras.

A dispute at a card game in Harwood led to a man being cut in the neck.

Yet ANOTHER inmate accidentally released from Central Booking, but he's back now.

Far-flung locales:
In AAC a woman dropped her keys at the MD Live Casino, the guy who found them, Daniel Lee Miller, 50, allegedly stole her car and burgled her house. (How did he know it was her car and her house?)

Muderous UVA lax brah George Hughely is pleading for a lesser sentence for the murder of Yeardley Love. Good luck with that, brah. If you wanted to not do time for murder should've killed her in Baltimore city. Brah.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Shooting, smoking & selling hot dogs

The CP has last week's seven murders, and notes last week we had the 11th police-involved shooting of the year

Van Smith has deets on "Operation Log Jam," the DEA investigation that led to the bust of the Dragon's Den smoke shop

And how did I miss the story of the courthouse hot-dog vendor who conspired with a cop to sell heroin?

Baltimorean Wade Coats and a Texan defendant got 45 years for conspiring to sell cocaine that they bought from the Mexican Las Zetas drug cartel. Here, have a picture of a leg in a tree. You're welcome.

Twenty years for Barry D. Lee, who was found to have violated his probation by dealing drugs whilst out of jail on probation for murder

Activists Sharon Black and Courtly Witherspoon, arrested at city hall protest, refuse to take a plea deal

From the counties:
Stepfather of school shooter Bobby Gladden, one Andrew E. Piper, was arrested yesterday on weapons and weed charges; said weapons and drugs were discovered while police searched the house for evidence related to the school shooting.

911 tapes following Rep. Don Dwyer's drunken boat wreck have been released. He's still not been charged with anything, apparently.

Remember the murder of 19-year-old Rodney Pridget last December at Towson Town Center? (Photo left from a Tweet) William Ward III, 44, and Frank Theodore Williams, 31, are on trial in Towson.

"Naked Suspect Shot By Police At Beltway Motel." Appropos of nothing, has anyone else noticed that PCP seems to be making a comeback? Or does it just seem that way b/c I've been reading Cat Marnell lately?)

In HarfCo, a grandma used OnStar to bust her carjacker*

Editorial note: the murder toll has been removed because it's too time-consuming to maintain. Murder lists are available on the City Paper web site.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

School shooter to be charged as an adult

Robert "Bobby" Wayne Gladden Jr., 15, will be charged as adult with attempted first-degree murder and assault in the Perry Hall High shooting. For what it's worth, Gladden's father has a criminal history on the JIS that includes assault with attempt to murder, battery, malicious destruction of property, theft, "marihuana" possession and "not marihuana" possession. County police say bullying was *not* an issue, and that Gladden had brought a disassembled 40-year-old shotgun, 27 rounds of ammo and a bottle of vodka to school on the bus that morning. His victim is out of surgery, still in critical condition, and apparently has Down syndrome.

Meanwhile, Gawker reports that the shooter's Facebook page status has been shared over a thousand times. And a picture. Says Gawker, "he looks like your standard Skrillex-listening mall-goth." Or rather a Rammstein-listening mall goth (guy on his Facebook cover = Till Lindemann-Rammstein, see below.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Barksdale dissed! Batts in!

Californian Anthony Batts, left, is expected to be named as new police chief,* report Sharper & Fenton -- the former Commissioner of Oakland, no less. Batts resigned his post there last October after only two years on the job (he beefed a month later, "the body politic looks at this police department as not a part of the city—that it’s the bad child that you’re putting on the side and beating.") By the time he left, he was the boss of only 651 officers. Prior to that he served in Long Beach for 27 years (the place where drama made it so hard to be Snoop Dogg and Sublime lived easily). After Oakland Batts will surely find Baltimore's boundless civic apathy a great relief (and we certainly know all about child-beating), but is he well-qualified to represent a staff of 4,250ish?

.. and police have ID'd the owner of the Rottweiler that mauled a woman near the Waverly farmer's market as Omar McDee of McKewin St., who, curiously, has no Internet footprint whatsoever. (But there's an Omar McGee with a long resume...)

Perry Hall School Shooting

[update: now that we know what the shooter looks like, who the heck is this guy?]

WBAL reports that a student shot another student in the back in the cafeteria; students say the shooter was a bullied loner who retaliated after food was thrown at him. WJZ reports teachers tackled the suspect and the 17-year-old victim is alive but in critical condition, the Sun is reporting the shooter is 15,* and the guy at the hardware store says he had a rifle. The streets around the high school are shut down and parents are advised to pick up their kids at the Perry Hall Shopping Center. Today was the first day of school for city and county public schools.


From Reddit, via a reader. Real? Photoshopped? What do you think?

In other news, three people shot Saturday.