Saturday, August 22, 2009


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(... but seven people have been shot since homicide 140, according to Tweets)
...and a man shot while seeking shelter from last evening's thunderstorm

... and a jaywalker killed in Charles Village

SW Police Stumble Upon 13 Pounds of Pot, Gun

Posts the BPD:
On August 20th, Southwest District Detective Unit was in the 4500 block of Frederick Ave staging for a search and seizure warrant. Unrelated to the warrant, officers observed some drug activity involving a silver 2006 Scion with a white male driver. At this point a second white male came from the driveway of 4509 Frederick Ave. He had a large clear plastic bag (1lb 7 oz.) with appeared to suspected drugs.

Officers secured the suspects and recovered the following:

13 lbs. 13 oz of Marijuana, a .40 cal semi auto S&W handgun and $6,445 in cash.

Suspects arrested:
Derek Haller, W/M, dob: 10/8/89, 11XX Rear Braddock Rd. Cumberland, Md.

Gerald Staples, W/M, dob; 11XXX McMullen Hwy, Cumberland, Md.

Donte Clark, B/M, dob: 6/3/74, 45XX frederick Rd. Balto. Md.21229

Friday, August 21, 2009

Yesterday's homicide victim was ID'd as Donte Gunter, 25

No Bail for Hate Teens

Reports Joe of the SAO:
"Judge Jack I. Lesser ordered Zachary Watson and Emmanuel Miller, charged with attempted first-degree murder, held without bail at a bail review hearing today. The court scheduled a preliminary hearing date of September 19, 2009 for both defendants."


Jon Cardin to the Jewish Times: "I obviously feel horrible. It was poor judgment." Adding, "It had nothing to do with a helicopter, even though one did fly over, but I knew nothing about it.” Meanwhile his compaƱeros in the 11th are standing by their man.
Del Morhaim: “in the long run, this will help him focus on the important legislative matters we face."

Thursday, August 20, 2009

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Baltimore PoliceDept HOMICIDE: 125 S Highland Ave Adult Male shot Police investigating

Madison St. prison complex adding on to cram in more cons, bill to taxpayers est @>$280 million

Two teens arrested & charged as hate-crime accomplices, Emmanuel (or Emanuel) Miller, 16, and "Zachary" or "Zackary Dylon" Watson, 17. Meanwhile, the backstory on alleged ringleader Calvin Lockner is nightmare material.

Remember "Rolls Royce" lawyer (to the cocaine stars) Robert M. Simels? (if not, see here and here from the CP archives) Bloomberg/Fraud With Peril reports he's been convicted in NY of conspiring to tamper with witnesses.

Tasered mom sues County

Web find

... if you enjoy torts
Consumer Law & Policy Blog

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thank you TAB

Homicide totals explained by reader TAB:

Hi there. I noticed your inquiry into why the homicide totals are so different so I will try to help. Part of the problems lie In that this list is a tad jumbled. Because some murders have been ruled justified, numbers have had to be repeated.And while it should logically even out numbers wise, It may still add confusion. Also your number should now be 144 because Gerrod Finch has been ruled a homicide now.

Suspiciously dead male, 302 E. Lanvale St. (8/13) is not listed in either the Ink or Sun.

Suspicious death, unidentified, 2743 St Paul St. (6/1) is not listed by either site.

104. Tony Geiger, 41, 100 block Old Riverside Road (6/2) and 95. Unidentified man, 21, Old Riverside Rd. (6/2) are the same.

61. Unidentified man, 1017 Hillen Road (4/7) is not listed on either site.

Questionable death, N. Abington Ave/Elbert St. (3/27) not listed either places but does not count towards the tally anyways.

And to let you know Marcus Sanchez was the man murdered on July 25th.

So with the addition of Gerrod Finch and the Subtraction of #'s 61, 95, 96, and 142 your list should be on par with murder Ink's and when the Sun catches up, then all 3 should be equal.
Suddenly the homicide count is all over the place: Sun says 140, Ink says 139, we have 143.
Too busy to straighten out the corpses today. maybe a helpful reader can?

What they don't want you to know

An internal city report shows judges threw out or reduced almost all parking tickets challanged in court.