Thursday, September 29, 2011

Molotov cocktails?

From the BPD's FB page:

The Baltimore Police Department is investigating a series of Molotov cocktail arson incidents that have recently taken place throughout Baltimore City.

Within the last three weeks, the Baltimore Police Department Arson Unit, working in concert with the Fire Investigation Bureau of the Baltimore City Fire Department, has investigated nine incidents of arson (or attempted arson) involving the use of Molotov cocktails. The incidents span the city and occurred at the following locations:

9/13/11 3800 Blk Leadenhall St. Southern District

9/19/11 5600 Blk Haddon Ave. Northwest District

9/22/11 2200 Blk Park Ave. Central District

9/22/11 3200 Blk Rogers Ave. Northwest District

9/23/11 2700 Blk N. Longwood Northwest District

9/25/11 2400 Blk Loyola Northway Northern District

9/26/11 400 Blk Asquith St. Eastern District

9/27/11 5300 Blk Wesley Ave. Northwest District

9/28/11 3700 Blk Yosemite Ave. Northwest District

The occurrences are all under vigorous investigation and preliminarily appear random, as there are no apparent commonalties amongst victims or the structures targeted. Thankfully, there have been no significant injuries or property damage as a result of the incidents.

We are asking for the public to be vigilant and report anyone that appears to be transporting gasoline in non-UL approved containers, particularly those in highly portable glass bottles.

Persons with any information concerning these incidents are urged to contact the Baltimore Police Department at 866-7LOCKUP [866-756-2587]. As always, callers may remain anonymous.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Not Baltimore...

... necessarily, though if you enjoy crack, raise yr pipe to new dad Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, whose decades-younger wife just gave birth to twins at an L.A. County hospital.

Your tax dollars in an unreal city

City bills itself $500,000 for one month of water at downtown fountain, then says oops we made mistake and....btw..the billing system is antiquated. To bad they didn't figure that when they were evicting people over wildly high water bills a few years ago.

Meanwhile, city cop tests drive a Lexus while being chased by county cops.

"Paywall suicide"

DCRTV reports "slumping morale" at the Sun after the paywall reports (quoted b/c the dcrtv site won't let you link to individual posts):
Sun Insider: Web Paywall "Suicide" - 9/27 - Updated. DCRTV hears from an inside source that morale at the Baltimore Sun is slumping after news, which DCRTV broke first last week, that the Tribune-owned newspaper will be erecting a paywall around its website. "Morale in the newsroom is at a low point. No one can understand why we'd make print subscribers pay for the online stuff. It's just suicide, an experiment being carried out by the Tribune on just one of its properties." The website access plan, which takes effect October 10, will cost $2.49 a week or $49.99 for 26 weeks, after an introductory discount. Print subscribers will receive a reduced rate of 75 cents a week or $29.99 a year. While Sun has since run several articles about the paywall plan, "On Monday, management shut down the comments section on the Sun paywall story. They are insisting we call it a 'digital subscription.' And any comments by staff bloggers and Tweeters must be cleared by Editor Trif Alatzas," says the source. "Freedom of speech for Sun readers and writers? Not so fast." More: We hear from another source at the paper who says that there's been "no directive about Tweeting or blogging, though certainly if someone Tweets something stupid or blogs erroneously... then they're going to get corrected." Also, the Sun is not the only Tribune paper erecting a paywall - the Allentown Morning Call is doing it, too, we're told. "I think most of us actually are nervously hopeful that this will work out. We've cut a ton of people and content in recent years through buyouts and layoffs and we want to see that stop".....
Would u pay $129.48 a year for the Sun? (I pay more than that for the NYTimes.. but it's the NYTimes...!) ... wonder why Trib co. picked the Sun and the Allentown paper, and not, say, the Hampton Roads Daily Press?

In other news of broke-azz sources, the company that owns the Jewish Times and Style magazine is in the midst of an acrimonious bankruptcy proceeding. The JT's printer claims Alter Communications owes them $1.77 million(!)