Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dangerous Night in Baltimore, Towson Mall Killing Arrest

A surprisingly violent night considering the recent downturn in violence. 6 people were shot, including two fatally. One of the deceased has been identified as 31-year-old Corey Alexander, shot and killed in the 5700 block of Nasco Place.*

Four men have been arrested for the Towson Town Murder of 19-year-old Rodney Vest Pridget. Tyrone Chester Brown Jr., 19, Frank Theodore Williams, 31, Jermell Monte Brandon, 35, and William Ward III, 44. Brown Jr., (Pictured Right) is the accused gunman in the case.*

Have you seen this paunchy middle aged man? He's a suspected serial larcenist.

Surprisingly enough, the taxi driver arrested for sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl, 56-year-old Ted Bryant, is a previously convicted sex offender, with several violations for failure to register.

The man who reported his former girlfriend missing in the first place has been convicted of her murder. 31-year-old Tyrone Webb, Jr. was convicted by a City Jury after an earlier County Trial resulted in a hung jury.

Cat mutilator Ethan P. Weibman, 20, was given a 90 day sentence for killing two cats he had recently adopted.

The 600 block of Wildwood Parkway will officially be known as the Officer William H. Torbit Junior Way now.

Finlly, this weeks Murder Ink has some interesting stats on the January 2012 murders.

Six Years in the Making

Jury deliberations begin today* in the trial of alleged prison-guard killer Lee Stephens.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Federal murder conspiracy and racketeering indictments for four people connected to the 12/10 Leakin Park execution-style murder of Cherrie Gammon. Gammon was mother of two* and a white-drug addict who danced and sold drugs to support her habit and at some point presumably snitched* on mother "Money" and her son "Tay" and accomplices.

A surveillance video shows a police officer punching a suspect in the face while the suspect's hands were behind his head (see @:39)

Accused copyright infringer and Towson post-office-box renter Naveed Sheikh was nabbed at Dulles en route to Pakistan.

Sacré bleu! Two women, 73 and 64 were robbed outside of Petit Louis*, one the head of the board of directors for the Parks & People Foundation, the other a retired city school principal. Guess which one kept her purse?

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Stolen Cop Cars, Bodies in the Harbor, and Much More...

A man was shot and killed by County police just inside the city line this morning after stealing a cop car, leading police on a chase, and threatening several officers.

Police found a mysterious body floating in the Inner Harbor Monday.

Peter Hermann has a follow up on the city workers busted for drinking and gambling. Spoiler alert, most of the cases fell apart.*

With a trial coming up soon for two officers, new details in the Majestic Towing case have come to light.*

Police are ISO a photogenic suspect caught on camera robbing a man. It's good to know that even with cameras are pointed directly at the ATM, that won't stop someone from robbing you.

The man shot to death Sunday has been id'd as 19-year-old Shayvon Booker.

45 years for Isiah Crowder, 21, who was convicted of shooting his life-long friend Isiah Gordon back in August of 2010.

Two shootings Sunday, including one in the 4700 block of Alhambra Ave, and the other in the 2800 block of Hillen Rd.

Keep on the lookout for hazel-eyed Aaron Parker, who walked away from his halfway house and never came back.

A series of sexual crimes in Catonsville have police on edge. First a woman was abducted and raped a woman walking along North Bend Rd. The second incident was a case of creepy gas station attendant Muhammad Zaman, 45, getting a little too intimate with a woman pumping gas.

Three robbers entered a Owings Mills jewelry store looking for cash, had to settle for diamonds instead. Chawn Rodney Harris, 38, Keenan James Thomas, 20, and Corey Jamal Jennings, 19, have been busted for the bungled heist.

Baltimore heroin dealer Donald Wright, age 42, has been sent away for the next 12 years.

Baltimore's own homegrown terrorist Antonio Martinez, 22, has plead guilty to charges related to his attempt to blow up an armed forces recruitment center. Martinez is expected to be given a 25-year term when sentenced.

A Cecil County tractor heist went bad, leaving one dead and three on the lam.

I realize this news is almost a year old, but I don't recall ever seeing it reported anywhere. Famed "Stop Snitching" host Ronnie "Skinny Suge" Thomas got 12 years in state prison to be served consecutively with his 19 year federal sentence. Goes to show that as serious a committing a murder is, the only way to really get in the BPD's doghouse is to be featured on Anderson Cooper rapping about said murders.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Drones over Baltimore!

You're not paranoid if they're really out to get you! -- more than one reader has reported seeing what sounds like "Raven" law-enforcement drones flying over Baltimore's East-side neighborhoods, 95 and the Harbor area, hovering around houses and also trailing specific cars.
.. anyone else see these??