Saturday, April 25, 2009

Another one!

WMAR reports that another pastor, James Omar Clea, was arrested in Orangeburg, SC for the murder of Lemuel Wallace.

Also, police tweet: "3200 NORMOUNT AVE 2 males shot. Police working crime scene, avoid area."

Pastor, Grifter, Murderer

What the?! The man who has confessed to killing Lemuel Wallace was a "businessman" indeed-- a pastor who allegedly murdered him for the insurance money, a la Olga and Helen in LA. Police say he had taken six policies out on the victim (did he think no one would notice that?)
More from Hermann.

And TG that alleged homicidal alleged rapist Ronnie Winkler = in jail.

Please tell me English is a second language for whoever wrote this story and its homoerotic headline...

Sun: familicidal dad went knife shopping at the mall after killing family in room 1029

Weinstein Goes to Washington

Steven Levin tells us that Jason Weinstein, Chief of the Violent Crime Section in the US Attorney’s Office in the District of Maryland, will leave the MD office to become Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the Criminal Division under Eric "Nation of Cowards" Holder. Weinstein is perhaps best known around town for his work on the case against one Edward T. Norris.

Friday, April 24, 2009

What the?! Businessman arrested in murder of disabled Lemuel Wallace in Leakin Park.
And an arrest for the murder of 19-year-old Kiuna Jackson, found in Herring Run Park.

Three indicted for the robbery and murder of David Bryan Wright

Hopkins Fair starts now!

Guard your cookies!


The man shot in the stairwell of an apartment building in the 1600 block of East Eager St. is the city's 71st homicide

"A federal judge sentenced Nancy Jean Siegel to 400 months in prison Thursday in the killing of an elderly Reisterstown widower and stuffing his body in a steamer trunk"

Sun: Familicidal William Parente bought knife at Crate & Barrel

Insert band camp joke here

Who better to cover the case against the mayor et al than Laura Vozzella?

IV gives out its first-ever "Common Sense Award" to Judge Hargrove for siding with parking-ticket scofflaws: "if the city is broke and needs the money, as officials claim, try cutting back on catered lunches for City Council members." Burn!

Not these people again! The Westboro Baptist Church is going to be in town, and you won't buh-lieve what they plan to protest in Roland Park!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

First Robbin' of Spring

Burglars, stick-up thugs and smash-n-grabowskis hit the Northern in full force.
Don't keep your golf clubs in your car!
Wonder where all of the stolen golf stuff goes?

(At Least) Three Murders Last Tuesday

Two murders overnight: a 54-year-old woman found in her home, and Kenneth Johnson, 23, was killed during the course of a robbery.

A man shot at the Bond Street Apartments, condition unknown

6 1/2 years for murder of Irvin Conley, stabbed to death at the most effed-up family BBQ ever

Ew. School police officer indicted and arrested for groping a 16-year-old student

Drug charges dropped against NAACP official

A "glimmer of judicial rebellion over Baltimore’s penchant for assessing stiff [parking] penalties"

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Police Release Findings in Parente Family Murder/Suicide
. Firearms were not involved. The children died from blunt-force trauma.
new word: "familicide"

Tweet, tweet, that's the sound of the police

CRIME STATS UPDATE: Total crime down 12%, violent crime down 13%, non-fatal shootings down 20%, homicide up 15%

not if it's your baloney sandwich

Prostituting in the prison kitchen "be cool while it lasted," says a former guard...
more saucy details of the Black Guerrilla Family indictments from the CP's Edward Ericson Jr.


A 70-something Calvin Hayes and 63-year-old Harold Able Sr., both shot in their cars in separate incidents last week, were apparently hack cab drivers.

It IS a small town! The CP reports that businessman John Zorzit, owner of Club 410, is now "the nexus for three current federal investigations" and the sentence of the day:
"But the Zorzit case--which received attention after a forfeiture action was filed against him in January because for 14 years he used the brother of Baltimore County Councilman John Olszewski (D-6th District) as a runner to collect the money from his illegal slot machines--is perhaps more interesting for the amounts of money involved (the feds seized close to $1.2 million in bank accounts and more than $41,000 in cash--including some above the ceiling tiles in an office bathroom) and for his links to Harris."
And in other nightclub news, in the County former China Room owner John Giorgilli is "keeping Baltimore County prosecutors busy"

Life Sentence in Morgan Murder

The Ink fills in missing names from the toll.
(Still checking on spelling of Ms. Wright's first name)

Supreme Court: cops need a warrant to search your car

Pot-smoking lawyer suspended for trying to expunge himself

At a hearing Monday, Judge John Carroll Byrnes sentenced Jason Allen, 26, to life in prison for the first degree murder of Jeff Payne. A Baltimore Jury convicted Allen of first-degree murder January 15, 2009 after a week-long trial. Details from Jessamy's office:
On February 15, 2008 at approximately, 12:45 AM Allen entered an apartment in the Morgan View Apartments, a Student Housing Complex catering to Morgan State University Students, where he took out a rifle and shot and killed Jeff Payne. Payne suffered a single gunshot wound to the chest and died at the scene. Immediately after the shooting the defendant fled Baltimore for Yonkers, New York, where authorities eventually apprehended and arrested him April 21, 2008. Exactly one year from this arrest, the defendant was sentenced.

During an emotional victim impact statement, Payne’s family told the judge about how the victim survived years of civil war in Liberia, only to be gunned down in the United States. Despite the loss of their eldest son, the family expressed gratitude to the Baltimore City Police Department for their tireless efforts in bringing the defendant to justice.

A co-defendant in this case, Powerful Aguilar pled guilty to accessory after the fact and was sentenced April 7, 2009 to a suspended five year prison term. Assistant State’s Attorney Charles Blomquist of the Homicide Division prosecuted this case.
in Owings Mills, "Chinese food, cigarettes items coveted by thieves"

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Qonta Waddell, on parole, shot in an alley near Windsor Ave. "Police also identified Harold Able Sr., 56, of the 1600 block of Latrobe St. as one of the unlicensed cabdrivers, or "hacks," who was found shot in a vehicle in East Baltimore last week."
hadn't heard about the hack shootings.

Suburbanites Unhinged

insane family murder-suicide at the Towson Sheraton of a NY family... in case you didn't hear. More Sun coverage.
This is the second suburban MD family murder-suicide in two days, and in Carroll County a barricaded man killed himself.
Don't stress, white people! It's just money! The government will print more!

an apartment maintenance man shot in the head in front of children in Pikesville yesterday

No lack of outrage when it comes to ferkakta parking fines

Hermann's pleated trousers walked some nutters from the BBC around the loo that is Belair- Edison

Should we bring back dollar homes?

4 shot and 1 dead overnight

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Police tweet: "3115 WINDSOR AVE. Initial report of adult male shot."
also @ 6 a.m. "SHOOTING: reported @ Sarah Ann /Carrollton around midnight. Scene cleared. Victim in stable condition at hospital"
@ 10 p.m. last night: "SHOOTING: 2900 Blk W.Garrison. A patient claiming gun shot wound to knee walked into area hospital. Police investigating.
@ 9 p.m.: "SHOOTING: Reported @ 1508 W. Saratoga. Police working crime scene, avoid the area."

Monday, April 20, 2009

WTF? 4 Dead in Towson Sheraton

reports WJZ
(maybe they ate at TGI Friday's?)

also in Towson tragedies, the Griffin case ends with parents sentenced to 25 years each.

300 pounds is just more of him to love (child pornography)

... happy 420, stoners!

... and my first name ain't "Baby"

QTD: "You don't know me, and we aren't friends. You do not know me, have never met me, and we are not friends. We've never been friends. You do not address me by my first name - period."
-- Guess who!