Saturday, June 22, 2013

Oh, and drones

Mueller admitted what BCrime readers have known for a year: drones b swarming. We even have our own model, the Raven, (surely) inspired by and tested over Baltimore, built in Simi Valley and deployed to Afghanistan,
نعب للغراب
نعب للغراب

Btch plz edition

Holstein, meet Rosenstein. Local farmer's market fixture South Mountain Creamery has had $62,000 of its assets seized for the crime of depositing cash into their bank account after said farmer's markets. The feds allege the creamery purposefully made smaller cash deposits to avoid triggering IRS reporting requirements so therefore they're entitled to seize SMC's butter. So now following the letter of the law is a crime? Why is this not an IRS/State of MD revenue issue?

NSA: You can't use our illegally collected data to exonerate a murder defendant, that would imperil national security! Related: Gawker has an interesting interview with the couple behind (Note last link is NSFW!)

Finally a picture of Raymond Grey, the police trainee who was shot in the head. Presumably the picture was taken prior to that.

A 49-year-old man was shot in the back and paralyzed on E. Chase St. yesterday.

In case you missed it, a pentuple shooting of three women and a guy in the 700 block of N. Kenwood on the east side. Family dispute? Drug business? Sneaker stepped on? Nobody's saying.

20-somethings in an old minivan robbed a woman of her iPhone and got a fine come-uppance.*

Murderous love triangle revealed in Rosedale (one Diop Fatiu and Tyvon McQueen, 'a man with whom she was romantically accused'). Pics plz Carrie Wells!

The sex offender registry is like a 13-year-old: once you're on it's not easy to get off.*

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Friggin beer owed

That old calling card of drug dealers and Pasadena teenagers, the Moltov cocktail, is making a summertime comeback in the Northeast with 12 thrown since the end of April.

The Ink has details of murders 96-100 (but no updates)

Ooh boy, the jail corruption task force is setting to work,* we're going to see some right big changes real soon now y'all!

Who's calling Baltimore residents and asking what they think of SRB, Dixon and author Wes Moore*?

Irony alert: Congressional Committee NSA hearing lovefest ends with NSA boss Keith Alexander accidentally broadcasting his own private conversation regarding a "friggin beer."

Meanwhile Van Smith writes about how Judge Ellen Lipton Hollander is presiding over a FOIA lawsuit for the release of 49 legal documents in the Bradley Manning case. The military courts decided they don't have jurisdiction to decide, so it's on her.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Murder 101

Five men shot last night, one killed,* three of the men were shot in the 2600 block of Grogan Avenue in Berea, East Baltimore.

Jamal Diggs was our city's 100th murder victim* of 2013. (Any relation to Kendra Diggs, #74, or Anthony Diggs, #183 of 2012?)?

Police are looking for a man who showed women his peen in a HoCo Target dressing room

WBAL, this story takes place in Delaware. Why are you running this? Oh, right, the part about the 8-month-long erection. hehehe

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Mugged for pizza

We've had 99 murders and Riggs Avenue is one.

Shooting last night in the 400 block of Brunswick St.*

A man who allegedly tried to stop a domestic assault was stabbed in the 7-11 in the 6300 block of Sherwood Road,* right over the city line.

Crime is up in Hampden,* including burglaries, domestic assaults and car break-ins.

A rash of car thefts* in the Northern

In the SE, a woman mugged for pizza, a woman choked by her baby's father and her cell phone taken (happy father's day!), stolen candy.

Whew, the deuce reports that missing suicidal/homicidal Jennifer Carlson has been found.

Female corrections officers in male prisons*: sunshine spreaders, sex predators, underpaid underlings.