Saturday, November 20, 2010

West side stories

"Three men shot, one fatally, in West Baltimore"

The Deuce has a new Cold Case feature, employing handwriting and typewriter fonts to tell the tale of Jennifer Claybrook, killed at age 15 in 1983.

a 16-year-old stabbed in the back at Douglass High yesterday

"Juveniles arrested in Remington, Charles Village carjackings"-- how pissed would you be to get jacked by some teenager while you're coming home from work?

CCBC to veteran: it's cool to go kill Iraqis, but it's not cool to like it.

PBJ for officer who shot Bear-Bear the husky

Friday, November 19, 2010

Remember this totally awesome family?

The first verdict in the Towson Hess station murder of William Porter-- a guilty verdict for the victim's sister in law for using a handgun in a crime of violence and of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder. The County intends to seek the death penalty against Porter's wife Karla and the gunman, Walter Bishop.

A box, a ring and one crazy-booting byatch

An 8-year-old boy survives parents' murder-suicide in Randallstown

Missing man found in a box on route 70, and police are looking for a grey minivan with the license plate "PALNCIA"

Dogfighting ring busted on the West side

The Baltimore Guide is publishing a blotter, with tidbits such as: "A street fight broke out, and a woman stabbed another woman in the right leg, stabbed a man in the back, struck another woman with her boot, punched a fourth woman and stabbed a fifth."

Baltimore county circuit court gets a new place for eff-up parents to visit their kids

Daily Record editorial: "Mr. Bernstein must tread carefully and respectfully as a white lawyer"

Today in bullcrap:
Five years for Hagtown bridal-veil breakin

justice for Bear Bear!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Roland Park Car Fire

Reports SpotCrime,
On Tuesday night, November 16, at 11:45 PM persons unknown set ablaze a stolen car in the 200 block of Oakdale.  Some form of incendiary was apparently used as the car was engulfed in a ball of orange flame and then began to roll downhill.  The crew of Baltimore Fire Department Engine 44 were on the scene within 2 minutes of the 911 call, and quickly doused the flames before anyone was hurt or further property damage was inflicted.

Everything but the Kitchen Sink...

A Mitchellville drug dealer received a 10-year sentence after being arrested with, but not limited to: Cocaine, Crack, a Loaded .38, a Scale, Pyrex Cups, Ziploc® Bags, Boxes of Baking Soda, a Stolen .22, a Semi-Auto .45, a Bulletproof Vest, 35 grand, Assorted Ammunition, Weed, and Two Counterfeit $100 Bills.

An Unidentified 20 year old was shot to death Wednesday afternoon.

A Baltimore DJ was indicted in L.A. for his role in massive L.A.-to-Baltimore drug trafficking operation.

The sun tells a bleak story of a Baltimore resident getting doubly screwed over by Baltimore's criminals, and then Baltimore's criminally obnoxious parking officials.

Mostly a crime against taste-buds, but Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot announced the discontinuation of alcoholic energy drinks.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Put it in your bra...

Homeless man arrested for stabbing his teenage nephew, David Lawrence Hopkins, to death.

And in the city another teenager was shot in the stomach near St. Paul and Lexington streets, right next to the courthouse.

The man killed on West Baltimore St. ID'd as Sherrod Mason, and WBAL has more on the violent weekend

Admitted baby-killer Tanea Bullock resentenced.. to the same sentence, but at Patuxent.

Also horribly depressing: Erie PA murder victim ID'd as former Reisterstown resident Jamie Malanowski.

Car windows shot out at Loch Raven reservoir

"Need for pro bono legal services rises as economy sags"

... It's not Baltimore, but who can resist the goofy appeal of the Jack Johnson story -- even Jayne Miller's trying not to laugh as she says "'put it in your bra'." Now three police officers have been arrested, buttlegging and booze-tax evasion is somehow involved, and the story has 'musical theater' written all over it ("Put it in your bra.. in your motherscratchin' bra... or you can flush it down... just don't leave it lyin' round...") Question though: why was Jack Johnson being pursued by the Feds, but Sheila Dixon was charged by the state? And how can this motherflusher be back at work today?

Illegal dirt bike riding next B-more cultural export?

Riding dirt bikes in the city not a crime but an an art form, says a newly formed group of riders called Raise It Up.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The bodies of Leakin Park

Cham maps all of the bodies found in Leakin Park since 1946-- 57 of them.

And another homicide-- a 34-year-old man was shot to death at about 2 a.m. Saturday in the 1900 block of W. Baltimore St.

and some good news! The high-school dropout rate and juvie-crime rate are down

A vigil tonight for murdered tow truck driver Andy Joyce

armed robbery at Loyola parking lot

A stabbing at the Arundel Mills Mall food court

The Feds were not amused by Nick's Amusements' money laundering, company to pay $50,000 fine

News of the weird: Catholic church holds exorcism conference in town. "Not everyone who thinks they need an exorcism actually does need one."