Friday, October 22, 2010

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

“Paxil! Paxil! Hennessy and Paxil! Weed!"

Officer Tommy Portz, 32, was killed after rear-ending a fire truck.

Creepy! Alleged Essex home intruder Troy Thames lived only three blocks away from house he broke into, and is wanted for groping a 12-year-old

Speaking of ew, Bel Air High football players forced to miss two games after being accused of teabagging freshman team members, "disturbing acts almost too disgusting to repeat." Almost never killed a fly, Kelly McPherson!

Clyde Blamberg not impressed by clergy's call to sign their arms-dealers' code of conduct

Postal worker pleads guilty to stealing cash, checks and gift cards from the mails

Michael Kenneth Williams' depression cure: “Paxil! Paxil! Hennessy and Paxil! Weed!"

"Hampden merchants warm up to methadone clinic"

another police officer hurt

Western district officer critically injured responding to emergency call.

"Keep your head up, yo"

Turns out the victim in the Rosedale Panera parking lot was the alleged perp's stepfather. The 15-year-old, Timothy Criner, will be charged as an adult with first-degree attempted murder, though the stabbing may be justified as Panera's soups taste like re-heated spooge filtered through a whore's bedsheets, and anyone who would feed them to a child deserves a slow, painful death.

Life for Jerome Williams and Charles Y. McGaney in the Harris case, 65 years for Gary Collins.

The Ink on last week's four murders

Religious leaders protest at Clyde's Sport Shop, and Clyde is not pleased.

CP: "Federal money is expanding drug treatment in Baltimore--and causing providers headaches."

The Testo case has gone to the jury

Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services defends its actions in the Willie Featherstone case

Helen Holton talks ethics at Loyola U. HALLELUJAH!

Media blabber: Tribune Exec Me-so-Randy Michaels* poised to resign.
*this link is probably NSFW.. depending on where you W

Don't miss: Larnell Butler's letter to the CP on the Jessamy/Bernstein race

Monday, October 18, 2010

Punching cops is bad for your health

Jerome Ira Stal became the eleventh person to plead guilty in a federal investigation of pawn shops that were used for money laundering.

Melvin J. Yates claims that Howard County cops gave him a beat-down after he struggled with them during an altercation in April.

A 15-year old allegedly stabbed a man in the parking lot of a Panera (yuck) in Rosedale.

The feds convicted a Singaporean man of trying to smuggle weapons to the Tamil Tigers. Good thing for him he wasn't busted back home in Singapore!

Ken Harris's killers will be sentenced tomorrow. No word about the SA's office seeking life w/o parole, which is odd since from what I recall they were convicted of first-degree felony murder.

Testo testo-fies

"I never laid a hand on her"

Piece by Hermann about murder victim Louis Scott mulls over the eternal Baltimore question: with so many murders, how does a reporter decide who to write about?


The city seems to be in no hurry to release details on how millions in Pimilico's racing impact fees has been spent.

Shocker: Alleged Cop Killer Had Rap Sheet

Sian Ricardo James, accused of killing city detective Brian Stevenson over an (illegal) parking place, then going to Power Plant Live, is due in court in December to face assault, false imprisonment and rape charges. He's also a fan of "Family Guy" and "Two and a Half Men."